POETIC BLOOMINGS is a Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild site established in May 2011 to nurture and inspire the creative spirit.



POETIC BLOOMINGS  – the second year

Poetic Bloomings is readying for our second publication, “POETIC BLOOMINGS – the second year.”   This is, in part, a collection of the BEAUTIFUL BLOOM poems from the second year of the Sunday prompts, along with your host’s efforts. We ask all who have been selected for a BLOOM during our second “growing season”  (May 1, 2012 – April 30, 2013) to revisit the awarded poem(s), and revise as you see fit. We are relying on you to self-edit your work. Please email the corrected pieces with your bio (see below) to poeticbloomings@yahoo.com by  AUGUST 31. If we do not receive an updated version of your poetry, we will assume it is to your liking as posted on our site. 


As stated above, we intend to include all poems that received a “Beautiful Bloom.”

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!  😉  Here at POETIC BLOOMINGS, we have always taken pride in opening the gates of this “garden” to poets of all ages and skill levels. In the spirit of inclusiveness, we invite poets who replied to at least 10% of the Sunday prompts to contribute to this publication with poems written for the POETIC BLOOMINGS prompts. The math is easy.  You must have contributed poems to at least five of the Sunday prompts between May 1, 2012 and April 30, 2013 to be in the Ten Percent category.  If you believe you fall into this category,  please send us an e-mail right away to poeticbloomings@yahoo.com. This will help us tremendously in the process of planning our book.

We ask that you update your contact information for correspondence, and request that poets who post under a blog screen name supply your full name with your info.


Receipt of your bio will be accepted as permission to include your “Beautiful Bloom(s)” or “ten-percenter” poem that you submit to us for inclusion.  If you submitted a photo to us that was used as a photo prompt, your bio will be accepted as permission to include that as well.

BIO (required)

A brief biography (no more than 6 lines, including your url) will be required for all featured poets in this book.  Again, this should be sent to poeticbloomings@yahoo.com.


Nonexclusive rights: Your poem(s) will be used only for “POETIC BLOOMINGS – the second year” (not for promotion or other publications), for as long as the collection is in print. As the author, you will have immediate rights to use your included poems in any way you wish.  The same applies to your photo(s).

For those interested, POETIC BLOOMINGS – the first year is available for purchase on Amazon:


Click on book to see more.

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14 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT! POETIC BLOOMINGS – the second year

  1. With the release of Poetic Bloomings: the first year , I will have two volumes on poetry on my shelf that include my work. The first came last year with Prompted: An International Collection of Poems . These two books give me a sense of validation, not for being published but for being counted among the gifted poets selected to appear in them. Indeed, blessings came this season.

  2. AWESOME! Can’t wait to read it.

  3. Oh my, another year flew by..how did that happen?
    Marie, Walt, thank you, you do so much for others.

    • “t” is “The Happy Amateur”..I need more coffee..

    • SASHA!! I was just thinking about you last night, and wondering when me might see you again! You and your wonderful words are sorely missed.

      So “Happy” to see your name! 😉
      Marie Elena

      • Thank you so much! I miss the Garden, too. I feel a bit awkward about being included in the anthology, since I haven’t participated for so long, though I did get a bloom last September. I’ve been translating poetry and also writing poetry in my native Russian; I’d often look at a prompt and sadly put it aside for later, when I’m more “organazized” and energetic. I want to say again, though, that I doubt I’d be happily doing poetry translations now (or writing in general, for that matter) if it hadn’t been for your support when I was just starting out. Thank you 🙂


  5. Super news!! How exciting 😀 :-)D

  6. Yes! I know my life has kept me busy, and I haven’t posted much – although I do come to read and reflect. So I was unsure if I had written anything that would have made it into this collection, but YEAH, I do have 2 poems after all- May 2012: Past the Date; November 2012: Steen Mooring! Happy dance!

  7. Oh my goodness!!! How exciting!! Has another year really gone by??!!

    Thank you both abundantly for all that you guys do and thank you to all the contributors who share here so regularly it is such a beautiful blooming garden!!


  8. Wonderful! Another year…it seems like only yesterday I wandered into this garden. What a great place to be. Exciting news!

  9. Grateful for this garden and all you both do for all of us, Walt & Marie. Looking forward to what you have in store for us. 🙂

  10. Just back from Denmark, so I’ll put this together and email it to you today. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to share this collection of special poems with friends and family in print-form.

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