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July 1stWe begin with a hearty hello. Aloha! as they say on the Islands. Funny word, Aloha! It means both hello AND good bye. It covers you coming and going. But for today we are concerned with the hello aspect of the word.

We’re saying hello to the beach. What are you anticipating from the season? What recollections do you have of a great day at the beach? Maybe you are greeting the summer? Any salutatory opening will suffice. Recall them here and let us join you in saying Aloha!

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180 thoughts on “LIFE IS A BEACH – ALOHA! (HELLO)


    immense amber orb
    emerges from sapphire sea

  2. First Hello

    The first
    Time I said hi
    To my little sis, Joan,
    She was wrapped in a blanket of pink
    And white.

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  3. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    (I am sure that this could be better written to a particular form, but this is, more or less, the way that it came out in the middle of the night, so I will call it a first draft 🙂 )

    Achilles, Heel

    He started whining
    the moment that we
    packed him up
    into the jeep.
    the saltwater
    cresting the hill,
    By the time that we
    parked it
    his bark was a shrill
    Unsnapping his harness
    he flew down the hill
    Splaying the sand
    as he greeted
    the sea.

    (My German shepherd Loved the beach waves :)! )

  4. DebiSwim on said:

    The First Hello

    I could smell it before I saw it,
    taste it, feel it in the air…
    salty, gritty, slightly fishy,
    saw the dunes, great waves
    of sand and tall grass,
    then a peep, I stretched my neck
    to catch a teasing glimpse
    of white capped peaks of grey blue
    and a far horizon of azure sky and sea
    that stretched in a straight line from
    left to right that petered out
    to a small dot, a bit of infinity,
    that hinted of heavenly things.

  5. William Preston on said:


    You are
    now notified
    that the days of summer
    have begun; enjoy them as they


    Placid. Silent. Serene.
    In the mist of first morning,
    you reverberate in my heart.
    I had returned, as promised,
    to this place we held dear. Right here.
    Where the stars were so clear,
    and the shadows cast on this stretch of sand,
    point to a section of beach. Our oasis.
    The call of the sea birds becomes
    a soundtrack of sorts. And the crash of
    waves against the shore, stands as the only view
    for my sad and longing heart..
    Where shards of moonlight danced, as scattered
    as broken glass, across the water’s murkiness,
    and in the mist of first morning I remember.
    Breathless and nervous, we were.
    Loving and passionate, we were.
    And so in love. We were
    where we were meant to be.
    The heat of that moment warmed
    the sand beneath my feet and
    you filled my heart as you did then.
    In the mist of first morning I feel
    the warmth of your smile
    and the sparkle your eyes left behind,
    lit this awakening sky. And I fall in love again.
    In the mist of first morning when you fill my heart.
    A loving hello worth repeating.

  7. A Trip to the Beach

    H3 ends to the East
    Quickly changes at the gate
    Where no one passes without
    Proper identification

    Just beyond this guarded entrance
    Static armament on display
    Reminders of military might
    Bravery and strength glorified

    The safety of the base provides
    An immediate sense of safety
    Like coming home once more
    A familiar and inviting calm

    As we proceed straight on ahead
    Turn left on Mokapu Road
    Anticipation begins to grow
    As salt air wafts through the van

    Past housing, headquarters, and troops
    We maintain the exact speed limit
    Regardless of our desire to arrive
    Cool heads must prevail

    Then the red light and alarm
    Shine and ring at the crossing
    Where street meets active airfield
    We watch a landing craft

    Light off and alarm goes silent
    Cautiously we move forward
    Clearing the runway we cheer as
    The weather tower appears

    White sea mist dusts the windows
    We see the caps of the waves
    The incoming breeze smells divine
    We park and gather our belongings

    This was our favorite of all beaches
    Well worth the traffic and drive
    Hidden away from the masses
    Paradise behind a guarded gate

    You can have Waikiki Beach
    Even the greatness of the North Shore
    Not even Kohola Lagoon compares
    To the wonder of Kaneohe Bay

    © 2013 Earl Parsons

    Kaneohe Bay beach is one of the hidden treasures of Oahu. But only those with military IDs or base passes get to enjoy it. And, what I said about it being the best, even better than all the rest, is true, in my opinion.

