The only thing certain is nothing is certain.  We most certainly did not anticipate that our return from the beach would be followed by Walt’s need to step away from his garden post.  I am not entirely certain he will be able to read and choose a Bloom this week.  Peek through the garden gates from time-to-time today to see if a second Bloom is displayed.  One thing is certain: If he can, he certainly will.


Confession:  I almost overlooked the one that ended up being my Bloom of choice – Something from Nothing, by Ellen Knight.  Ellen, this little poem of yours is jam-packed with wisdom, expressed so subtly that it is nearly missed.  Your form intrigues me, including the interaction and order of the final words of each stanza: “nothing,” “anything,” “something,” and “everything.”  In fact, a title change to Everything from Nothing would hold the same meaning, while keeping with the direction your poem follows.  Just a thought.   I’d love to see this in a publication for children.  Sheer excellence, Ellen.

Something From Nothing (by Ellen Knight, aka elishevasmom )

From the start I am small,
really nothing at all
But am also unique,
one-of-a kind, so to speak.
For without me (I am told)
the little space that I hold
would simply just fold
up to nothing.
There are people who find
that I’m not of their kind
And that I’ll “have to pay”
if I continue this way
And for those who don’t know,
there is no way I can show
them anything.
I have joy deep inside
I don’t purposely hide,
and for those who can see,
know it’s a big part of me.
But there are others who look
at the outside of the book
and don’t know that the pages
hold something.
Night and day do I yearn
that from all I should learn.
And the course of events
builds up lots of suspense.
And the more that I grow,
the less that I know.
For you see, I am small,
really nothing at all.
And that’s everything.


Simply and succinctly, this poem by one of my favorite poets and people, states what this life is all about. A Lifetime of Improv by Paula Wanken,


Why do we
bother to make plans?
Things change, or
appear from out of nowhere…
we just improvise.

Congratulations to Ellen Knight and Paula Wanken