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I ask that you indulge me, but my daughter Melissa gets married in two days to her best friend, Ryan and my mind and time have been focused on this happy occasion. I must admit, Dad is getting a bit melancholy and the four of us have been lost in reminiscence. So in keeping with the mood we will delve into trying our hand at an Epithalamium,  a poem written in honor of the bride and groom.

Now,  I’m not fishing for tributes for the two of them, any young married couple can serve as your inspiration. All I ask is to just give it a try. Walt.


“A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” ~ Ecclesiastes 4:12

ONE (Choka)

A cord of three strands
Is not easily broken
As two become one
In the eyes of God
Woven, entwined, interlaced
Sustained by His might
© Copyright  – Marie Elena Good – 2013



We walk together, step-by-step,
side-by-side,me filled with pride,
and you a blushing bride.
You cannot hide the love
you have for that man
who waits nervously to take
my place beside you to guide you.
Eyes fixed on you as we stroll
ever closer to the end of this phase
of our lives together. The handsome
guys always get the prettiest girl,
and all I can do is watch you go.
Be happy and grow together.
© Copyright  – Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013



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  1. Congratulations, soon-to-be-father-of-the-bride, Walt! And to your daughter and her fiancé as well. A friend of mine is getting married on Saturday, so I was in the perfect frame of mind for this prompt. 🙂

    Another Wonder (a Shadorma)

    God’s performed
    Another wonder:
    Two hearts joined,
    Two songs raised,
    Uplifted, intertwined in
    Perfect harmony.

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

    My muse was sooooooo glad to be taken out from where I had her locked away. But I don’t think she’ll ever forgive me for those two badpoems I wrote. 😉

  2. Marjory MT on said:

    Best wishes to you, Walt as your family opens its arms to blend in this special way with others. May God’s blessings and love surround you’

    • sheryl kay oder on said:

      Amen to that, Marjory. At this point anything I could write would be too bland and cliched, so I will simply let others compose.

  3. William Preston on said:


    You walk the wedding aisle for real today
    in lace-limned satin dress of virgin white,
    your trailing veil an echo of a sight
    that lives in me. Its yellow-ribboned splay
    recalls the way you used to laugh and play
    on sunny summer days, your hair alight
    with streaming colors, holding fast and tight
    to gathered dandelion bouquets. I pray
    these nuptial blessings last your whole life through:
    a melding of your souls; emergent embraces;
    a core of mutual peace; a tender pair
    of hands that know the very shape of you.
    And children. One of them, at least, who graces
    your home and yard with rainbow-spangled hair.

  4. William Preston on said:


    let us pursue
    the journey we began
    when first we mingled and our souls

  5. Epithalanium

    A bride is always beautiful,
    the groom a nervous cliché.
    and maybe a trace hung-over.
    But it is fair to say
    that this pair is perfection –
    never a pushover wife
    nor heavy-handed husband
    justt a contented team for life.

  6. DebiSwim on said:

    Marie, Yours is beautiful. Perfect.

  7. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Congratulations, Walt!! Both poems are so lovely!!

  8. Walt, congrats, Father of the Bride. Marie, we used that verse in our wedding.

    To Honor their Wedding Vows

    The groom—proud, handsome, tall
    Gleaming eyes
    Joy beaming in every move
    The bride—slim, beautiful
    Fun and wise
    Smiling at groom’s skill to amuse

    They’ve been together years
    Though apart
    Living like a dance, near and far
    Time to blend joy and tears
    Like an art
    Following the same guiding star

    Family and friends come
    Knowing that the mix of these two
    Is greater than the sum
    Igniting light and hope anew

  9. Of Bells and Rings

    Love triumphs on this day;
    bells ring joy, the news of promises,
    of a wedding, of vows and prayers.
    Love sees spring ripen into fruitful summers,
    and a union bright with life’s beginnings.
    Love brings the freshness of green, fulfilling
    long hopes with gentle blessings.

    This man,
    This woman,
    Two hearts,
    A new life

    that are as fresh as May rain and as warm
    as a father’s heart for his daughter’s
    departure. And on this day, they bind
    their promises with rings that hold
    them each, tight and fast to their future;
    Rings that wear thin with time,
    like old doubts and worries.

    [Walt: My best wishes to you and your family]

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  11. DebiSwim on said:

    Advice (I see you rolling your eyes)

    There will come days when you say
    I don’t love him any more – love him anyway,
    for love is a choice you make–everyday.