  8. Lazy Days

    sand, surf,
    warming sun rays,
    gentle ocean breezes,
    welcome to the beginning of

  9. ejparsons on said:

    Gentle breezes blow
    Sea mist drifting in my nose
    Sand between my toes

    © 2013 Earl Parsons

  10. Hello, Blue.

    I’ve missed you.
    I’ll be there soon.

    Save me a slice
    of moon,
    some sand
    and a starspilled
    a cobalt bottle
    for my tears
    as I bid you
    blue Goodbye.

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  12. ejparsons on said:

    First Time Out

    First time out for this summer season
    Gotta’ get rid of this pasty white
    Front first and then I’ll flip over
    Bake evenly and I’ll look just right

    No need for that icky sunscreen
    It just blocks me from those tanning rays
    I’ll be careful and time it just right
    Gotta’ tan quick; only got a couple days

    Sun is so warm and so relaxing
    Great music flowing from iPod to ears
    Ten minutes up; time to turn over
    If I had a choice, I think I’d live here

    Back feeling hot; time must be up
    I’d fallen to sleep and didn’t even know
    My wife had applied skin saving sunscreen
    She’d written on my back, “Eat at Joe’s”

    © 2013 Earl Parsons

  13. DebiSwim on said:

    Ouch, ‘serves’ you right. Always use sunscreen : ) This is cute!

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  15. WAVE

    Like the rhythm of my heart,
    I feel the motion of the water
    like a biological function.
    The sound of the waves
    crashing upon the shore
    nourishes my very being.

  16. Marjory MT on said:


    world awakes
    as the sun slips
    across the quiet waves
    to bath the silent beach
    with promises of warmth and love.

  17. connielpeters on said:

    The Ocean Waves
    Hello, beachcombers and swimmers having fun
    Hello, barking dogs and children on the run
    Hello, gritty sand glittering in the sun
    And the ocean waves

    Hello, lifeguards soaking the rays
    Hello, sunbathers content to laze
    Hello, salty air with a haze
    And the ocean waves

    Hello, seagulls screeching in the sky
    Hello, jellyfish lying out to die
    Hello, sandpipers running by
    And the ocean waves

    Hello, sunscreen, fragrant and warm
    Hello, beach chairs fitting to form
    Hello, clouds looking to storm
    And the ocean waves

    Hello, beach umbrellas, my retreat
    Hello, lemonade, cold and sweet
    Hello, towels to wipe my feet
    And the ocean waves

  18. Life is a Beach

    Hello, my hula-skirted palm tree day;
    You sing a ukelele’s sunny song.
    Hello to sandy walk along the way
    as all the shining shells, they roll along.

    The smell of seaweed and the cry of gull
    as rushing wave of water stirs the soul.
    This yellow sun is baking ev’ry skull
    as sunning on this sandy beach, we fold.

    Oh, sing of breathy clouds and brew of brine
    of tumbling waves that force us to resist.
    Oh, listen to this windy beach, sublime
    and heaven’s in your windy, sky-blown kiss.

    Hello, my beach of many youthful plays;
    that memory remains a blissful daze.

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  20. Only Hello
    I’m a mime for this message,
    roll me as scroll
    drop me gently
    into a cobalt-colored bottle
    and send me out
    to sway on endless waves.
    I wish to harbor the symbol,
    a script of sea scribed secrets;
    I’ll hold the hue of sinking-
    graceful globe-
    orange sun,
    my ocean-sipped skin will glow.
    Yes, I want to epitomize this message
    so send me out to move among the seals,
    to slide amid them as one-
    dark eyed mysterious beauty.
    Suture to my soul sand dollars
    with strands of silken dune grass.
    Affix to me bits of glass tumbled gifts-
    glued with a brew of sifted salt and brine.
    Secure to my spirit this story,
    this smell,
    swell imbued of fresh,
    the very breath of the beach,
    wrapped to my flesh with olive-pods-
    and with a deep green weed for twine
    splice the wooing call of the blue whale
    to the insides of my mind-
    in this way I’ll be assured
    there will only ever be hello.
    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2013

  21. William Preston on said:


    The loveliest words I know
    are “Aloha” and “Shalom”;
    they speak of going away
    yet murmur, “welcome home.”

