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Walt has developed a “new” verse form with which to experiment. It follows the basic format of the Dizain, (ten lines rhymed: a b a b b  c c d c d). The body of the poem is a dialogue between two people on the subject of the poem.



It’s me again, and things look bleak.
I just can’t cope.  I’m deeply stressed.
My child, can you hear me speak?
I’m sad, alone, and so depressed.
Can You not hear my grave request?
My precious one, I’m always near.
I’ve got your back – release your fear.
Can You not hear me when I pray?
My prayers are urgent and sincere!
You’re mine.  I cherish what you say.
          “Be still, and know that I am God.” ~ Psalm 46:10
© Copyright Marie Elena Good – 2013



“Do you know the way to San Jose?”
“That is a good question that you ask!”
“I’ve been driving all night, but I’ve lost my way!”
“It surely seems a daunting task.”
“Thank God, I brought a full hip flask.

“Maybe I could ride with you?”
“The company might be good, that’s true!”
“I could talk while you would drive”
“And I’d stay awake the whole way through!”
“A darn good way to stay alive!”

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013



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  1. ejparsons on said:


    “We’d better start thinking about vacation, Honey.”
    “Two whole weeks off; where should we go?”
    “Depends on the distance, the weather and money.”
    “Been saving up, we got plenty of dough.”
    “In that case let’s head to Columbus, Ohio.”

    “Five days in Columbus, then off to Northern Maine.”
    “That’s a long drive; will it be worth the pain?”
    “When we see Mom’s face, we’ll forget all those miles.”
    “We’ll stay for a few days, then on the road again.”
    “If we plan it right, we’ll make a lifetime of smiles.”

    © 2013 Earl Parsons

  2. William Preston on said:


    Is that a peregrine
    or is it just a dream?
    You know, I’ve never seen
    the bird in diving stream,
    and never heard it scream.

    I have to tell you this:
    your sighting is remiss;
    not every bird can be,
    despite your wish for bliss,
    the bird you want to see

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  3. What a neat form, Walt! Robert Frost, one of my favorite poets, wrote amazing dialogue poems. He always made me want to write them. 🙂

    A Fairy

    “Mother, what is a fairy?”

    “The spirit of a flower, dear,
    With a gown of petals, light and airy,
    And dewdrops hanging from her ear.”

    “Where do they live – around here?”

    “No, they live in flowers, sweet,
    And dance about on little feet.”

    “But Mother, will I ever see one?”

    “That all depends on if you treat
    Plants and living things with care, hon.”

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  4. William Preston on said:


    “I wonder who’s kissing her now.”

    “Well, certainly, it isn’t you.”

    “You know, I gave her a vow.”

    “Ah, yes, you did, that is true.
    but it was like moonglow, up in the blue.”

    “So, what happened? What did I miss
    that led me so far from true bliss?”

    “Love is a lovely convention
    but, friend, you forgot this:
    love mainly is paying attention.”

    copyright 2013, William Preston

  5. Washing Water

    “O God, I have gone astray again;
    I can’t find the path and I’m weary,
    Lost in this darkness of pride and pain;
    Everything’s so abysmally dreary,
    Devoid of life, painfully weary.”

    “Reach out your hands to Me, My daughter,
    Stop struggling, trust in your Father;
    Feel the peace that only My love brings
    Envelope your soul: washing water
    That renews your heart, when to Me you cling.”

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  6. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Both poems… wow…

  7. Erin, your poems are both fantastic!

    Marie Elena

  8. ejparsons on said:

    Love’s Well

    You say that you love me and will love forever
    Been told that before and forever didn’t last
    Tell me, if you will, that you will leave never
    What makes your love so strong an endeavor
    What makes it different from loves in the past

    I know that your record with love is disappointing
    The effort from both sides has been less than lacking
    But this time it’s different, our eyes are open wide
    Our bare souls laid out for each other’s inspecting
    Love sprang up naturally from that well deep inside

    © 2013 Earl Parsons

  9. ejparsons on said:

    God (as seen by man and as seen by God, Himself)



    © 2013 Earl Parsons


    We waste our precious years on foolish deeds
    As if life were a gift that will not end.
    We turn our backs, care only for our needs.
    While the poor suffer, we refuse to bend.
    Gibran, we are fools to call hate a friend!

    Hate’s a dead thing that renders us all tombs,
    A slap at God Who from our mothers’ wombs
    Taught us to love as He’s always loved us.

    How true! And dead they go to where death dooms
    where hardened hearts are lost to final dust.