    There will come a day when you stop
    gazing constantly into her eyes,
    be sure, then, you both are looking in the same direction.

    Laugh. Laugh a lot. Laugh with each other, at each other
    but in a kind, helpful way. Have private jokes and keep them that way.
    Laughter is a healing thing.

    The grass, sometimes, is greener on the other side,
    your own yard a little neglected.
    Get the fertilizer out and work on it.

    Cleave to one another but know when you marry
    a mountain boy, you marry the mountain (even if he’s from the flatlands).
    Parents have needs. Holidays can be torture. Don’t be selfish. Take turns – work it out.

    Always put the needs of your marriage above your own. Be quick to forgive, love extravagantly, compromise when you can and be submissive to each other. Pray for each other.

    Marriage is like writing a book – hard work with lots of decisions, twists, conflicts. But, when it’s on the bestselling list – worth it!
    May the one you write together be epic … with,maybe, several sequels.

  12. DebiSwim on said:

    When I wrote it they were all three lines…

  13. DebiSwim on said:

    Marie, Walt – sorry to take up so much space. The lines bothered me : ( so I revised.

    Advice (I see you rolling your eyes)

    There will come days when you say
    I don’t love him any more – love him anyway,
    for love is a choice you make–everyday.

    There will come a day when you stop
    gazing constantly into her eyes,
    be sure, then, you both are looking in the same direction.

    Laugh. Laugh a lot. Laugh with each other and
    at yourself. Have private jokes and keep them that way.
    Laughter is a healing thing.

    The grass, sometimes, is greener on the other side,
    your own yard a little neglected.
    Get the fertilizer out and work on it.

    Cleave to one another but know when you marry a mountain boy,
    you marry the mountain. Parents have needs.
    Holidays can be torture. Take turns – work it out.

    Put the needs of marriage first. Be quick to forgive, love extravagantly,
    compromise when you can and be submissive to each other.
    Pray for each other.

    It’s like writing a book – hard work, lots of decisions, twists, conflicts.
    But, when it’s on the bestselling list – worth it!
    May the one you write together be epic .

  14. DebiSwim on said:

    ack – still didn’t work!


    Not human words but divine
    In the quiet of a wedding moment
    Exalt the spirit and
    Humble the haughty.
    God speaks to us on the thin edge
    Of I-do promises. We can hear Him
    If we listen with a keen sense
    Of faith, if we offer our souls
    like gifts at His altar.
    In the embrace of blue sky
    He is everywhere:
    In the tears of deep sorrow,
    In the beggar’s outstretched hand,
    In the lame man’s awkward steps,
    In a mother’s daily prayer,
    And in this your marriage vows.
    Human words can twist and bend
    But the divine heals.

  16. Congratulation Walt! I wish you, your daughter and your friends and family much joy and happiness on this very special, happy event!

    Here’s my Epithalamium, which is in the Irish form of Ae Freslighe: (ay fresh lee):

    The Sweetest Song Yet Remains

    “The strongest and sweetest songs yet remain to be sung.” ~Walt Whitman

    No matter a cappella
    or sung with a band, this song
    of darling bride and fella
    says this is where you belong.

    Your verses are creating
    symphony; the airs play bright
    and harmony’s a-waiting
    long after your wedding night.

    New lyrics are narration,
    since the best is yet to come.
    It’s sweet prognostication
    which started as a soft hum.

    So, start now to orchestrate
    your own beautiful refrains.
    Compose joy with your soul mate:
    the sweetest song yet remains.


  17. Two Hearts

    God gives us one heart to carry us through life.
    One heart, beating blood through our veins.
    It beats through happiness,
    It beats through joy.
    It beats through remarkable pain.

    The job the heart has is lonely at best.
    It has to beat, without rest, day and night.
    If it stops, we will die.
    Little breaks can cause harm.
    So it’s important that we treat our heart right.

    They say exercise is best thing for a heart.
    Low cholesterol, lots of vitamins and stuff.
    You can do all these things
    And more if you’d like,
    But without love, it will not be enough.

    A heart needs a partner with which it can merge.
    Another heart, dedicated and true.
    To find that true love,
    There’s only one match.
    And the match for my heart, is you.

    The heart really knows when you meet the right one.
    All you have to do is listen for the sign.
    When my heart met yours
    It beat with delight.
    And I listened, and I’m glad, ’cause you’re mine.

