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July 12thThe lake shore at night is a very mystical place. Most times, the only view you have is the murmur of the water meeting the sand. The beauty of a moonlit night from your vantage point on the sand can be both romantic and erotic. It can be contemplative and awe inspiring. Convey your poem, keeping in mind the beach and this “Starry, Starry Night”.



July 11 – Lakes, Oceans, Waterways

July 10 – Seagulls (Triolet)

July 9 – Boats

July 8 – Seaweed/Kelp

July 7 – Sandcastles

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    • Thanks for this, Walt. Listened as I drank my morning coffee. This is one of my all-time favorite pieces of music and lyrics. Makes me tear up every time … especially for some reason “They would not listen; they’re not listening still. Perhaps they never will.” *sigh*

      Waves to you from across the lake.


    • *sigh* indeed…that whole piece is just so beautiful…every line just flows with beauty. Thank you, Walt. 🙂

    • janeshlensky on said:

      Such beautiful pieces, both Don McLean’s and Vincent’s. Thanks for this.

    • Thanks for the prompt, Walt! This is an all-time favourite theme–painting and song. Ironically, today, I bought a little pendant with an artisan’s version of “Starry Starry Night” for my sister’s birthday. 🙂


    The shore beckons, calling and cajoling
    extolling the beauty is possesses.
    It messes with your head in a sense,
    but also sets you free. See all there is
    in the sounds this night provides.
    It offers a place to hide under the covers
    of the moon and stars. No noise arises,
    no street “symphonies”, no blare of TV
    or radio. Just the twinkle of each bright
    diamond pocking the skies. Eyes are drawn
    to their dance upon the water. A graceful
    ballet that glistens and listens for passion
    to take hold. You have been sold on the beauty.
    Under the covers on this starry, starry night!

  2. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Now, I Understand, What You Tried to Say to Me…

    starry night,
    Alone by the


    I sit on our blanket in dark of night
    Recalling light of endless stars
    And promises made that can never be.

    Meet me where memory encounters moment,
    dream melds with certainty,
    and loss is rendered impotent.

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  5. Some of my friends here won’t be familiar with my collection of Tom’s Beach that started a few years ago at P’Asides, so quickly — Tom is a boy who lives in a seaside town on the Sussex coast. He is autistic, he feels safest when he’s within his own imagination, and his friends include a whelk, a periwinkle, and most recently llamas.


    Tom stood on his beach, staring at stones.
    Some grey, but most were muddy and brown,
    and those were the ones that Tom knew wore
    the very deepest ruddy frown.

    Tom knew.
    Brown shoes hurt.
    Brown made him sad;
    Made him frown;
    Sometimes even mad.
    He didn’t like when his mum put him in brown.

    So here he stood on his favourite beach,
    ready to cheer up all those frowning brown
    stones, cheering them up his with smiley
    face stickers. And that’s when he looked up
    as a gull called out his name. “TOM TOM”

    Tom saw that his sky was sugary
    with stars. They twinkled and winked at him,
    and that’s when he knew that those stars
    were the happiest stones of them all.
    Brown stones, he thought, just couldn’t be sad
    with all that happiness sugaring down.

    So Tom walked back home, all of his yellow
    smiley stickers still clutched in his hand.
    But all the way home and with every step,
    Tom thought about llamas.
    He wondered just why did they spit.

    © M. Misky Braendeholm 2013

  6. regard4less on said:


    Last night, while watching stars explode,
    I heard a comet giggle;
    it startled me from my abode
    and made my hairline wiggle.

    Outside, I saw the whole hereafter,
    the cosmos, dripping glee.
    I wondered what had caused the laughter,
    then knew that it was me.

    copyright 2013

  7. William Preston on said:


    Its glow was born in times of old;
    I wonder if it still is there.
    When light was married to the cold,
    its glow was born in times of old
    to leaven space with dust and gold.
    Heavenly passion sparkled where
    its glow was born in times of old.
    I wonder if it still is there.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  8. William Preston on said:

    HORIZON (roundel)

    Where sky meets sea the midnight cold
    seems not to matter, not to be;
    the ocean’s sweep unrolls tenfold
    where sky meets sea,

    for there the heavens say to me
    that finitude is now paroled
    and yields to grand infinity.

    I watch the stars glow: orange and gold
    and green and blue and white, and free;
    I long to cross the last threshold
    where sky meets sea.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

    • William Preston on said:

      Beg your pardon; it’s presumptuous of me to tell poets what a roundel is. I often have to remind myself, though.

