July 23rdIf  Sandy and Danny taught us anything in “Grease,”  it’s that romance can blossom at the beach. Write a romantic/love poem that finds its origin at the seashore!



July 22 – A Million Fish in the Sea

July 21 – Muscle Beach/Bikini Beach

July 20 – Just Another Day In Paradise

July 19 – Waves

July 18 – Children

131 thoughts on “LIFE IS A BEACH – ROMANCE

  1. I rewrote this from an Italian Sonnet, which I had written before and that needed some help. 🙂

    Their Story’s Carved Upon This Rock

    A solitary rock stands on the shore,
    Initials carved for all the world to see:
    They’re fainter now, and lighter than before,
    But cut so deep, forever there they’ll be;

    A romance started, oh so long ago,
    A girl and boy, just barely out of school;
    They knew then that, wherever they might go,
    Their hearts were one, together they would rule

    Their fate, and laugh in hardship’s bitter face;
    Whatever path, together they would plow,
    They’d conquered worlds, not one step yet retraced;
    Could even death come in between them now?

    Their story stands here, battered and wind blown,
    Their hope for others carved upon a stone.

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

    Very early Thursday morning, we are going on a camping trip. I most likely will not be able to submit poems for the days that I am gone. 😦 However, please check my blog next week for pictures of our trip! (That is, if I remember to bring my camera. I always forget to at important times. 😉 )

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  3. We Curled Like Cats

    I spent a week of my 17th summer
    in a seaside town with frowning people.
    All was frumpish walks and logging boots.

    It was the coldest summer in years,
    and I longed to wear flip-flops, and feel
    the scorching sun on my oiled milky skin.

    But things hotted-up when I met Matt.
    Tall, tanned, standing at the ice cream van.
    That chilly summer quickly turned unhinged

    as we walked the nervous beach until
    house lights dimmed. And there in the quiet
    rustle of tall sea grass, we wrapped ourselves

    around each other like curled cats.
    Just for a week during that summer
    when no one heard flip-flops.

  4. Music, played by rock star wannabes, blaring at the Pavilion , sticky summer nights cooled by a breeze off the ocean and walking hand in hand with a Frankie Avalon stand-in, ahh… hormonal love.[not necessarily a true to life account : ) ]

    Love Besmirched

    Poets love to write of love. What is love?
    Wild nights, wild nights, ecstasy and desire
    Mouths that cling, lean bodies of heat, afire
    With animal lust. Hormones just won’t quit.
    Poets love to rave of love. What is love?
    Beer and rock music, June nights! Youth’s ardor
    Riding inferno’s fires, higher, higher
    Till firestorms of desire are spent. Unlit.
    This is love? This is all? Oh, heart bereft,
    Oh, rash thought. Any fool can fall in sex.
    It is more, much more than this. Love’s what’s left
    Of glowing coals, smoldering in each breast,
    Contented as a cat’s purr. Does this vex?
    Think, then, how things that touch your soul are best.


    I saw her on a moon-burst night:
    a woman cloaked entire in white
    whose eyes loosed forth a stellar speech
    that rendered all about her bright

    and sprinkled diamonds on the beach.
    She looked aloft, as though to preach;
    the moon was full but did not dim
    the stars, which seemed within her reach,

    for light, in her, was not a whim,
    for she was anger’s antonym;
    was blessed with joy, the timeless glee
    that underlies the cosmic hymn

    and laughs throughout eternity.
    On starry nights she comes to me
    and bathes my soul in starry bedight,
    as well she should, as well she might,
    for she is stars, and stars are she.

    copyright 2013, William Preston


    The crash of waves hypnotizes,
    repetitive and refreshing,
    it calls a resounding greeting,
    in the shadow of its lunar engine.
    A cyclical flow of an ebbing heart;
    the give and take of passion’s thunder,
    going under for the third time, a surrender
    unending, unconditional and unfettered.


    Upon the beach they fell in love;
    they pledged their troth by stars above,
    but morning light brought consternation
    enlightened by close observation.

    copyright 2013, William Preston


    when first I saw her lie
    that day, beside the sea,
    I knew there would not be
    a chance I’d pass her by,
    for underneath that sky
    she seemed all that could be.

    I ventured a hello
    and brightened at her smile
    that had no hint of guile
    but showed her inner glow.
    And so I came to know,
    in just a little while,

    that two could be as one.
    And this, for years, we’ve done.

    copyright 2013, William Preston


    One day,
    two swimmers met
    for three endless hours;
    their tryst on the beach brought two souls
    one love.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

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  12. With This Ring…I Thee Wed
    The waves are our music-
    our rhythm is the sea,
    our dark sparkling backdrop-
    it’s diamond embedded,
    sprinkled of wedded flowers-
    white petal strewn watery peaks.
    We’re lit richly by imagination…
    and the moon.
    Ocean’s alive with light,
    we’re aroused with flight of feet
    with hands entwined
    our soft footsteps speak;
    we trod softly on sacred sand
    making lasting memories.
    Centered together by creation,
    fingers trail silently
    tracing the constellations
    a whisper, a look…
    a symbol of our love
    as a dove freed and flying,
    Phoenix rises in the South.
    Its cluster’s a galactic midpoint-
    a Milky Way star nursery,
    it’s roiling with birth and formation.
    Churning with romantic energy-
    we read each other
    as celestial spheres,
    we decode one another…
    gaining entrance
    to ancient myths,
    entry to our most intimate designs.
    Our stories are scripted in the sky
    of this most celebrated wedding night.
    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2013

  13. Life is a Beach – Romance

    What is romance; the rushing into arms;
    the pounding of a heart along this shore?
    A smile; a glow from longing eyes that charm?
    I say, romance is moment’s all; and more!