    We’ve discovered the key to everlasting love,
    Two hearts, merged as one, beating strong.
    That’s how our hearts are,
    Forever entwined,
    That’s how God wanted us all along.

  18. ejparsons on said:

    Walk Together

    Yesterday you walked alone,
    Today you walk together.
    You’ve taken vows of love and trust
    And hope they last forever.
    No longer can you think as one,
    You’re thoughts must intermingle.
    Now you’ve got responsibilities,
    No longer are you single.
    You’ve made a choice you think is right.
    You’ll find out soon enough
    All roses have a thorn or two,
    The going may get tough.
    The two of you can make it through
    Whatever’s in the way.
    Together you will find that love
    Gets better everyday.

  19. ejparsons on said:

    Two hearts together
    Crowned with the blessing of God
    ‘Til death do they part

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  21. …years later

    – Exhaustion, money problems,
    No time…worse – no desire.
    Why didn’t someone warn us?
    Or did they all conspire?

    – Conspiracy of silence?
    Oh, no. They might have tried
    To warn you, but then witnessed
    The bridegroom kiss his bride.

    When you exchanged your vows,
    They did so, too. See, they,
    Despite of all their troubles,
    Relived their wedding day.

    And all their firsthand knowledge
    Dissolved, and all they knew
    Was that the thing called marriage
    Began with ‘I love you.’

    Keep plowing through this challenge
    Too late: you’re on this quest
    That’s also known as marriage,
    No turning back, no rest.

    ‘I love you’ is what matters,
    Keep those three words inside
    Your heart forever. Always.
    Come, bridegroom, kiss your bride.

    Congratulations, Walt!

  22. William Preston on said:


    You marry today, in the time of the year
    when trees are full greening and skies azure-clear,
    but nothing in nature looks nearly so dear
    as you do, this day in the spring.

    May blessings abound as you venture this chance;
    may love stay as fresh as your first wedding dance;
    in all of your lives, never lose the romance
    that led to this day in the spring.

    Your time may be short or your time may be long,;
    at times you’ll be right and at times you’ll be wrong;
    but never forget that your lives are a song
    that starts now, today in the spring.

    copyright 2013, William Preston

    • I love this, William! You are definitely on a roll. Wonderful!

      • William Preston on said:

        Thanks much. I’m happy with this one, myself. I did some checking and found that this kind of poem originated as a song, so I wanted to try one. I love waltz time, so….

        • janeshlensky on said:

          Funny you said that, for when I read it, it sang itself to me. You may have a hit here, William. Elizabethan lute songs have this lovely refrain and waltz to them. Hey nonnyhilu!

          • William Preston on said:

            Thank you, Jane. I don’t know the Elizabethan lute tradition, but a waltz has always felt right to me, with what little I know of music. I imagine the melody I had in mind, though, was something like “The Man of the Flying Trapeze.”

    • Ellen Knight on said:

      It truly is beautifully written. Keep ’em comin’ ! 🙂

    • William, I believe you should be a ‘verse consultant’ for weddings.

  23. For my daughter and husband to be, I wrote these lines:

    May your life
    be filled
    with much
    love & happiness
    joy & laughter.

    May you always
    find strength
    with each other
    now & ever after.

    © 2011 by Patricia A. McGoldrick

    Then I pasted them into a wedding wish scroll that I made for them to keep. I shared these wishes in the dinner speeches at their beautiful, small wedding dinner at The Little Inn in Bayfield on the shores of Lake Huron, one of our lakes so great!

    Best to the Lake Erie poet father of the bride-to-be! Walt, my husband went for a walk along the shore of Lake Huron as he reflected on the words he would say on that special day! Speech was “great”! 🙂

  24. To All the PB poets,
    If you think you might like to make a wedding wish scroll, I wrote about it and posted the photographer’s photo of the scroll at http://www.breadnmolasses.com/2012/01/03/10th-day-of-christmas-new-year-new-wishes/
    Best to All at this happy time!

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  26. Joyful Loss

    And so begins a father’s loss
    with a black tie and a white dress
    and lovely pictures.

    Gripping memories of decades past,
    holding hands and holding tight,
    which is forever in a child’s eyes.

    But now he lets go,
    making room for his son’s bride.
    And so begins a father’s gain

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  28. Ellen Knight on said:

    Blessed Be

    There is a creation legend
    going back
    to the beginning of time
    that teaches thus:

    When a soul is created,
    it is divided in two.
    One half is put in a man.
    The other is put in a woman.

