POETIC BLOOMINGS is a Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild site established in May 2011 to nurture and inspire the creative spirit.


By now most of you know Walt needs to step away from his collaboration with me here at Poetic Bloomings.  As I stated yesterday, Walt and I became poetically attached at the hip back in 2009, and have walked in stride ever since.  Opening the Poetic Bloomings garden gate seemed a natural fit for the two of us.  While I understand and deeply respect his need to step away from his full duties here, I realize the necessity of a fellow “gardener.”   I am officially putting out a call for someone to step into this role.

As with any garden, Bloomings needs regular tending.  If you feel you may be interested in using this venue to help promote poetry and the poets who pen it, please contact me a.s.a.p. (subject line: Bloomin’ Mate) at poeticbloomings@yahoo.com.  Include:

  1. a sample poem (even if you know I know your work quite well),
  2. your reason(s) for wanting to pour yourself into this venture, and
  3. why you feel you would be a good fit.

I know, I know … Walt’s garden clogs will be hard to fill.  It’s true.  But please don’t let that intimidate you.  😉  Let me know if you have any questions.


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  1. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Umm… William???

  2. Hmmmm…I’ll consider it.
    However, I can think of people better than me. How about William Preston? I love just about everything he writes. Or Jane Schlensky?

  3. Besides our mutual admiration and “chemistry,” (if you will), Walt brought several tangibles and several more intangibles to the table.

    1. Tech savy (not profusely so, but plenty so)
    2. Poetic consistency and quality
    3. A prompt-generating MACHINE
    4. Time (Walt doesn’t HAVE the time, but he MAKES the time. This was a catch-22, as I’m sure this didn’t help his sleep deprivation problems.)
    5. Communication
    6. Passion and vision. In my opinion, these go hand-in-hand, and are KEY.

    I don’t want to chase anyone off, but I will lay this right out there: I’ve partnered with the best, and I’m spoiled. 😉 (I know, I know … like THAT isn’t obvious!). If you are biting at the bit for something like this, I want to hear from you. If you just feel like, “Oh, poor Marie. Maybe I should try to help her out” … thank you so much … but this isn’t for you.

    Cyber hugs to you all.
    Marie Elena

    • This is helpful…good to read what “being Walt” entails…seriously! Cyber hugs to you too Marie! ♥

    • I don’t “vaporize” for another couple weeks. So we can wrangle with this without a rash decision having to be made.

      I didn’t realize that was what it took to be me. Frankly, I’m not sure I was THAT good at it sometimes.

      Add the fact that Paula Wanken has been Marie’s right hand in the development of the book projects, I think her continuance in that moving forward, lightens her load tremendously. And in all seriousness, she had been a strong force in that process. I hope she continues.Thanks Paula.

      Let’s say we expand the masthead in a way that augments Marie’s dedication and drive and maybe lessens the load tremendously for me? Then maybe vaporizing won’t be completely necessary. A very slow simmer may be possible.

      Who feels their talents may be in more of a “prompt” mode?

      Who likes working in forms?

      Who is more of an analytical mind?

      Anyone interested in contributing in a “Guest Poet” experiment where you can offer a prompt, or a form, or maybe write an article on writing poetry, how you submit poetry, handling rejection or celebrating success. Maybe host a discussion about aspects of the poetic process? Present a weekly “bulletin board” of places to submit?

      There are many avenues to still explore that Marie and I had been limited in pursuing. So instead of one good man or woman (we already have one Good woman) to fill the void, maybe we can give you the opportunity to explore what we have said all along: We are here to promote our poets who write poetry and this has been your place to do it. Maybe it’s time we give you more ownership of this place and allow you to make it more of your own.

      I’m not looking to step on your toes Marie, but after so long, it’s hard to just turn it off completely. It’s how my mind (twisted as it is) works. So maybe a change in these areas can make all the difference.

      Make no mistake, my time will still be very limited, but maybe I can just continue to help steer this ship without rocking the boat too much. And then if/when I need to scale back even further, I can do so in a more seamless fashion.

      Just some thoughts.

      • Marie – your message clarifies things a lot. Since I’m in school for over another year, I obviously cannot do this project any kind of justice.


        If it comes down to a collab of some kind, per Walt’s suggestion above, well, that’s a horse of a different color (to poach a cliche.)

        In that case, I may be able to help in the Forms department. I’m a forms (and rhyme, usually) maniac (yeah, I know you were unaware of that factoid – haha!), but I have a number of sources and resources regarding the writing of poetic form. I’d be glad to offer a hand for this if you need/want me to do so,

      • You were GREAT, Walt.

        I don’t think I have enough time to do everything Walt did but I second Rj’s thought. If this comes down to a collaborative thing, then I could help. I like making up prompts.

      • 🙂 you’re welcome, Walt

  4. You read my mind, Marie…hard garden clogs to fill indeed!

    I’d really have to pare down and weed out other venues if I were to consider doing this properly…


    Warm smiles…

  5. Wish you the best Marie!

  6. sheryl kay oder on said:

    I’m glad Walt said what I was thinking—maybe some of this can be parceled out a bit. I love the idea of one person for forms (RJ) and maybe any of us to suggest prompts. It is so good to hear Paula has been involved with the book.

  7. Iris D on said:

    A row of rhymers, a heap of peeps, a bouquet of blooming poets assisting Marie and Walt sounds like a winner so we can keep Master Gardener Walt available for consultation. Go for it gang. Paula, RJ, Hannah, Jane, William. Just please keep going. Even when I don’t post, I read and enjoy and appreciate our lovely garden. You are all capable and awesome

  8. You are all so kind and supportive! Thank you for the suggestions and comments. Please keep them coming either here, or privately via poeticbloomings@yahoo.com (as some are doing).

    Final decisions will be made privately and announced formally when the time comes. In the meantime, all suggestions will be given due respect and careful consideration.

    You guys are the BEST.

    Marie Elena

  9. I have NO tech savvy whatsoever, and no time.
    However, I LOVE prompts, and would be happy to quietly help in that manner, should you decide to fill those shoes with multiple feet. 😉

  10. I like the idea of “multiple feet”. We can take turns “being Walt” for the month or each have particular jobs. What I once did for Baker’s Dozen was collect prompt ideas from everybody each month and put it into a schedule. We did a prompt a day, which we could do for the crazy ones like me and still do the regular Wed/Sunday/Saturday thing. Just an idea.

    • That’s one of the things I love about being in The Baker’s Dozen, Everything is collaborative. Whoever has the time or ideas jumps in.

      Maybe we could do it like Robert did one year for the April challenge. We could send prompt ideas to Marie Elena. That way she doesn’t need to think of them, just decide which to use and post it.

      Or perhaps we could have the person(s) that receive “blooms” offer the next prompt(s).

  11. I love the collaboration effort idea….
    Of course I’m here to do whatever you need me to do — I’m not the techno-savviest of the bloggers, I’m sure…but I think that is probably where my skills are strongest. That and the book stuff as however you need me. ❤

  12. I’d be happy to help out but tech savvy is not my middle name. Nor is forms. But, I could do some of these: “write an article on writing poetry, how you submit poetry, handling rejection or celebrating success. Maybe host a discussion about aspects of the poetic process?”

  13. William Preston on said:

    Replacing Walt?
    Let’s call a halt,
    for few indeed have
    the gestalt of Walt.

  14. DebiSwim on said:

    You guys are such good humor therapists – I love your wit. I think William and Walt word play off each other hilariously.

  15. sheryl kay oder on said:

    Groan, Linda, groan. I’m reading these from the bottom up, so I assume there will be more groans ahead.

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