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July 20thA good day at the beach is like a day in paradise. Escape to your special island, and write about paradise as your mind envisions it. Include as many of these words in your poem: idyllic, palm tree, coconut, bamboo, hut, hungry, clothes, native.



July 19 – Waves

July 18 – Children

July 17 – Put Into Words (Ekphrasis)

July 16 – Amusement Park

July 15 – Tides

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    On this idyllic island I’m sitting here smilin’,
    the hint of a breeze is seductive.
    This coconut drink has too much rum, I think,
    as a beverage it’s counterproductive.
    The palm trees are bending, that hula girl’s sending
    me signals that are reproductive,
    but between me and you and this wall of bamboo
    (of which this grass hut is constructed),
    I’m hungry and tipsy and feel like a gypsy
    whose tambourine seems to be busted.
    Now God only knows I’ve shucked all my clothes,
    when in paradise I dress like a native.

    © Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

    Use: idyllic, palm tree, coconut, bamboo, hut, hungry, clothes, native

  2. William Preston on said:


    Palm trees;
    idyllic huts;
    cocoanuts and bamboo:
    I’m hungry to shed clothes and go

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  3. Marjory MT on said:

    PARADISE is You..

    GHAZAL (A = and You)
    bAbA cbA dbA ebA dbA

    Paradise is simply me and you,
    I will combine any place or city and you.

    On a picnic or out to dine
    I’ll take a cup of tea and you.

    At an Art Show or Museum,
    exhibits I’ll want to see and you.

    At the beach I will delight in
    The waves that roll free and you.

    Paradise is wherer’er I be,
    If where I be, is me and you.

  4. William Preston on said:


    My idea of idyllic is not a palm tree
    with cocoanuts, fringed with bamboo,
    where clothes are not needed, wahines are fair,
    and the sea is as steady as glue.

    Instead I am hungry for high mountain air
    and a hut far above the tree line;
    a place where the native birds still can fly free.
    That, none but a god can define.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  5. I’d Trade Maui For You

    My clothes have been discarded for a red
    Swimsuit and sunglasses; my blue house for
    A little bamboo hut and palm tree spread;
    I’m going native to my very core;

    In this idyllic spot I truly feel
    Connection ‘twixt the heaven and the earth;
    Right here the sky has met the sea to seal
    Their bond that was created at world’s birth;

    I lay myself upon the sand, and spread
    My arms out either side to grip it tight;
    I feel that peace come over me, my head
    Upon earth’s lap, just basking in sun light;

    But I would gladly bid all this adieu
    For just one look, one glance, one smile from you.

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  6. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    !!! Love everyone’s special place!! 😀 !!

  7. DebiSwim on said:

    On my way for a picnic with four of my grandson’s today in Ohio -probably won’t be back here to PB till tomorrow. Happy poeming all.

  8. July 20th

    Life’s a Beach – Just Another Day in Paradise

    Take my hand and we shall walk together
    along this strip of land awash with sea.
    You and me, in Paradise, forever
    our footprints formed behind us; placidly.

    Take my hand; we’ll dip into a blue sky;
    We’ll swim into the briny foam like fish
    who nibble near our legs with eyes that sigh.
    Whose later joy becomes delicious dish!

    Oh, heaven, hallowed, in this strip of beach!
    We murmur like the seagull, overheard
    in tones so loud this tide is overreached!
    We’ll sing of love in jungle with the birds.

    But should sea-bird-fish-sky and land be lost,
    if still I hold your hand, there’s little cost.

  9. Well, I have trouble with my ‘murmuring loudly’, lol. Comes from posting before my poem is finished, I guess.

  10. how about “we, shouting, like the seagull…?

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  12. Right Idyllic
    The native birds
    are serenading,
    every morning
    clothed in feather-
    color of paradise.
    Coconut chimes
    are sounding,
    a hollow tune-
    palms rustle
    in the breath
    of tropical wind;
    tree-tops sway,
    shadows shift.
    It’s my last day
    in this beauty,
    bamboo hut
    and hungry
    for more
    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2013

  13. Posted to Paradise

    He carries jeweled islands in his head,
    selected bits of places he has known,
    good moments cut and grafted from the bad,
    his garden idyllic with thoughts he’s sown.

    He plucks a bamboo forest from Japan;
    the hungry huts of Vietnam he feeds
    with coconuts, mangos, and rambutan.
    A native of the world, he clothes with deeds.

    From war-torn deserts, he recalls a palm,
    majestic standing near oasis springs;
    he swallows quenching flashes feeling calm—
    a smile, a bird, a woman sweetly sings.

    He builds an Eden, island paradise,
    memory’s rubble blooming in his mind,
    where patchwork peace and love are realized;
    shrapnel of sadness can be left behind.

  14. connielpeters on said:

    Idyllic Isle

    On this idyllic isle, where I now live,
    It’s easy to take, and easier to give.
    Harmony exists within the smile,
    Where I now live, on this idyllic isle.

    When we want to eat, all is supplied.
    Of hunger here, no one has died.
    Pineapples and coconuts fall at our feet.
    All is supplied, when we want to eat.