    One calls to mind the land
    from Palestine to Rome;
    one segues on the seas
    of swells and tumbling foam.

    They sound like widening smiles
    that minimize the miles;
    they bear no hint of guile,
    saying “welcome,” all the while.

    Whenever you go away,
    may ever you come home
    to the loveliest word I know:
    “Aloha” or “Shalom.”

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  22. Aloha

    Not a tropical beach
    in the equatorial clime;
    But a wooded one
    in a northern latitude.

    A golden orb rises to say hello,
    bathing the morning in golden light
    and I imagine it’s the same
    golden glow on that tropical beach.

    And there is no place I would rather be
    than here…
    greeting the morning and a new day
    with you.

  23. Opening Up

    The music of the waves
    Awakens my soul,
    If opens up my heart
    To my surroundings,
    Like a flower at dawn:
    Hello, morning…

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  24. Hi, friends! What a lovely month this will be!

    Sea of Glass

    I made revelations here,
    standing with my toes
    burrowed in the burn
    of crystal sands. Waters
    muddy like my eyes
    hid treasures made
    of scales and claws.
    This is where I cast
    off my own hard shell
    for something soft
    enough to cradle
    the echo of years.
    It is where I return
    to see a softer
    face in the glass
    look back at me.

  25. Dakota Aloha

    By David De Jong

    Tall grass rolling in the wind,
    Like ocean swells progressing in.
    Emerald, jade, olive, lime,
    Waves of green chanting in time.
    Prairie schooners long since past,
    Wheel ruts, still showing their last.
    Simple sunrise greets the day
    Dakota morn, summer day

    Oriole, Goldfinch, Cardinal sing
    Lamps of color taking wing
    Each calls their love, all to hear
    Enchanting songs, to my ear
    Setting sun reseeds its light
    Night falls, fireflies take flight
    Simple sunset ends the day
    Dakota eve, summer day

  26. Introductions

    Right away, I liked the way
    the waves curled into flimsy fists,
    a fluff of foam, like a lacy glove
    on hands blue as the sky above.
    Then ocean’s fingers spread on sand
    smoothing the beach with a gentle hand–
    the way the moon sliced through the mists,
    the way surf surged then backed away.

    I sat and watched the waves unfold
    again again like stories told
    forever by a mother’s voice
    respecting wonder, hope, and choice.
    So every child must love a beach
    along a sea where marvels lie.
    Just so, the frail and aging reach
    toward the pull of waves and sky
    longing for one last surge and roar,
    beneath a moon, along a shore.

  27. Sea-sun’s Greetings

    It starts with a wave
    Or two
    Turquoise blue
    A splash and twinkle
    Sunshine sprinkles
    Spread across the sea
    In reply
    Race arms wide
    Open embrace
    With a smile
    On my face

  28. Aloha

    This may be the same beach
    where we’ve sunned and read
    and laughed and slept,
    sometimes just the ladies,
    getting away from town,
    sometimes the husbands
    tag along for golf and shrimp
    and crab and ribs.
    We’ve danced and sung
    together, celebrated, worried,
    confided and whispered.
    Now we return to mourn,
    to mark the change impossible
    to ignore, the absence
    that changed the math
    of our friendship from even
    to odds. As we arrive, unload,
    unpack in the rooms claimed
    long ago, on an earlier visit.
    One or two at a time, we climb
    the tight circular stairs,
    gathering in a room adorned
    with a nautical motif
    and photographs of us all
    a fifteen year time travel.
    Someone finally says aloud
    what we’re all thinking:
    I sure do miss him.

  29. Beach Recollections

    On sand at Montauk
    rough water,
    gulls facing
    same way. Beach plums hang heavy
    on steep rocky path.

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