The only thing certain is nothing is certain.  We most certainly did not anticipate that our return from the beach would be followed by Walt’s need to step away from his garden post.  I am not entirely certain he will be able to read and choose a Bloom this week.  Peek through the garden gates from time-to-time today to see if a second Bloom is displayed.  One thing is certain: If he can, he certainly will.


Confession:  I almost overlooked the one that ended up being my Bloom of choice – Something from Nothing, by Ellen Knight.  Ellen, this little poem of yours is jam-packed with wisdom, expressed so subtly that it is nearly missed.  Your form intrigues me, including the interaction and order of the final words of each stanza: “nothing,” “anything,” “something,” and “everything.”  In fact, a title change to Everything from Nothing would hold the same meaning, while keeping with the direction your poem follows.  Just a thought.   I’d love to see this in a publication for children.  Sheer excellence, Ellen.

Something From Nothing (by Ellen Knight, aka elishevasmom )

From the start I am small,
really nothing at all
But am also unique,
one-of-a kind, so to speak.
For without me (I am told)
the little space that I hold
would simply just fold
up to nothing.
There are people who find
that I’m not of their kind
And that I’ll “have to pay”
if I continue this way
And for those who don’t know,
there is no way I can show
them anything.
I have joy deep inside
I don’t purposely hide,
and for those who can see,
know it’s a big part of me.
But there are others who look
at the outside of the book
and don’t know that the pages
hold something.
Night and day do I yearn
that from all I should learn.
And the course of events
builds up lots of suspense.
And the more that I grow,
the less that I know.
For you see, I am small,
really nothing at all.
And that’s everything.


Simply and succinctly, this poem by one of my favorite poets and people, states what this life is all about. A Lifetime of Improv by Paula Wanken,


Why do we
bother to make plans?
Things change, or
appear from out of nowhere…
we just improvise.

Congratulations to Ellen Knight and Paula Wanken


Simply put, an “Ode” is a poem commending a person, place, or thing.  Choose the object of your admiration, and draw us in.  



The yellow brick road loosely resembles
Sweet corn,
Acres of which thrive
Wholly due to his vigilant presence. 
Remarkable sentinel
Fearless defender
Tireless escort
© Copyright Marie Elena Good, 2013


By now most of you know Walt needs to step away from his collaboration with me here at Poetic Bloomings.  As I stated yesterday, Walt and I became poetically attached at the hip back in 2009, and have walked in stride ever since.  Opening the Poetic Bloomings garden gate seemed a natural fit for the two of us.  While I understand and deeply respect his need to step away from his full duties here, I realize the necessity of a fellow “gardener.”   I am officially putting out a call for someone to step into this role.

As with any garden, Bloomings needs regular tending.  If you feel you may be interested in using this venue to help promote poetry and the poets who pen it, please contact me a.s.a.p. (subject line: Bloomin’ Mate) at  Include:

  1. a sample poem (even if you know I know your work quite well),
  2. your reason(s) for wanting to pour yourself into this venture, and
  3. why you feel you would be a good fit.

I know, I know … Walt’s garden clogs will be hard to fill.  It’s true.  But please don’t let that intimidate you.  😉  Let me know if you have any questions.


PROMPT #114 – Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!

“Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!”

― Clint Eastwood, Heartbreak Ridge

Fixing it on the fly. We find the pieces that fit perfectly if we can, but sometimes finding the part of the puzzle that works for right now and changing the way we do things, is all we can ask for. It’s getting over that hump that allows us to overcome. Improvise, adapt and overcome.

Every one of us needs to apply these tenets from time to time whether out of necessity or to change things up. Sometimes challenges become so daunting that we need to step away and reassess our priorities. I find myself at that crossroads. And thus the need to improvise, adapt and overcome.

Those of you who have kept watch over me on Facebook know I have closed my account (maybe temporarily, maybe permanently – that remains to be seen).  I’m told everyone gets to that point and steps back (or feels the urge to) to return sometime in the future. My choice is not due to frustrations with the network (although they are there).

I, and another member of my family are dealing with some issues that have become life altering. I am having health concerns and treatments will take me away from my environs and require me to improvise and adapt the ways I’ve done things.

Thus the reason for closing my  Facebook account. But, the saddest part of all this is, I will not be able to continue on here at POETIC BLOOMINGS for the foreseeable future. I must recuse myself from these responsibilities. Marie and I are working out details of a new hierarchy at PB with some possible minor involvement by me when I can, if I can. My priorities have shifted greatly and time is a precious commodity that must be used frugally; needs to be spent in other areas, mainly with my wife and daughters (and son-in-law and grand dog, Guinness).

