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July 19thI hope you haven’t confused the tide with today’s prompt. Tides reflect the level of the water; waves are the rolling movement of the water. In waves there is rhythm and power. You feel it in its push and hear it in the rumble. Your waves might be personal; changes or upheavals in your life. They could be sports related (You make me stand up and flail my arms in the air one more time…)  Please do not waver in your adulation for waves.

And a reminder: don’t pass up the opportunity to “meet” an incredible young person and poet featured in Marie’s Poet Interview. Our featured poet is none other that Erin Kay Hope. Read her chat with Marie HERE and you’ll walk away feeling that there is hope for the world with young ones like Erin Kay in it!***


July 18 – Children

July 17 – Put Into Words (Ekphrasis)

July 16 – Amusement Park

July 15 – Tides

July 14 – Picnic

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198 thoughts on “LIFE IS A BEACH – WAVES

  1. William Preston on said:


    There once was a sailor named Howie
    who loved a pert WAVE based on Maui,
    but when they would fight
    the result was a sight,
    for old Howie would sport a black owie.

    copyri9ght 2013, William Preston

    Note: In the Second World War the U.S. Navy relieved some of its manpower pressure by using WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) to handle some duties. I don’t think they had official Navy rank, though I am not sure of that. They looked the part, though.

  2. William Preston on said:


    Her life
    is a journey
    taken from beach to beach,
    forever looking for the next
    big wave.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  3. Marjory MT on said:


    Naani times 3

    The wind builds,
    the smell of the pending storm
    preceeds the impact of
    the barrage of waves.

    I stand firm on the shore,
    welcoming the wind’s force,
    the sight of turbulent waves,
    the wash of rain.

    Absorbed in the storm,
    all worldly cares recede
    and as cares fade away
    I find peace.

  4. William Preston on said:


    When waves roll in and break to foam
    they seem like sailors coming home
    to seek a rest beneath a tree
    following many days at sea,
    content, for now, with landsmen’s loam.

    They wait a while, perchance to comb
    the beach, aping my own syndrome
    to grasp the sand in vanity
    when waves roll in,

    but then, with glitter much like chrome,
    they come about. And so the tome
    continues on. And so with me:
    I feel at peace within this lee
    and yet my heart desires to roam
    when waves roll in.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

    • Marjory MT on said:

      OH, well done, Great look at and connection to the waves,

      • William Preston on said:

        Thanks very much. Thanks also for your poem, which I enjoyed. You introduced me to another form; I checked the list and decided to try it, albeit with tongue in cheekiness.

        • Marjory MT on said:

          Thank You – I like it when poets ID the form they are using, because I am on this up-ward learning curve (wave?) it helps me to understand more.

    • DebiSwim on said:

      Ah, very nice. I feel at peace within this lee
      and yet my heart desires to roam
      when waves roll in.

    • Lovely, William! “…my heart desires to roam when waves roll in…” Oh so does mine!

    • janeshlensky on said:

      Very nice. You not the first to connect wander lust with the waves, a good old tradition. But I especially like how well you balance this with sailors longing for home and those at home longing for roaming. It points to a much deeper look at human desire for both, almost simultaneously.

  5. William Preston on said:


    When waves waft water
    with wanton willingness
    over the prow, bailing
    becomes big business.

    copywrong 2013, A. Naani Mouse


    Sedentary and tranquil
    gives way to tumultuous and
    turbulent; a churning

    turning your demeanor
    irascible, highly harassable
    and looking to pick

    your battles when they come.
    Never one for confrontation,
    but in your station you choose

    to defend your honor and hone
    a place for yourself, (or a small
    piece of you) to claim your notoriety.

    Your sole propriety to society
    is to stay alive long enough
    to outlive your dreams and it seems

    the only way that will happen
    is to rage against the light, and
    anything else that gets in your way.

    For on this day, you have decided,
    there is no need to hide your ire,
    you fire from the hip and slip into a stance,

    your chance; your only chance
    to take charge, be large and barge forward.
    Don’t mind rocking the boat, the tide has come in

    and you need no assistance in churning up
    the foamy brine. For in your own mind,
    you are already making waves.