    (C) 2013 Salvatore Buttaci

    Hate is a dead thing. Who of you would be a tomb? -Kahlil Gibran, poet and artist (1883-

  11. Talk About Weather

    Hasn’t the weather been odd these days?
    Just the parade of rain and sun.
    But they arrive in different ways.
    Summer has only just begun.
    I’ve had some days of summer fun.

    And other days it’s rain, rain, rain.
    The farmers’ fields are flooded again.
    It’s rain that makes my garden grow.
    When crops are lost – that’s a real shame
    What’s forecast for today? Do they know?

  12. The Dialogue Dizain

    “Yo, dude, check out this brand new form.”

    “It’s kind of cool, but how’s it new?”

    “It gives a slight twist to the norm,
    making me have to chat with you.”

    “It’s neat what that small change can do,
    adding another bit of fun.”

    “It does, indeed. Now, I have to run,
    but, while being quite pedantic,
    there’s one thing yet that needs be done:
    Give some props to Walt Wojtanik!”

  13. “Dialogue with my Alter Ego”

    Can you hear me from the other side?


    I am not sure; we thus divide…


    Yes! down some rabbit’s hole too late
    so down the slickest slate of fate
    where memories, forgotten, flow!


    Your cat-like grin’s assurance shows!

    Dizain, ten lines rhymed: a b a b b c c d c d. Poem, a dialogue between
    two people on the subject of the poem.

  14. Fight of the Navigator
    (Dialogue Dizain)

    I think our turn was way back there,
    pull over and check out the map.

    We’ll take the next road don’t despair.

    Heard that before the last mishap.

    We’ll go around another lap,
    and we’ll succeed next time around.

    It looks like we’re Ohio bound.

    Don’t fret be of good cheer!

    Our destination’s Allentown.

    But Cleveland’s nice this time of year.

  15. Subtle Mentions

    Did you turn off the oven, dear?
    I didn’t turn it on today.
    Is that the coffee pot I hear?
    How can I know what finds a way
    inside your head to tease or play?

    Was that the mower or leaf blower
    cleaning up our yard and bower?
    Our neighbor lives to blow his deck.
    I thought perhaps before it showers—
    My dear, I just don’t give a heck.

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  17. Good forming, Walt!


    What makes you think such sad thoughts all the time?
    Why can’t you shake it off and try to smile?

    I reckon maybe happiness can’t climb
    up to my face, and it may take a while
    to feel the good while living with the vile.

    I don’t mean you, my dear, I mean the pain
    that lives among the deepening folds of brain;
    the ridges may be primed to meet the light,
    but in each wrinkle dark thoughts reach to stain
    each smallest joy to shades of fight or flight.

  18. Marie Elena,
    I love your poem. It is right where I am at right now and is very comforting to read.

  19. Music Blues

    Stairway To Heaven is still number one.
    No way, Stones seal it with Street Fightin’ Man.
    Remember that concert at Forest Hills, Janis Joplin?
    Yeah, no doubt she rocked, Southern Comfort in hand,
    Big Brother and the Holding Company, was that her band?
    Yeah, it was. so many of the best of them died young.
    Too true, drugs silenced the songs they might have sung.
    Still, we got Dylan, Clapton, and Bruce.
    But Freddy Mercury’s gone, and Hendrix, and Lennon.
    Yeah, you get stuck in an era, it’s hard to pull loose.

  20. William Preston on said:


    You ought to write in forms, you know.

    Free verse is form enough for me.

    Oh, that! A package less the bow!

    If that is so, how can it be
    that formlessness dominates poetry?

    A passing fad! A silly thing,
    for meter bids the lines to sing

    But freedom brings forth new creations
    unbound by rule and measured sling

    With that, they again took up their stations.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

    • Ah, yes. And then there is William Carlos Williams remark:
      He once said to an interviewer, “Forcing twentieth-century America
      into a sonnet–gosh, how I hate sonnets–is like putting a crab into a square box. You’ve got to cut his legs off to make him fit. When you get through you don’t have a crab anymore.”

      And of course,loving the sonnet as I do, I highly resent his remark! lol

    • Oh, William! I can almost imagine this exact conversation between me and one of my best friends. I love forms and organized poems, and she is just the opposite. 😀

  21. William Preston on said:


    Poetic Bloomings bloom so many forms!

    Yes, many like to loose a line and spin it.

    Some poets sometimes pen some bright new norms
    or write a cento with a sonnet in it
    or one memento in a New York minute

    Aye, I agree; that they surely do,
    admixed with dodoitsu and some haiku,
    but oftentimes I like my poems plain

    I understand, but this I ask of you:
    do not disdain the strain of this dizain

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