      • DebiSwim on said:

        Not presumptuous for me – I appreciate knowing what form it is cause I don’t usually know. There are just too many to try to memorize – so thank you!

  9. I plan to be back with a new poem, but decided to post this one here, for now…it was written a while ago when I was having a bit of a spiritual epiphany, standing alongside a moonlit canal. My prayer is the same today as it was that night, over two years ago.

    Reflecting on Reflections

    I stood
    on the edge
    peering into the darkness
    an occasional ripple
    aiding depth perception.

    I stood
    on the edge
    peering into the depths
    seeing the moon
    in all its fullness.

    I stood
    on the edge
    looking to the heavens
    seeing that which was reflected
    so clearly below.

    I stood
    on the edge
    praying that I am
    a reflection
    of the One who created me.

  10. DebiSwim on said:

    Starry, Starry Night

    A solitary walk on the beach
    and round me nicely out of reach
    a couple clung to one another
    love fevered eyes gazing at the other
    murmuring low under the starry night
    with moon a quarter and palest light.
    And glad was I to be alone
    listening to the waves intone
    cymbal crash, soft whoosh
    boom and hussshh.
    Then looking out to sea
    my eyes caught a twinkle wee
    as a pinpoint. A fishing boat
    or other craft on the ocean afloat
    no, a star… then, ten thousand blazed
    and breathless, dumbfounded, dazed
    “Ye stars! which are the poetry of heaven!” Lord,
    Byron, and I were of one mind and accord.

  11. DebiSwim on said:

    sorry, no comma after Byron please: (

  12. (Pleiades form)


    Stars swirl across the heavens:
    scream spinning out of sight!
    So Van Gogh made us know
    starry, vivid, gleaming night.
    Still his canvas sings to me;
    shines on throughout the years…
    seeing starlight midst his tears.

  13. Two Poems for Stars

    Star Dust

    Watch the moon rise,
    vane warrior face amongst many,
    and then watch the stars,
    its eternal companions,
    tumble into the empty horizon,
    far falling to their ends
    when the sun returns

    ~ ~ ~

    I Wish I May, I Wish I Might …

    Do you watch me as I watch you;
    Are you as alone as I am now;
    Where is my true love,
    and will I be rich?
    So many questions,
    so much asked
    of a single twinkle.

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  16. The Shores of War

    Walked now, these shores lay quiet and clean
    Walked now, the battles of days long past
    Forgotten or unknown by many who walk
    On once bloody, battle scared, body strewn sands
    The sacrifices for freedom on the shores of war
    In hopes these sacrifices will be made nevermore

    D-Day on Normandy the war took a turn
    The human assault on well fortified beaches
    Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juno and Sword
    Water and sand red with the blood of the fallen
    Thousands upon thousands of brave men fell
    The day these shorelines became holy hell

    Brave warriors assaulted the shores of the Pacific
    Midway, Okinawa, Guadalcanal and Coral Sea
    With many minor battles for many other islands
    The fight continued all the way to the source
    Imperialism would not eradicate freedom
    The Pacific would not become part of the kingdom

    The blood of the warriors throughout all time
    Left stained the sands and turned red the waters
    Let us never forget the great battles of the past
    We must pass history down in order to remind
    The sacrifices for freedom on the shores of war
    In hopes these sacrifices will be made nevermore

    © 2013 Earl Parsons

  17. William Preston on said:


    See the stars in the sea;
    see them join at the rim:
    sea and stars, together
    sharing their elements;
    sources common to both
    since the onset of time.
    See the sea in the stars.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  18. ejparsons on said:

    Starry, Starry Night

    Starry, starry night
    The moon is shining bright
    The sand reflecting white
    The surf a thousand lights
    Seagulls float in flight
    Everything’s just right

    Starry, Starry Night

    Starry, starry night
    Just woke up to moonlight
    This morning I was white
    My sunburn is a fright
    I should not drink Bud Lite

    PS: This happened to a friend of mine on a beach in Okinawa. He was sunburned so bad that he had to be admitted to the infirmary. It wasn’t pretty.

    • William Preston on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed both of these, and all in the same end rhyme. Impressive, the “Lite” included.

  19. connielpeters on said:

    November, on our honeymoon,
    Wyoming plates, like a cartoon,
    we pulled into Destin late at night.
    My husband gasped at the sight,
    “Oh it can’t be! No, no, no!”
    He mistook the white sands for snow.

  20. First Love, Farewell,

    Follow the path the moon has made
    Rippling across the water.
    No farther shore will rise to meet
    The traveler on this final journey
    Travel on, the stars have scattered
    Small islands where they fall.
    On summer nights, too hot to sleep
    Your slumber in the cool and deep
    Goes on forever.

