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July 6thAll hail the Lifeguard, the megaphone-carrying sentinel keeping the waters safe. Write about him / her from one of three distinct points of view: a child, a young adult approximately the same age as the guard, or an older person. Or write from the guard’s P.O.V.



July 5 – In The Swim

July 4 – Fireworks on the Lake

July 3 – A Day at the Beach (Abstract Poem)

July 2 – A Deserted Beach

July 1 – ALOHA! (HELLO)

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175 thoughts on “LIFE IS A BEACH – LIFEGUARD


    Crash of surf on sand,
    gulls abound and flit around
    in gangs of ten or twenty.
    I’d have bet money
    that the beach would be full
    until we cleared the ridge to the shore.
    Widely scattered blankets, more
    sand than flannel, to a (wo)man
    the guards start to vacate. We’re late
    to get in the water, we ought to
    have come earlier. But the atmosphere
    is soothing. Two of us are barefoot at Erie’s edge.
    Hedging that bet, I get a flash of memory,
    back to the day when our girls were younger
    and I didn’t need sunscreen to protect my scalp.
    No guard on duty. Sentinels suspended.
    But it didn’t cause the end of this wonderful day.
    Sunset burned into our eyes; in our hearts it stays.


    as her heart breaks
    like ocean waves
    and she tries to keep her head
    above water
    we stand by on life watch

  3. On looking back on lifeguards

    tan, buff, water gods
    the lifeguards
    will risk all for us

    tan, toned, hot sun gods
    cool in shades
    cooler in the chair

    tan kids in a chair
    more at stake
    than they likely know

  4. janeshlensky on said:


    Golden, he was, and sculpted
    like Greek statuary, pedestalled
    by the pool, above the populace
    below, above the shouting children,
    above the teenaged girls
    in bright bikinis and parents
    ignoring pleas of “look at me!”
    He sat inscrutable in dark glasses,
    Gatorade by his side, scanning
    the surface for miscreants,
    overzealous divers, runners,
    and struggling new swimmers,
    his whistle at the ready.

    Each hour, he descended
    to stretch and take a dip,
    his muscles rolling shining wet,
    his trunks clinging just so,
    a female counter-part aloft.
    He dove and glided end to end
    on one breath, all the sun-bathers
    holding their breaths in sympathy,
    and even old men looking on
    nodded and smiled, imagining
    themselves once works of art.
    The girls swooned in his wake;
    their mothers grew alert and still,
    while the old ladies moaned
    appreciatively, then closed
    their eyes and smiled.

  5. William Preston on said:


    He died
    so happily,
    his end the natural
    apotheosis of life not

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  6. William Preston on said:


    He was my premier sentinel
    whenever I would venture forth
    upon my bike, cranking my bell
    to warn the neighbors to the north
    that I was coming to rescue all,
    for I was the General, straight and tall.

    I knew I could complete my mission
    no matter how obtuse or dire;
    I even could cause nuclear fission
    if that would douse an errant fire.
    No task would I ever abort
    while Dad was there to guard the fort.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  7. Paul, The Lifeguard

    The tragedy of yesterday was all
    That occupied his mind: “You were too slow,”
    A little voice kept whispering, “Oh Paul,
    Her death was really all your fault, you know.”

    And that was all the truth, he knew, he could
    Have saved that girl; he’d been too slow, and now
    Her face would would haunt his memory, it should:
    Her face as he had seen it sink below;

    Just then, quite suddenly, somebody screamed;
    And yesterday shot through his mind, he felt
    A sense of déjà vu, it really seemed
    That fate another blow to him had dealt;

    But this time things turned out the other way,
    And she stayed with him to this very day

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  8. On the Beach

    There are those who plunge in,
    willy nilly, sink or swim,
    eager to taste whatever’s out there,
    experience it all.

    And then there are life’s watchers,
    uncertain whether to dip a toe
    and missing such a lot
    because they dare not.

    But I have the best of both worlds –
    I save the sinkers,
    encourage the dippers,
    and live life to the full.

  9. Henrietta Choplin on said:


    Try as you might
    You cannot guard
    a person
    who likes
    to live life
    unguarded. 😦

  10. The Lifeguard

    Lifeguard, lifeguard
    hard muscles rippled as waves by breeze
    Lifeguard, lifeguard
    who regards water with ease
    Lifeguard, lifeguard
    who wards of the dangers of deep
    Lifeguard, lifeguard
    starts each day greeting the sun
    and Poseidon

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  12. DebiSwim on said:

    Whistle While you Work

    Susie and I found a spot by the pool
    we thought we looked sexy and cool
    in our polka-dotted two-piece
    slathering Coppertone in every crease
    of knee and elbow before we tipped-toed
    in the cold water , giggled and squealed – code
    for “look at us, boys” as we tried hard
    to capture the eye of the life guard.
    But, he wasn’t interested in two little girls.
    We swam, and played the water a’whorl
    with our activity and fun then – that darn whistle
    and we looked at him in withering dismissal,
    and haughtily trudged to our towel
    squacking and fussing like two guinea fowl.

