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July 21stWe’ve all marveled (and inwardly chuckled) at the small faction of the populace (we’ll call them exhibitionists, for lack of a better word) who show as much as possible wearing as little as possible. You’ve landed on Muscle Beach or Bikini Beach. Use that image (or write of another person you’ve observed on the shore) to pen your poem and try not to laugh too hard!


cookie monster bikini


July 20 – Just Another Day In Paradise

July 19 – Waves

July 18 – Children

July 17 – Put Into Words (Ekphrasis)

July 16 – Amusement Park

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    Exposers stand with little to show,
    there is no mistaking that making
    a bathing suit out of nothing more
    than gauze bandages is a grand
    afront to modesty here. But, honestly
    it’s just as offensive from the rear!

    Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

  2. Dear Mr. Earl

    They may often call
    you Speedo
    but please wear swim trunks

  3. Why can’t she see she
    Doesn’t have to try to fit
    In, or flaunt herself?

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  4. It’s So Skimpy

    Are you
    Serious here?
    You look like you left your
    Shirt and pants at home: is that a

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  5. William Preston on said:


    Cindy’s bikini’s so tiny and weeny,
    she makes a cool day good and hot;
    it’s green and appealing, so broadly revealing,
    my throat locks up tight in a knot,

    but I munch on a white hot and then on a red hot
    washed down with a glass of root beer,
    then commence to pursue the spectacular view
    of Cindy as seen from the rear.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  6. William Preston on said:


    The hunk
    likes teeny trunks
    and is prone to bragging.
    He thinks he’s sizzling; he’s really

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  7. William Preston on said:


    A swimsuit that’s small can show one and all
    whatever one wants to display;
    the beautiful bodies make others’ look shoddy
    and often elicit dismay,

    but falling asleep on Bikini Beach
    can nonetheless yield this refrain:
    when the sun is spurned one too late learns
    the product is pain, not gain.

    copyright 2913, William Preston

  8. William Preston on said:

    TO DISPLAY HER VOLUPTUOSITY (a picayune piku)

    Her swimsuit
    and strings along.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  9. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Hee, hee… thanks for the early morning smiles :)!!

  10. Itsy Bitsy String Bikini

    She struts down the beach
    Flaunting her stuff;
    A little swagger to her step
    Soaking in the attention
    Of women (old and young)
    Who cannot take their eyes off her,
    And go out of their way to voice
    Adulating approval.
    None of this surprising,
    For what is cuter
    Than an itsy bitsy bikini
    On an adorable little

    © Copyright Marie Elena Good – 2013

    (Based on a true story of my youngest daughter in her little Cookie Monster bikini on Naples Beach [photo above!]. It cracked me up all the attention she got, particularly from elderly ladies and teenage girls.)

    • DebiSwim on said:

      So cute on a two year… My daughter had a Wonder Woman’s swimsuit – so cute

    • William Preston on said:

      My first thought was of the old song that Debi used as a title, and I anticipated disapproval from the observing women. However, the “adulating approval” at the caesura led me to suspect the outcome, confirmed by your final line. Great job here, in my view.

      • Glad I led you in the direction I intended. 😉

        Marie Elena

        • William Preston on said:

          Me, too.

          As an aside, unrelated to the content here, how come your signature image sometime is the yellow flower, sometimes the all-seeing eye? I’ve noticed that Walt has at least three images he uses in his posts. I assume that the basic program assigns the designs such as the purple pattern associated with mine, but I further assume that you and Walt (and, presumably, others) can select what you want. Just curious.

          • It depends on how you are logged in. As for me, when I am logged in as administrator of Poetic Bloomings, the yellow calalily shows up. Walt and I chose that as our permanent, recognizable thumbnail for the site. When I am logged into my regular WordPress or Google account, my eye shows up. It’s really my own eye. When I am logged in as administrator of Walt’s and my Across the Lake Eerily blog, our lake thumbnail for that site shows up. So it all depends on how I’m logged in at the time that I make a comment. 🙂

          • William Preston on said:

            Thanks. I see now. Different log-ins avoid logjams.