    Copyright Walter J Wojtanik 2013

  7. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Oh, I Love waves…!! :)!!

  8. i have discarded
    the long-held belief that waves
    crash one at a time

    © Copyright Marie Elena Good – 2010

  9. DebiSwim on said:

    I’ve never tried this form before. Can only hope it isn’t too far off. A little serious this time.

    Besetting Waves

    My soul longs to know you, yet distant you seem,
    near enough to sense, but untouchable, a dream.

    I always look up when I think of you, to the Milky Way –
    as though I think you reside on a star, it would seem.

    They tell me you live in my heart, an odd thought to me.
    Which chamber is your home? Do you ride vena cava’s stream?

    Ancient of Days, speak to me, though you have no mouth –
    is that why you became flesh? Truth, straight as a laser beam.

    Why should you love this unlovely race? Why should you love me?
    I’m treading water as waves of doubt, belief assail me, ever it seems.

    • William Preston on said:

      I don’t know what the form is, but it doesn’t matter to me; I think this is well done and effective, and those “eem” rhymes ting like a bell, bringing me back to a common sound that, I suspect, indicates a common denominator, so to speak.

      • DebiSwim on said:

        Ghazal, I just discovered it this morning. Thanks for the nice comment.

      • Marjory MT on said:

        OK – GHAZAL – can’t find it.
        How is the form spelled out?
        Be interesting to give it a go.

        • DebiSwim on said:

          is where I found it but at some other sites they have different details – so am not sure if this is correct or not.

          • DebiSwim on said:

            somewhere it said it is pronounced yazal (sort of like guzzle) I’m shrugging my shoulders cause I sure don’t know.

        • Marjory MT on said:

          Thanks – I saved the web site as soon as I saw the list of forms!! I read the description once – which clouded my brain – I closed my eyes, took a break then came back later with paper and pen to figure it out!
          My way to write the skeleton would be:
          bA,bA -c,bA, -d,bA -e,bA -f,bA
          (A being 1,2 or 3 words)
          Now to go find my A 🙂

      • Marjory MT on said:

        OK, found my A, The idea of the beach was a good start.

        GHAZAL (A = sea)
        AbA cbA dbA ebA dbA

        What is summer is a tidy sea
        In winder can be a mighty sea.

        With springtime days and quiet nights
        it can change into a sassy sea.

        When tides run high in autumn’s air,
        wind can whip it to a bossy sea.

        When I’m with you on star-lit beach
        the moon turns it to a glossy sea.

        For me, year round, what’re the season,
        what’re the mood, ‘tis a lovely sea.

        My approach to writing a Ghazal … Pick a likely A (my first A did not work) then find a bunch of ‘b’s to work with the A.
        Next write my stanzas (not limited to 5) and play with their arrangement. Pick 5 stanzas arrangement that flows best.
        The stanzas are related but independent.

        Sort-a mechanical approach, but it works for me.

    • Henrietta Choplin on said:

      I think your words are beautiful…

  10. Came up with a quick one in the shower. Needs work, but at least it is new. 😉


    She’s lost the normalcy she craves
    Thoughts and memories come in waves
    Some leaving painful debris
    Some forever lost at sea

    © Copyright Marie Elena Good – 2013

  11. DebiSwim on said:

    Revising? I like it as it is.

  12. I wrote this years ago, then modified it last year for the Poetic Asides blog.


    I flow -a wave through space.
    I’m light through a vacuum,

    You are helpless to stop me.
    I force myself upon you, into you,
    and as I enter, you begin to understand.

    You revel in my rhythm!

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  14. undulating
    rhythms of life
    going by

  15. Marjory MT on said:

    SURFER’S FABLE (Villanelle)

    I can’t hold back my pride.
    Disbelievers come and see
    I’m good when over waves I ride.

    Caring my board to the sea side
    Not caring who waits to see me,
    I can’t hold back my pride.