  13. DebiSwim on said:

    *squawking* (head thump!)

  14. Life’s a Beach ; The Lifeguard

    Our hero on his perch; sun sentinel.
    Life is in his hands should there be riptide.
    And, muscular, he’s quite commendable;
    his youth and golden curls are hard to hide.

    The wading girls go passing by his perch
    they walk a little slower to devise
    a dream of rescue and that sentry’s touch
    but dare not wet the coif they wear with pride.

    Golden dreams, remembered from past waters
    my own bikini’d days are long and gone;
    sand flies into my face as by they saunter
    ’tis time to give my skin a wet sarong.

    Old age cares not for silken, hairy pride
    and so more freedom midst this hoary tide.

  15. Baywatch Holdover

    The beach spread out before his view
    A smile stretched ‘cross his face
    His eyes glazed over open wide
    He’d heard about this place
    He started walking first to the right
    Seeking to shake a brave hand
    And thank those that defend the shores
    Protecting all those on the sand

    He made it to the end of the beach
    Ran back to where he’d come in
    This time he headed to his left
    Determination had set in
    His mission seemed more than just to thank
    Those willing to risk all for strangers
    Still on he trekked with gratitude
    For those that defied danger

    He found every lifeguard along the beach mile
    Thanked them all with a handshake, a hug and a smile
    As he shook the last hand his smile went away
    It seemed Pamela Anderson wasn’t working that day

    For so long he had been her number one fan
    He returned to Wisconsin a heartbroken man

    What would his heart fix
    Thank God for Netflix

    © 2013 Earl Parsons

  16. ejparsons on said:

    The Lifeguards (A Tanka)

    They watch from their perch
    For those that challenge the surf
    They battle the waves
    The unfortunate to save
    From the power of the sea

    © 2013 Earl Parsons


    She caught him eyeing her
    With suspicion.
    She felt a tinge of guilt for longing
    For the opportune moment to
    Show him
    Her feminine frame
    Slender, manicured hands
    And soft, glossed lips
    Are trained.
    And so much more than capable.

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  19. My lines are too long but you’re a smart bunch and can imagine what it looks like or if you want a prettied up version with an image and some wiki info on riptides you’re welcome to hop over to my blog!! :)’s
    A Dangerous Acrostic
    Dangerously swift surface-current in disguise as a calm spot for your littles to wade,
    anxious seawater is swallowed in gulps, there in that dark, smooth, glassy-patch,
    never considers its meal, its hunger is insatiable consuming young and old alike;
    generous amounts of ocean disappear in sudden slugs, (eight feet per second).
    Enter at your own risk, is an understatement,
    riptide IS in full effect and it won’t negotiate for your children’s lives.
    Oh, yes, I’m watching from this tall, wooden wrought chair
    under the bright-red umbrella with the giant white plus sign on it…
    still, seriously, I beg of you, please be careful, this force of nature is stronger than me.
    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2013

  20. William Preston on said:


    When the sea
    I would shudder.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  21. William Preston on said:


    The girls
    are great this year.
    I’d like to commingle
    with them all, from dawn to sunset,
    but the view is better here.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  22. connielpeters on said:

    Fear of Fear

    I was afraid he’d be afraid
    like I had been for so many years.
    He, my son, was small
    when I finally overcame my fear
    and rode the waves.
    So when he, at ten, ventured
    out a ways I just watched
    biting my lip,
    but the white-nosed thin blond
    atop her porch whistled and
    shouted about the undertow
    and in he came.
    Otherwise, he might
    still be lost at sea.

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  24. Sea Sentry

    On guard in ivory tower,
    she slathers on the SPF
    and waits for siren’s call.

    Basking in sun’s power
    she gathers up her grains
    of sand and looses them all.

    Fair (maid)en waiting long,
    she holds her salty breath
    and counts each wanton wave.

    You can almost hear her song,
    but the tail doesn’t e(mer)ge
    until there’s someone to save.