    • janeshlensky on said:

      yep. that’s when you can get by with strutting stuff and be called cute 😉

  11. DebiSwim on said:

    oops, had a similar thought here Marie

    She wore an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini

    Every eye was drawn to her orbit
    her gravity tugged at them
    she was golden, long legged,
    hair perfectly coiffed.

    She sat on the beach towel
    leisurely smoothing oil
    with calculated strokes
    onto skin shiny and moist.

    The boys felt a desire,
    their girlfriends also, of a kind –
    One that in the wild, west days
    employed a pleasing hoist!

  12. Life is a Beach – Bikini

    My polka-dot Bikini’s worn in spots
    the sun and years have faded it away.
    So, on this hidden beach my body trots;
    some parts of me unevenly betray.

    My bosom once two youthful tennis balls;
    Le derri`ere once curving symphony,
    bikini now has heavy load to haul.
    I’m comforted; no Muscle Beach I see!

    So spreads my yellow dotted suit in sun
    it’s itsy bitsy dots hold part of me;
    that part remembers Bobby Darin’s song
    but parts no longer blurt of modesty.

    As running, into water will I hide;
    Avoiding eyes might see my ample tide.

  13. oh, darn. I should have said ‘surplus tide’

  14. connielpeters on said:

    This actually happened to a woman I met in Nebraska.

    Quite a Show

    She hooted and hollered
    and waved her hands
    as she slid down
    the quadruple curve waterslide.
    She plunged in at the bottom
    and came up with a smile.
    People stared, laughed and whistled.
    They must be amazed
    at her spectacular showmanship.
    She went over to a man,
    asking him the time.
    Maybe she’d go again.
    He seemed to have lost his words,
    sputtering, large-eyed
    he finally pointed at her.
    She looked down,
    and then turned to see
    her hot-pink bikini top
    floating in the water.

  15. janeshlensky on said:

    This is an old one, but relevant. I’ll be back after services with a new one.


    While walking on the beach, he sucks it in
    and flexes chest and shoulders with a grin
    designed to make bikini-wearers spin
    their heads around to look at him again,
    for surely he sees them—from knees to chin.

    Ghost-like risen from his beer can, a jinn
    could not have made him more a man of men
    than now he feels, imagining a den
    of wanton lovelies helping him to sin.
    His wife beside him slowly counts to ten.

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      My first trip to the beaches of the Mediterranean. I could hardly believe the luck of this truck-driving Iowa farm girl. Growing up landlocked and surrounded by rows of corn, there were no beaches where I was born. My imagination filled in the gaps: pristine sand and crystal blue water with occasional white caps. Of course I imagined people, too. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous had prepared me for yachts and families outfitted in nothing but the best. What I wasn’t prepared for was the unimaginable.

      old men in speedos
      and breasts that have long retired
      cannot be unseen

      P. Wanken

      • William Preston on said:

        For me, your allusion to Iowa goes along with my reaction to the water-slide accident in Nebraska (above). You speak of something you saw in the Mediterranean, but through the eyes of an Iowan. Somehow that makes it funnier.; akin, perhaps, to seeing a Farmall at the Riviera.

      • Cannot be unseen, indeed! LOL!

        Marie Elena

      • janeshlensky on said:

        A chuckle, Paula. I have a girlfriend who punishes her husband by conjuring mental images like this that he cannot unsee.

  17. janeshlensky on said:

    Muscle Bound

    It takes some smarts (or lack thereof)
    to hump those barbells to the beach
    in speedos that fit like a glove,
    but strong men fill an envy niche.

    Their skin could bake, so in their wake
    bikini-wearing lovelies bring
    enough sunscreen to fill a lake
    and smooth it over…everything

    exposed to sun; it looks like fun
    to bring such bulk to bronzing shine,
    those little hands skiing in sun
    down fleshy slopes’ peak and decline.