    Never from a wave I’d hide
    Nor seek the safety of the lee
    I’m good when over waves I ride

    Loving the surge as I start slide,
    Loving the motion, feeling so free
    I can’t hold back my pride.

    Mid stormy waves you thought I died
    But, I’ll not surrender to the sea.
    I’m good when over waves I ride.

    Never to you have I lied,
    And I must be who I be,
    I can’t hold back my pride.
    I’m good when over waves I ride.

    PS – I have never even attempted to surf.

  16. Riding the Waves, Take 1

    I’m wrapped
    in surging sea,
    held by water muscle’s
    tightening biceps, skimming on
    the crest.

  17. janeshlensky on said:

    Riding the Waves, Take 2

    You have to go
    through undertow
    along the shore-
    line’s pull before
    you hear the hiss
    of crested fist,
    the waves that fell
    but angry yell
    one final surge
    and try to purge
    whatever enters
    their blue scope.

    Just past the crests,
    you float and rest
    atop a roiling
    ocean boiling
    with lift and fall
    and seagulls’ call.
    The deep sea fills
    waves’ pockets ‘til
    you swim through warm
    and cool, quite charmed,
    for each wave glitters
    with new hope.

  18. connielpeters on said:

    Over or Under

    Riding atop the wave
    Free, easy, exhilarating
    Sucked in under the wave
    Fighting, fearful, drowning
    Lord, grant me skills to surf

  19. Silent Call

    With a quiet sigh
    Another wave rolls over
    The grey sand;

    With unvarying
    Regularity, the sea
    Pounds the surf:

    A wondrous song of
    Sea and sand, stirring longing
    In my heart,

    Tugging earnestly
    At my soul; can’t you hear the
    Silent call?

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  20. Gales of November

    Against the break-water rocks they fling themselves
    Great bursts of spray rising to the skies
    The wind blows from the north, spitting snow
    November’s seasonal display
    Sailor beware! Stay out of her way

    Gone the shallow summer days
    Gentle waves on a sandy beach
    Winter bursts upon us, hear her roar!
    She will grab whatever is in her reach

    The clouded sky a sullen gray
    Matching the dismal colored waves
    You who would venture from the shore
    Could find yourself a watery grave
    The gales of November, remember.

  21. Life is a Beach – the Waves

    Hypnotic are these gypsy waves at night
    repetitive upon a full moon shore.
    The surf sends shafts of water into flight.
    As roaring sound reflects a heart that soars.

    A rising tide; emotion fills the heart.
    Such waves become recurring ocean’s slave.
    A longed-for promise: we shall never part
    as roiled, repeated waters will obey.

    Enthralled, I see reflected in your eyes
    that rapture; sure as waving water_ More
    than beauty, grace and nature can devise!
    A spellbound glance when opening your door.

    So, now the moon pulls both of us to shore;
    and loves a rhythm that has flowed before.

  22. Waves of Emotion

    It snowed overnight and the roads are a fright,

    So the schools are all closed ~ on a Friday!

    Mums and dads can’t drive, their cars slip and slide

    So its family fun on a school day.

    Dogs in bright jackets are leaping for joy

    Taken out for a walk, on a school day.

    Babies and toddlers peep out of their prams

    They’re going to the park, on a school day.

    Tiny tots muffled in mittens and hats,

    Squeal in delight, on a school day.

    Giggling girls, hugging their friends,

    Slide down the hill, on a school day.

    Teen terrors in hoodies become little boys

    Throwing snowballs at girls, on a school day.

    Steep slopes draw the daring on sledges and boards,

    They hurtle downhill, on a school day.

    I sit at the window and, like falling snow,

    My thoughts pile up into drifts.

    My smiles turn to tears at the sights and sounds

    Of my school days, as the frozen scene shifts.

    Of ink wells and blotters, of wafers and milk,

    Of chalk boards and outside loos;

    Of walking to school by the RiverTyne,

    Of castles, and coalmines and ships.

    And then there are people, who wave as they pass,

    Loved aunties and cousins and friends

    A sister and brother no longer in touch

    A mother and father I mourned.