    Once we stood here, you and I
    Climbed the rocks to watch
    Rockets bursting in the sky
    A holiday summer, every day
    Was made for lovers, an enchanted
    Way had opened to receive
    Our slightest wish – we would
    Be parted never.

    First loves – the memory never fades.
    You danced at my wedding but
    Not with me. I had the better
    Bargain though. One winter filled
    With ice and snow, you traveled on
    The ice to fish. When fog rolled in, then
    You were lost – another tragic tale to tell,
    Another woman who still mourns
    Your memory forever.

  21. William Preston on said:


    On the sea
    seem redundant.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  22. William Preston on said:


    The stars have loosed their glitter-glow
    upon the lonely, moonless beach.
    The ocean swells reflect them all

    but what is strange, I see them fall
    as diamonds on the sloping reach,
    as though the sand were virgin snow;

    as though the moon were there also.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  23. janeshlensky on said:


    The darkest nights are much the same,
    the starkest backdrops deep and far
    on navy velvet, points of flame,
    a jolt of moonlight, clash of star.

    Flat on the ground, no strength to rise,
    we empty and direct our gaze
    to universes in the skies
    that pull us into eons’ maze.

    We cede to heaven what we know,
    our troubles lightened, pulled above,
    where yesterdays, long done, still glow
    and stirrings in us hint of love.

    So harddships show us who we are:
    within each darkness gleams a star.

  24. janeshlensky on said:

    Night Fishing

    Mild night of rowing from the shore,
    our tackle tucked beneath our feet,
    we rested, floated, let the stars
    wink at themselves on a crystal lake.
    You said the stars dove from the skies
    to swim around us in the dark,
    yet there they were, raising our eyes
    to mysteries far out of reach.
    Sandwiched in stars on a small boat,
    we left the fish to nibble bits
    of heaven scattered shining down,
    and we caught silence like a prayer
    that settled on us floating there.

  25. Two walkers on the beach.
    He looks down at his feet,

    the shallow impressions
    he makes in the sand,

    erased by the sly rolling
    tide behind his back.

    She keeps her eyes
    fixed on the stars,

    familiar markers
    on her way, the path

    that leads her back
    along the shore to him.

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  27. Starry-Starry Night
    When the heat of the day has worn itself thin
    with a flash and vast voicing,
    now a distant rambling-rumbling;
    the mighty cymbals of heaven have sounded
    and lavender linen-lacy cloud curtains are parting,
    deepening purple-ready for the unveil.
    Our hearts are prepared for the premiere
    galactic majesty to be bared-
    the sky’s afire with revelation,
    filled with the glimmering of a million yesterdays.
    Mesmerized, our eyes are ablaze with mystery,
    this magical canopy is lit from within-
    illuminated with energy
    that took more than four years to get here.
    Oh, ebony-silk sewn of silver-sequins,
    we peer toward pin-holes of white-bright;
    I imagine gazing through one-
    a keyhole-
    an entrance to the Milky Way.
    Mine for a moment,
    a kaleidoscopic view
    through to the astrological deep,
    into the inked skin of evening.
    This same radiance is realized in sand of the beach
    as shiny specks of grain gather light and glow,
    reflecting as a mirror on the shore of this lake-
    the very face of this starry-starry night.
    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2013

  28. Marjory MT on said:

    Fibonacci (Beats per line)

    starry host
    spread out over head.
    One trillion, five hundred million
    shining lights the world to see, save
    for two shooting stars,
    one for you,
    and one

  29. the moon
    and her reflection
    follow me home

  30. Under A Starry Night Sky

    Days seemed full of
    Hope for the young lovers
    Who joined hands under a starry
    Night sky.

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

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  32. Silver

    We wished for a night
    of silver
    stars sparkling
    to match the ones in our eyes

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  34. Struck
    (a shadorma)

    wants to take a swim
    in this pin
    -pricked sky, shed
    his belt and wander loose in
    all this diamond spill.


  35. Star Gazing on a Beach

    the crashing roar
    of the waves
    on the shore
    the hissing
    of the foam
    as it fades away
    into another roar
    and another hiss
    roar and hiss
    over and over
    louder and louder
    closer and closer
    out of reach
    of the highest point
    of the surging tide, hand in hand,
    gazing at the stars,
    if there are lovers
    on a distant world, hand in hand,
    lying on a beach
    near the surf

  36. Sea Stars

    They glimmer shimmer
    Skipping on waves
    Pupils widen
    Sparkles increase
    Till it seems
    There’s more
    Light than

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