POETIC BLOOMINGS  – the second year

Poetic Bloomings is readying for our second publication, “POETIC BLOOMINGS – the second year.”   This is, in part, a collection of the BEAUTIFUL BLOOM poems from the second year of the Sunday prompts, along with your host’s efforts. We ask all who have been selected for a BLOOM during our second “growing season”  (May 1, 2012 – April 30, 2013) to revisit the awarded poem(s), and revise as you see fit. We are relying on you to self-edit your work. Please email the corrected pieces with your bio (see below) to by  AUGUST 31. If we do not receive an updated version of your poetry, we will assume it is to your liking as posted on our site. 


As stated above, we intend to include all poems that received a “Beautiful Bloom.”

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!  😉  Here at POETIC BLOOMINGS, we have always taken pride in opening the gates of this “garden” to poets of all ages and skill levels. In the spirit of inclusiveness, we invite poets who replied to at least 10% of the Sunday prompts to contribute to this publication with poems written for the POETIC BLOOMINGS prompts. The math is easy.  You must have contributed poems to at least five of the Sunday prompts between May 1, 2012 and April 30, 2013 to be in the Ten Percent category.  If you believe you fall into this category,  please send us an e-mail right away to This will help us tremendously in the process of planning our book.

We ask that you update your contact information for correspondence, and request that poets who post under a blog screen name supply your full name with your info.


Receipt of your bio will be accepted as permission to include your “Beautiful Bloom(s)” or “ten-percenter” poem that you submit to us for inclusion.  If you submitted a photo to us that was used as a photo prompt, your bio will be accepted as permission to include that as well.

BIO (required)

A brief biography (no more than 6 lines, including your url) will be required for all featured poets in this book.  Again, this should be sent to


Nonexclusive rights: Your poem(s) will be used only for “POETIC BLOOMINGS – the second year” (not for promotion or other publications), for as long as the collection is in print. As the author, you will have immediate rights to use your included poems in any way you wish.  The same applies to your photo(s).

For those interested, POETIC BLOOMINGS – the first year is available for purchase on Amazon:


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