    Loud grunts and moans attract the drones
    that eat their hot dogs on the beach;
    beside iron men, they’re skin and bones,
    with waistlines getting out of reach.

    But they secure their aging wives
    by chasing kids and lugging chairs;
    responsible, they live their lives
    lifting the weights of humdrum cares.

    Still they stand gawking as the weights
    pump up and down and muscles gleam,
    considering the bulk of fates,
    watching the girls, and dreaming dreams.

    • William Preston on said:

      I think this is wonderful vignette, almost a story. The rhyme adds appeal, for me anyway, but the essential message, contained in the 5th stanza (or so I think), stands without it.

    • “lifting the weights of humdrum cares…” Ah, yes. That’s what most end up doing, bless their little hearts… I like the contrast you draw here between the muscle man and that guy carrying the beach chair…

  18. Bare Country

    By David De Jong

    We tied the horses with a wary eye
    They were figidity, feelin’ little spry
    Surrounded by thick stand of ol’ pine trees
    Thinkin’ we walked right into bear country

    River was close, could hear the rapids roar
    Magpies laughin’, and eagles takin’ soar
    More boulders than dirt, interestin’ climb
    Every single step takin’ our sweet time

    Came over the top and heard a loud shout
    Just one look and we were the odd ones out
    We found more/less than we wanted to see
    We had stumbled in, on some bare country

    More clothes on the rocks than cov’rin’skin
    We was trapped, my head beginnin’ to spin
    Careful not to fall, tryin’ not to look
    Seein’ more than that Nat’nal Ge’graphic book

    They were soakin’ up the sun, tannin’ hide
    Wearin’ nothin’ on top, plumb nude outside
    Swimmin’ bare as a fish in the river
    Cold snow melt, makin’ em shrink and shiver

    We skedaddled out-a-there best we could
    Findin’ the horses tied back in the woods
    Seen more of folk there than we planned to see
    Ought-a post a sign; This is bare country.

  19. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Coastal Fashion Show

    A swim-
    suit for every
    occasion: volleyball,
    Rollerblading, and then of course,
    surfing… 🙂 !!

  20. janeshlensky on said:

    Itsy Bitsy Memories

    My favorite bikini is retired
    inside a bag and box within a drawer.
    I wore it feeling golden and desired,
    for less of me could only make it more.

    It’s tiny triangles covered the law
    forbidding nudity on public beach;
    in it one could not tuck away a flaw,
    for everything was out there, within reach.

    I could not wear it these days if I tried—
    well, maybe as a bracelet or a cap—
    there’s so much more of me to go inside;
    I need a suit sporting a global map.

    Then I was but a town, not all the earth,
    and small venues can fit when less is less.
    My memories are svelte, deprived of girth;
    my swimsuits now, nothing I need confess.

  21. Those Men on Muscle Beach

    Muscle man, arms like bustles,
    man, you’re slick like oily tricks,
    flexing your bits and testing your grip.
    I mean, like – Eeeow. So go away,
    go away, and get thee lost because
    I’m not drawn to your golden brawn,

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  23. Beautiful
    With her tummy brimming
    she lay in a string bikini
    looking absolutely stunning.
    With her graceful bloom of belly
    she reclined in an olive-green bikini.
    Her glowing-skin was undeniably radiant,
    she was a true picture of beach beauty
    with her womb full of baby-
    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2013

  24. Muscle Beach Beat

    Tanned, toned, slicked in oil,
    like statues
    they lock stance
    Everyone gives passing glance
    I see them, beach plants.

  25. Excess

    If you have it
    please feel free to flaunt it
    but if you don’t
    please just sit.

    We have no desire
    to see you in a thong
    or in a string bikini
    miles long.

    The purple speedo
    on that very old man,
    the beer belly
    that surely needs a tan.

    Resisting age (and gravity)
    is all well and good
    but some things
    are better left
    under cover
    or perhaps
    just for your lover.

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