But, so as the last four years of poetry haven’t been for naught (four years that if I had back, would have been utilized differently), I will work at getting my prior works organized with an eye towards possible publication. I still have irons in the fire, and they need resolution of some sort. Hopefully, this ‘hiatus’ will help in that matter. My blogs, Through the Eyes of a Poet’s Heart and Across the Lake, Eerily (where Marie and I have rejoined forces to continue) will be the places to find any new works of mine. Until I can return to a much more hectic work load, this will have to suffice!

If you wish, you can request my e-mail at Or you could just contact me there. I will try to keep you updated with my progress. (Please know I am actually a very private person, so sharing these facts with my chosen family are as far as I need them to go. My immediate family has been informed, and now so have you. Everyone who needs to know, does.)

Continue to bloom brightly here while this old gardener hoes the road he’s currently on. And in an attempt to improvise, adapt and overcome, my final prompt for now will concern these three actions. Write an adapt or adaptation poem. Write about changing something for the better. Write an adaptation of a prior work, yours or someone else’s. Write about overcoming an obstacle. Improvise, Adapt and Overcome! We’ll all be better for it.

Be well and stay productive.



Note from Marie Elena:  Walt and I became poetically attached at the hip back in 2009, and have walked in stride ever since.  Opening the Poetic Bloomings garden gate seemed a natural fit for the two of us.  While I understand and deeply respect his need to step away from his full duties here, I realize the necessity of a fellow gardener.  I’ll be placing a call for someone to fill this role.  Details will be posted early in the week.  In the meantime, Walt and I will not be breaking stride … simply adjusting steps.  (Warm smiles, partner.)




Fear of height
Kept clouds at arms’ length
But so too sun’s warmth;
Moon’s romance.
Grounded and star-struck,
She grew wings
Snipped cords
Took flight.
© Copyright Marie Elena Good, 2013


Footing unsure
stepping out
of your comfort zone.
Life seems scary
when nary a soul cares.
You have to dare to
connect to protect the way
this scene plays out.
You can rage and shout
or get out the tissues.
I choose to issue
this statement, loud and clear:
“My footsteps will
bring me back here.
The walk of life is sweet
with friends like all of you
to help complete the journey.
The first problem is
admitting you have a step!
© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik, 2013
No goodbyes. I’ll see you all later. Thank you for the love.

In Honor of Dyson Douglas McIlwain

Our dear Iain Douglas Kemp has just recorded the final poetic words of dearly missed fellow Poetic Bloomings poet Dyson Douglas McIlwain: If My Words Should Die.

Iain, you have truly done his words justice, and richly honored his memory.  THANK YOU.

Link to recording:

Dyson’s poem will also appear in our second book:  Poetic Bloomings – the second year.  Please note that the deadline for submissions has been extended to August 31.  See updated instructions at



POETIC BLOOMINGS  – the second year

Poetic Bloomings is readying for our second publication, “POETIC BLOOMINGS – the second year.”   This is, in part, a collection of the BEAUTIFUL BLOOM poems from the second year of the Sunday prompts, along with your host’s efforts. We ask all who have been selected for a BLOOM during our second “growing season”  (May 1, 2012 – April 30, 2013) to revisit the awarded poem(s), and revise as you see fit. We are relying on you to self-edit your work. Please email the corrected pieces with your bio (see below) to by  AUGUST 31. If we do not receive an updated version of your poetry, we will assume it is to your liking as posted on our site. 


As stated above, we intend to include all poems that received a “Beautiful Bloom.”

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!  😉  Here at POETIC BLOOMINGS, we have always taken pride in opening the gates of this “garden” to poets of all ages and skill levels. In the spirit of inclusiveness, we invite poets who replied to at least 10% of the Sunday prompts to contribute to this publication with poems written for the POETIC BLOOMINGS prompts. The math is easy.  You must have contributed poems to at least five of the Sunday prompts between May 1, 2012 and April 30, 2013 to be in the Ten Percent category.  If you believe you fall into this category,  please send us an e-mail right away to This will help us tremendously in the process of planning our book.

We ask that you update your contact information for correspondence, and request that poets who post under a blog screen name supply your full name with your info.


Receipt of your bio will be accepted as permission to include your “Beautiful Bloom(s)” or “ten-percenter” poem that you submit to us for inclusion.  If you submitted a photo to us that was used as a photo prompt, your bio will be accepted as permission to include that as well.

BIO (required)

A brief biography (no more than 6 lines, including your url) will be required for all featured poets in this book.  Again, this should be sent to


Nonexclusive rights: Your poem(s) will be used only for “POETIC BLOOMINGS – the second year” (not for promotion or other publications), for as long as the collection is in print. As the author, you will have immediate rights to use your included poems in any way you wish.  The same applies to your photo(s).

For those interested, POETIC BLOOMINGS – the first year is available for purchase on Amazon:


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