    The clothes we wear, simple and chic,
    The natives design and make each week.
    But you can say we’re almost bare,
    Simple and chic, the clothes we wear.

    No house to clean, we live in huts
    Made of thatch with bamboo struts,
    And palm tree fronds, no need for screen.
    We live in huts, no house to clean.

    We do what we wish. We swim a lot.
    We practice all the skills we’re taught.
    We sing and dance and boat and fish.
    We swim a lot. We do what we wish.

  15. On Koh Ph’angan

    The Germans have removed their clothes—
    gone native they would have you think—
    though local Thais wear bright sarongs
    and sell fermented palm tree drink
    to tourists in hand-painted thongs
    intent on doing happy wrongs.

    Hungry for something new and strange,
    we swill rummed milk of coconut,
    inert admiring sunsets change
    blue water near our bamboo hut
    atop high stilts, in jungle trees,
    as naked Germans throw Frisbees.

    The dogs are mating, monkeys screech,
    and peacocks answer morning’s call.
    The cove is flat and hilltops fall
    onto white sand along our beach.
    The island is removed, bucolic,
    but if we squint, it is idyllic.

  16. A quick, silly post, then back later to read. 🙂

    The Ad Said Paradise

    So where are the palm trees?
    I don’t see a one.
    No sugarsand beaches.
    No seagulls. No sun.
    No overindulgence
    Of tropical drinks.
    It’s so underwhelming
    It really just stinks.
    This isn’t idyllic
    In fact, it’s appalling
    I’m feeling bamboozled
    My spirits are falling.
    This plumbing-less hut
    Doesn’t thrill me at all
    Nor does this view
    Of a forsaken mall.
    Is THAT what the “natives” call
    Site to sightsee?
    Well, I must respectfully
    (NOT!) disagree.
    We’re no longer friends,
    Travelocity Gnome.
    I’m packing my clothes,
    And I’m heading back home.

    © Copyright Marie Elena Good – 2013

  17. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Reminiscing, 1980’s Paradise

    Paradise was
    with you.
    Idyllic day,
    palm tree shrouded hut,
    Cool coconut drink resting
    on a little bamboo table
    Native clothes, a
    sarong falling on the
    Teeny bikini — Your Hawaiian shirt
    a Million buttons!! 😀

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  19. Two Poems for Paradise

    Wish You Were Here

    Wish you were here
    in this idyllic place, to hear
    soft waves break on this coral beach,
    palm trees chafing the breeze,
    coconut scent reaching into my
    dreams. This paradise is still not
    heaven; wish you were here.

    ~ ~ ~

    A Moon Falling Down in Paradise

    A thump woke me from an afternoon nap,
    a thud and a roll that you’d expect
    from a drum. T’was a coconut that fled
    a palm tree like a moon falling down,
    and it broke like a hen’s egg on the roof
    of my little grass hut. Oh such an idyllic
    gush of milken tropical yolk across
    bamboo, and I swooned into hunger
    as I shed city tightness for native attire.

    Lines Borrowed from “Anonymous” by C Voisine

  20. Lahaina Paradise (Quatern)

    We walk the boardwalk, just we two,
    The beach lies empty to our right,
    Deserted just for me and you;
    Lahaina drinks in hot sunlight;

    Our flip-flops flopping on the wood,
    We walk the boardwalk, just we two,
    Stop for coconut ice cream, should
    I get two scoops? There’s three for you;

    We walk in all the shops to view
    The best Lahaina has to show;
    We walk the boardwalk, just we two,
    Not caring where we tread or go

    As long as we’re together; now
    The sun is sinking fast into
    The sea; with sunburned face and brow,
    We walk the boardwalk, just we two.

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

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  22. “Paradise Lost”

    Obey Rules
    No Red Rum Fruit

    Bending Branch
    Rolled Apple to

    Rib Shaken,
    Her Innocence

    her Paradise
    (form: Japanese Lanterne: 1,2,3,4,1)

  23. Plumeria

    I can tell I will like this island;
    it has no palm trees. I am thankful
    they are not native to Plumeria,
    where purple, red, and yellow
    plums hang next to each hut.
    Other than a straw hat,
    and a large pair of sunglasses,
    no clothing is needed. Each
    morning I drink the juice
    of coconuts, walk the beach,
    collecting bamboo shells,
    not found anywhere else
    on earth. After lingering
    long enough to watch the
    sun set, red and purple ripples
    over green water, I am ravenous.
    Dinner arrives, plates decorated
    with a bounty of fresh fruits,
    curled ‘round the edges. In the
    wake of waves receding, I sit
    outside the hut in a cushy
    beach chair, finding it an idyllic
    time to pen some poems. I hunger
    for nothing, only that time stand still.

  24. Marjory MT on said:

    Hi Marie…… 🙂

    Just awaiting the next prompt…… 😉

  25. On An Idyllic Afternoon (Double Cinquain)

    Palm trees
    and coconut
    ring the beach, a bamboo
    mat and a pile of clothes await –
    from the
    water, a gal
    gone native, casually
    strolls, enjoying her deserted

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