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We supplied the clues. You provided the pieces, and a poem was born.  Now the puzzle remains, who will be awarded a BEAUTIFUL BLOOM for this week? Let’s find out:



For me, this was a very difficult prompt. Many of you made it look quite easy, including Marilyn Braendeholm (aka Misky). Misk, you could not write a bad poem if you tried. But this? This is absolute brilliance. Nothing I can say would add anything of worth, so I simply present you with my “Bloom.”

Aleph’s Name (by Marilyn Braendeholm)

There’s a photograph on the wall, framed
in scrolled silver-plate, and the photo always
falls askew, slips and tucks into the bottom
white matt like the sinking of the Mary Rose.
She refuses to sit, be still, be centred.
She is my mother: Aleph.
Her name is ancient, a glyph on walls, a mark
by scribes on the stone lions of Babylon, inscribed
on the eight towers of Ravenna. You’ll find
her name where truth sprouts from sands,
across deserts silently running as time races
blind through Syria’s ruins, and you’ll find
her name on temple columns that drink
from the Blue Nile. Her name speaks of bridled
oxen in Samarian, an ox’s head in Arabic.
She is my mother, Aleph.
Stubborn as the ox, refusing to be positioned
within confines of silver. Aleph, in Hebrew –
words spoken in truth, she – the silent one,
she – who is sometimes first but never last.
She is my mother, Aleph.
Aleph, King of Breath. Aleph, air of the universe,
and the lungs of one’s soul. Aleph, your name
speaks of Oneness with God. My mother, Aleph,
who’s off centre and slipping to the bottom of silver,
a name that calls to her from beginning to end.
She is my mother, Aleph.

1. Aleph 2. Lions and oxen 3. Ancient Babylon 4. Photography 5. Running 6. Sprouts 7. Eight 8. Blue 9. Sand Name End 10. Sinking of the Mary Rose 11. Mary 12. Ravenna Blvd.



The vignette portrayed here is a piece that as Amy Barlow Liberatore labeled a “day in the life” poem. And Amy has a good point there. It tells a story. A wonderful walk to fetch the morning news and begin the day’s labors. A homey and welcoming poem, as one would imagine from an Alabama Tarheel! Nancy Posey, you’ve earned this BEAUTIFUL BLOOM.

Barbara Early (by Nancy Posey)

Never one to sleep in, she slipped out of bed,
walked out to the end of the driveway
for the paper thrown from the window
of a car with a noisy muffler,
not a small boy on a bicycle
as she remembered years ago
collecting twenty-seven cents
every Saturday morning.

She sat reading at the kitchen table
while the coffee brewed, hardly seeing
the red sun rise over her shoulder,
never even noticed the coyotes
howling far beyond the fence line,
lost in thoughts that over formed
themselves into prayers of thanks,
not for dreams that came true,
but for blessings she never dreamed
of asking before they arrived
unbidden, the sorrows averted.

These rare quiet moments alone
were enough. She knew soon
her phone would ring, her oldest,
Elaine, calling to say good morning.
A car in the drive or a knock
on the backdoor would signal
a visit, pleasant, though unexpected,
a chance to share the blessings.

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15 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT #111

  1. Congrats, Misky and Amy! You’ve managed to achieve perfection – again! Thanks for sharing your talents here.

  2. William Preston on said:

    These are two superb poems and, in my mind, similar. Congratulations to Marilyn and Nancy.

  3. DebiSwim on said:

    Both are beautiful. Well done, Ladies!

  4. sheryl kay oder on said:

    I agree with Marie: this was a difficult prompt. Misky and Amy, you both made it seem so natural, . Well done.

  5. I referenced a comment made by Amy about Nancy’s poem. But Nancy surely received this week’s BLOOM. W.

  6. Such perfect picks for this weeks blooms. I found this prompt uncommonly hard and after two or three stabs (and a need to get going on a trip away) finally had to give up. But both Misk’s and Nancy’s poems for their mothers are wonderful,fully deserving of the bouquets proffered. Congratulations to both poets, and as always the gardeners involved.

  7. Congratulations, Misky and Nancy!

    Nancy, I love your “day in the life” poem. It is so simple and sweet! Very lovely. 🙂

    And Misky, as soon as I read your poem I knew you had to win one of the blooms. It is so beautiful! I can’t believe how well you did with the puzzle pieces!

  8. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Loved your selections!! Congratulations, Misky and Nancy!!

  9. Two wonderful bloomworthy poems. Congratulations Misky and Nancy

  10. flashpoetguy on said:

    Congratulations, Marilyn and Nancy!

  11. Oh my gosh! That’s unexpected. Thank you everyone! Well done Nancy! Proud to be in your good company. 🙂

  12. Thanks, Walt and all of you. Marilyn, I love how we all went in such different directions from the same starting point! Glad to share the bloom with you (and just think today–Sunday–is Bloom’s Day a la James Joyce) Nancy

  13. Congratulations Misky and Nancy! Beautiful poems–Misky’s haunting and ethereal with a dash of humor and Nancy’s warm and down to earth with a splash of thankfulness–loved them both 🙂

  14. Congrats to you, MIsk and Nancy for some wonderful writing.

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