    Some poets speak of love as crashing sea
    that drives two people to a broken heart;
    that on some cold, deserted sandy lee
    true love’s a tidal wave that’s pulled apart!

    Romantic love needs proper movie site
    with help of make-up man, lest we forget
    and Maggie Mae requires her proper light
    so justice for this passion’s scene is met.

    Oh, love, l’amour, requires the proper set
    ‘er romance meets with wild wind of regret.


    No one dream
    will ever seem
    as perfect as you are,
    for you seem timeless as the sea
    and yet are present, meant to be
    the wonder that you are.
    I breathe, like air,
    the love we share
    and cherish all you are.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  15. One Moonlit Night

    You strummed your guitar
    I wished on a star
    Flames flickered to your soft song
    On a moonlit beach
    You seemed out of reach
    As all our friends sang along

    But you glanced my way
    Your eyes held me sway
    We wandered off hand in hand
    Talked into the night
    Cuddled till first light
    Drawing hearts within the sand

  16. What a timely prompt: today is our 22nd anniversary.

    On the Beach

    It’s a chemical reaction
    that may lead to sweet transaction
    helped along by water’s traction
    on the beach.

    When your hand enfolds my fingers
    and the sea birds all are singers,
    waves inside us crest and linger
    at the beach.

    It can’t hurt that we’re exposing
    flesh that usually is dozing
    to the sun and all supposing
    at the beach.

    When we watch the water touch
    setting sun and sand and such,
    we believe in love so much
    at the beach.

    Walk with me beneath our star,
    moonlight skimming near sand bar;
    we’ll discover who we are
    on the beach.

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  18. Wave-lengths

    Vocabulary multiplies
    as sea exhales and wet sand sighs.
    The wind makes little moans and sings,
    reminding us of pleasant things.
    The nearest waters push and pull,
    and gather force when waves are full.
    The distant ripples undulate
    (a sexy word to contemplate).
    We will not ponder waves that pound
    the sand, a throbbing bounding sound.
    The sun sinks hissing into sea,
    setting wild strokes of color free;
    then sky is a kaleidoscope
    of wine and gold and thundered hope.
    We saunter, dance, scuttle and glide
    instead of walk when we’re beside
    an ocean filled with moving words
    now set to music by the birds.
    We feel love speaking as we walk
    along a beach; no need to talk.
    The lingua franca of the ocean
    teaches us words abound in motion.

  19. For me, this is a tour de force, a magnificent piece of lyricism and eroticism. I’m especially drawn to, “… an ocean filled with moving words now set to music by the birds.” It seems a nice way to celebrate your anniversary.

    • Thanks, Marie and Bill. I hadn’t planned on meter or rhyme, but I guess the day demanded a tribute to rhyme, reason, and relationship, so there you go.

  20. Beach Romance

    Blue sky beach day, shining
    sun mirrors water. He notes
    the wonder but is alone, eyes
    closed listening to “She Loves You”
    on his small radio. He hears sand
    shuffling, someone walk by
    then stops. A girl hums softly
    in tune. He sits up, shades
    his eyes, and sees her, auburn
    ponytail swinging, smile
    on sunburned face. She blushes
    red on red, says she loves
    The Beatles. He asks if she would
    like to listen for a while longer.
    And she does. Even now.

  21. Take Hold My Love

    By David De Jong

    Take hold my hand as we count the stars
    We’ll tally and name them one by one
    Stars we can reach we’ll seal in our jars
    Giving us light when we’ve lost the sun

    Take hold my hand as we walk the shore
    Foot prints washed away walking the beach
    Looking for treasures finding much more
    Reading the surf and what it will teach

    Take hold my hand as we watch the fire
    Kindling hearts bursting full to flame
    Coals in ashes refusing to tire
    Hearts in the wild will never be tame

    Take hold my hand just this one last time
    To hold you close erases our age
    To breath you in is life most sublime
    You’re in my heart on every page

    We walk, we watch, we hold love as one
    On shifting sands of life’s setting sun

  22. Love Words

    I put a seashell to my ear
    expecting the ocean
    to be what I hear
    but to my surprise
    it was your voice
    love words
    into my ear.

  23. Unto the Depths of Love

    Moonlit and starstruck,
    We began striding wave after wave
    Until resistance to the tide was futile
    And it drew us way in over our heads.
    But once submerged deeper than we ever imagined,
    We held fast to one another
    Letting go our fears into the blue
    Relentlessly descending
    Hand in hand
    Unto the depths
    With no end in view…

    Benjamin Thomas

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