  25. In Deep Water

    I wanted to be a lifeguard
    But I can’t swim or float
    They gave me a life jacket
    And stuck me in a boat
    Now I patrol deep water
    On guard for troubled souls
    In my spare time I hand out
    The tourists fishing poles
    This gig is temporary
    ‘Til school starts in the fall
    Then I will seek a job change
    ‘Cause this ain’t fun at all

    © 2013 Earl Parsons

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  27. Red Cross My Heart
    (a Triolet)

    Buoy oh boy, the beach is hot today.
    I’m in love with a lifeguard, and I’m drowning.
    Sunburnt, I’ve learnt there’s nothing left to say.
    Buoy oh boy, the beach is hot today.
    Scantily clad, glad girls come out to play,
    While I just stand here, fuming, freckled, frowning.
    Buoy oh boy, the beach is hot today.
    I’m in love with a lifeguard, and I’m drowning.


  28. The Lifeguard in Winter

    Because nothing is ever as it seems
    I know that sometimes you climb down
    From that tower on the sand

    Surrounded by pretty girls
    Who swim out farther than they should
    So that you will come to their rescue.

    You already knew that I could swim
    What chance did I have among all
    Those sweet young things?

    We could rescue ourselves from the danger
    Of too many Taco Bell burritos
    Eaten alone in a lonely room

    Playing with our computers until one
    Day it happens and we connect
    Now my mornings are filled with an

    Electronic kind of joy
    And my boring days at work are not
    Always what they seem

    Mornings, noon and night, another summer
    Hovers in the distance. The fireflies are
    Preparing themselves to light our way
    We will guard our lives together.

  29. a sweet poem about burritos and loneliness…

  30. Please Guard My Life

    Curly blonde Greek god
    sits high on white throne.
    We are teenage girls, giggling,
    flirting, trying to catch
    his attention. We wait
    for his break, watch him climb
    down the ladder, legs popping
    with muscles, sunglasses
    wrapped ‘round his eyes.
    Tongue-tied, we stare.

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  32. Lifeguards: Church Camp

    The director waved our feed for church camp—
    twin boys, no dad at home, expecting only
    that we lifeguard twice a day—the boys at ten,
    the girls at half past one, time to digest
    the mess hall fare. A fair exchange, we thought,
    no different treatment otherwise: sharing cabins,
    weaving lanyards, playing roles in pranks and skits.

    The first shift was routine, as we sat side by side
    above the chlorinated haze perched always
    on alert, never called to rescue, rarely more
    challenge than refereeing Marco Polo fights.
    But we weren’t allowed to see the girls—
    after all, this was 1966—in their two-piece
    Sears and Roebucks suits bought new for camp.

    Mixed bathing, we called it then, a borderline sin
    even in junior high, at least for Christians this far
    from the coast. Instead, they made us turn our seats,
    backs to the pool, while Sister Taylor, vigilant
    but devout non-swimmer, kept her eyes peeled
    for any sign of danger that might require us
    to keep our lust in check, diving in for the save.

  33. Lifeguard of Humanity

    By David De Jong

    He held His post that fateful day
    Protector of lives, come what may
    Positioned high where all could see
    Watchers mocked His identity
    Ridiculed in humility
    This lifeguard of humanity

    He held His post that fateful day
    Where He clearly seen all that stray
    He could not sit, He could not stand
    Securing life with each pierced hand
    His love held high upon a tree
    This lifeguard of humanity

    He held His post that fateful day
    A mighty king, born in the hay
    He gave His life as lifeguards do
    He paid it all, to see it through
    His blood was shed for you, for me
    This lifeguard of humanity

    He held His post that fateful day
    I bow my head, in reverence pray
    I break the bread, I drink the wine
    To remember; His love Devine
    Jesus a name so dear to me
    This lifeguard of humanity

  34. On the Surface

    A blue bottle on a blue sea,
    a bit of plastic so sad to see.
    But as it drifts closer in,
    we find we are wrong.
    No plastic here,
    a bit of war
    has come to the shore.

    Their tentacles pack a nasty sting
    and if there was a lifeguard here
    he would surely close the beach.
    For now they carefully move the bit of war
    out of reach.

  35. aprille on said:

    i married the guard
    turned into a bard
    with a love poem
    written upon her heart
    for the guard
    who first saved her life
    then collected the fee
    of a pound of her heart
    and a lifetime of free
    saving and love
    and now she is free
    from the fear of a life
    lost in fear of the sea.

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  37. Marjory MT on said:

    Guard on duty
    watching, sitting, whittling with a knife.
    Guard on duty
    beside the changing sand and sea.
    On duty er’e you come to strife
    Then at night – beware – there’s no Life
    Guard on duty.

  38. No Help Needed

    Splashing and swallowing
    The sea
    Still couldn’t reach
    Parents beyond me
    In my periphery
    Yelling, red buoy
    Then tucked under
    Muscular tanned arm
    Towed unwillingly
    (but necessarily)
    To Safety

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