    There are icicles hanging near a frozen stream,

    The snow covered branches are bending

    The field is a snow frosted wonderland

    Its beauty my broken heart mending.

  23. Two Poems for Waves

    The Immediacy of Waves

    I’m filled
    with sky and sea, long stretching
    until all meet where my senses
    limit the reach to my interests.
    I stand
    on this ironed white sand beach,
    and I am singular
    amongst these crowded grains
    of sand, but my solitude is swept
    smooth by the drift of a small cloud
    that lends shadow, brief shade
    to my shoulders before the sun
    disperses it to misty wisps.
    And I stand.
    Here, filled with sky and sea,
    unaware that with every roll
    of the waves my fortune turns.

    ~ ~ ~


    Rollers, we called them. Tumbling
    blinds of bursting sea that knocked
    you off your feet when you turned
    your back on them. We learned
    never turn your back on the sea.

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  25. Warning

    The waves are eating sunglasses—
    they steal them off your face!
    I guess the sun gets in their eyes
    and swimmers never realize
    pickpocket waves are sneaky fast
    and disappear without a trace.

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  27. Two Tiny Tanka
    Arrival of Love
    Stardust and God’s breath…
    you’re there on the other side,
    just beyond this wave-
    closer with each rise and swell ;
    pain for prize…hello, baby.
    There you are, shining
    neath this deep crimson sea, love.
    A pearl in waiting
    while ocean provokes you forth-
    moving you from your home, born.
    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2013
    Tanka: 31 syllables/five lines= five/seven/five/seven/seven
    I have often deciphered pain as waves…especially those waves of labor pain, actually a wonderful place to go mentally to meditate through the journey, (such a reward at the end)!

  28. Marjory MT on said:

    One from past year, it just seems to ‘fit’ 🙂

    SAND DANCE (Pantoum)

    Waves come crashing on the beach,
    from clouds the rain is dripping,
    waves recede back out of reach
    along the wet sand I’m dancing.

    From clouds the rain is dripping.
    Holding a cape of old cowhide
    along the wet sand I’m dancing
    while avoiding the racing tide.

    Holding a cape of old cowhide
    against the rain that’s falling
    while avoiding the racing tide
    I watch gulls run for covering.

    Against the rain that’s falling
    as they seek their dinner clams,
    I watch gulls run for covering
    beneath old driftwood jams.

    As they seek their dinner clams
    waiting out the storm’s wet sting
    beneath old driftwood jams
    mid the buffeting of the wind.

    Waiting out the storm’s wet sting,
    my sand dance still goes on
    mid the buffeting of the wind
    at the stormy bay at dawn.

    My sand dance still goes on
    waves come crashing on the beach,
    at the stormy bay at dawn,
    waves recede back out of reach.

    Marjory Thompson 5/2012

  29. Henrietta Choplin on said:


    In the windswept conch shell,
    I hear the waves whisper.

  30. Marjory MT on said:

    GONE… (HexSonnetta) May 2012

    Sea waves loudly crashing
    on sand beaches I comb
    while wondering alone,
    watching, mindlessly floating
    with white seagulls dancing
    to the ocean’s deep tone.

    Spirit lifts with the breeze
    as water and sky blend
    gently blurring the end
    as each turns new ways
    knowing all our past days –
    Gone with the Wind – hearts mend.

    Looking to the new dawn
    To build a new life on.

  31. To Form A New Wave… (Minute Poem)

    Her folds of foamy green she pulls
    From rocky shoals
    With weary arms,
    Her fading charms.

    About her in her last despair,
    She droops her hair,
    Sheds salty tears
    To calm her fears,

    And on the sand she softly sighs,
    She moans and dies,
    A wave of blue
    To form anew.

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

    This is an older one as well. 🙂

  32. White Force (a fibonacci)

    rush at
    crushing speed,
    heading straight toward you.
    Can you withstand force or fall prey?

  33. WAVES


  34. http://saravinas.blogspot.com/

    had a photo so wanted to share via my blog. Happy Sunday 🙂

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