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We are who we are  partly because of the people we’ve been around and the places that have marked our time. This week was an exploration of these places. More specifically, the monuments and landmarks that pock the landscape. Some having national import, others of local interest. Still others have personal connections that are strong. The BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS for the week:


First, it feels great to be back!  Thank you, Walt, for so easily and seamlessly stretching your legs to plant one in Buffalo and one in Maumee. You’re the best!

I very much enjoyed reading all these landmark poems, and learning a bit about where you all are from.  Probably because I have a difficult time with this myself, I especially admire those of you who put a creative spin on the prompt.  De Miller Jackson (aka “whimzygizmo”) is brilliant at flipping a prompt and making the right side of her reader’s brain light with De-light.  “Sin City’s Strip” played “right” into De’s brain, and her heart of grace-gratitude.  Marvelous, De!  This Bloom is for you.

 Stripped (by De Miller Jackson)

 of all de
-corum, dignity,
yet in our need
we find our
down to next to nothing,
we rise above. A light on a
hill unbusheled but some
-times pecked to death. In
one breath we both sigh
and sing, grateful
for one lone thing:
where sin abounds. Grace


I took the liberty to choose two poems/poets as BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS this week. These tributes stood out amongst the wonderful works presented. Both are memories finely honed and presented. The first by Marian Veverka told of a two hundred year old tower that has stood as a beacon and guide. The “Marblehead Lighthouse” has earned her this BLOOM.

Secondly, I presented a BLOOM to Vivienne Blake’s “A Reminder” for a simple nod to a historic moment and place. With the commemoration of the 69th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion of World Wars II (D-Day) this past week, Vivienne’s poem was both timely and a gentle reminder of the broad scope of a world event that touches us all. These types of tributes are dear to my heart and I wished to express my appreciation of such. Congratulations Marian and Vivienne.

Marblehead Lighthouse (by Marian Veverka)

It rises from its sturdy base, its walls
Gleaming white in the sunlight.
Tourist climb the narrow stairs
Admire the great beam, quiet now
In the daytime, ready to guide all
Mariners as it has done for almost
200 years through fog and darkness.

We grew up to the deep bass call
Of the foghorn, fell asleep to the
Giant beam of light as it circled
Through the darkness, guiding all
Sailors away from the peninsula’s
Rocky shore.

This is what we have left, here on the
Peninsula. The land too rocky for a
Good crop, the Whitefish gone, the
Walleye & perch clinging to survival
And the great limestone quarry which
Once brought hundreds of workers from
Eastern Europe to Ohio, now on its last
Layers of stone, the steel mills closed
Automotive industry down-sized
The construction industry –the last hope –
Now also not what it used to be.

So we welcome the tourists that come
To admire our lighthouse, built in 1822, the
Oldest continually operating on the great lakes.
We hope that they will dine in our restaurants,
Buy gifts and souvenirs in our small shops,
Perhaps party a bit in the local taverns before
Boarding the ferry to the islands where summer
Is still a continuing party. The fishing is good,
The water-parks are open, the lake is, as always

A Reminder (by Vivienne Blake)

At the bottom of our lane is a crossroads.
Stop at the Eastern arm of the X
and reflect on the bravery of the airmen
who were downed on D Day 1944.
Five flags point the way –
British, French, Australian and US of A
and the fifth, the roundel of the RAF –
to five polished granite stones.
Each bears the name of a member of the crew.
On the sixth of June each year,
we meet to remember them
with music, stories and flowers.
Later, across the little country road,
a multinational mixture toasts their memory in wine

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16 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT #110

  1. Well-chosen blooms! Congratulations, De, Marian, and Vivienne!

  2. Absolutely brilliant choices.

  3. Awesome choices!!! Welcome back, Marie!! Congratulations ladies! ♥

  4. Three unique works! Viv, your remembrances of WWII continue to grow in my admiration. Marian, your prose poem is lovely, graceful. And De, you little scamp, another amazing wordplay, and the final lines… I’ve always felt that if we hadn’t been (even metaphorically) “tossed out of the Garden,” we’d never have met Christ. Amen and BRAVA to all three! Amy

  5. Thank you very much, Walt. Your bloom really cheered me up at a time when I needed a bit of cheer!

  6. Most excellent choices – these poems are thoughtful, intelligent and beautiful. 😀

    • sheryl kay oder on said:

      I’ll simply add an amen to what RJ said. I do remember thinking De’s approach to was creative.

  7. Congratulations, Viv, Marian, and De!! Beautiful poems, all. 🙂

  8. William Preston on said:

    Congratulations, De, Marian, and Vivienne. Wonderful works.

  9. DebiSwim on said:

    Congrats all. Beautiful poems as always.

  10. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Congratulations, De, Viv, and Marian… I am continually amazed at how we all interpret these prompts!!

  11. Thanks Walt & Marie for choosing the lighthouse.
    Thanks for everyone’s comments. If any of you are near the Marblehead peninsula, stop & see the lighthouse!

  12. Thank you all, so much. What a delight, after a busy day. 🙂
    Congrats to Viv and Marian for stunning, win-worthy poems.

  13. Walt and Marie, excellent choices as always! De, you always delight, grace-fully; Marian a beautiful tribute and testament to time/history; Viv, you gave me goosebumps with the heartrending tribute to WWII–Beautiful poems all 🙂

  14. Congrats to De, Marian, and Viv. Wonderful work, all.

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