    They are each given a chance
    to look at the other,
    and are then sent from the
    spirit realm to the physical,

    with the instructions to
    find each other and
    re-unite, thus
    making a perfect whole.

    But this corporeal world,
    by its very nature, is full of
    wonders and distractions,
    that can hamper that task.

    The key is to be grateful
    in all things. To be true
    to your heart, and once
    you find each other,


    Ellen Knight 5.22.13
    write an Epithalamium (a poem honoring bride and groom)

  29. Ellen Knight on said:

    Thanks, William. I took a little poetic license on a lesson from the Jewish sages.

  30. claudsy on said:

    Walt, I’m happy to participate in this one. I actually wrote a poem as a gift for my god-daughter’s wedding. I hope everyone enjoys it.

    Casting Desires

    Your day arrives with fanfare.
    Excitement mounts, awaiting this
    Ceremony bonding you each to the other.
    Yet, this pomp is for show; the music
    For others not standing by your side.

    Your bonds began long ago within
    Mind and spirit, and with God’s grace.
    Each found themselves reflected within
    The other’s vision of all things right
    And proper in a life’s future made true.

    Days beyond now have personal tales,
    Made from desires cast on today’s breath,
    Within you lies the power to create that
    Which has never been, and that which can
    Last for an eternity of tomorrows.

    © Claudette J. Young

  31. To The Bride And Groom

    ivory love,
    and auras of gold
    spin, touch pink-cheeked happy couple.

  32. Walt, I wish you and your beautiful daughter the best of wedding days. All the best to your whole family and that lucky young man. Conjunctio is sacred marriage, or what we’ve come to call “happily ever after”, something I wish for your young couple, and, well, to us all 😉


    Let the winds
    of heaven
    between you,

    a waltz, a tango, a rumba.

    Let the flutter
    of wings
    that you hear
    be your hearts,

    loving, laughing, forgiving.

    Let the wonder
    of a moment
    stay a lifetime
    in your mind,

    holding, healing, enfolding.

    And may life
    with one another
    feed your souls
    and make you whole,

    joyful, thankful, complete.

  33. janeshlensky on said:

    Marie, forgive my filching your verse from Ecclesiastes. You inspired me.

    “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” ~ Ecclesiastes 4:12

    God poured His strand
    into our hands
    to draw us to
    His love and grace.

    You, me, and God
    braided and bound
    a cord wrapped ‘round
    of satin, lace.

  34. janeshlensky on said:

    I wrote this one for another wedding years ago, dear friends who after much travail found one another. It was a truly moving ceremony.


    They seemed so happy didn’t they–
    so happy and so frightened still.
    They made me laugh and cry almost;
    I didn’t know what I should feel.

    But were they happy do you think?
    And if they were, why did she cry?
    And why did he look lost and small
    and walk so short but talk so tall?

    I want them to be glad they wed.
    I want them to mean what they said.
    I want life sweet for her and him.
    I see so much of us in them.


    Today as you wed and exchange vows
    and rings, remember you are also
    promising to carry each other’s hearts
    as carefully as you do your own,
    pressed close to your soul for all time;
    And as you find it so easy to promise
    your love, remember sometimes
    it won’t be just that simple but promise
    it anyhow, and remember that oaths
    are meant to be kept and then keep them.
    For marriage is sacred and if you go into
    yours with that in mind and pay attention
    to each other with the care that entails,
    you will be one soul sharing two bodies
    and it will be a joyous thing indeed…

  36. Walt, congratulations to a wonderful father of the bride. I wish them happiness.

  37. She’s In White (a Cinquain)

    The bride
    Is dressed in white,
    Her face radiant, out-
    Shining the brightest diamonds on
    Her ring.

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  38. Congratulations Walt! and Melissa and Ryan. We are in wedding-plan mode here too! And I have been drenched in reminiscing and nostalgia. I hope to return to read and write but if I can’t(life is sort of crazy right now) I want to wish them God’s blessing.

    • Thank you, my friend. I hope your preparations are going as smoothly as ours seemed to have. It’s wet, and cold today, but it will not dampen the warmth of family and friends.

  39. DebiSwim on said:


    He can steal her heart
    but, no fear, she’ll always be
    Daddy’s little girl

  40. Congratulations – Best Wishes and Gods Blessings – to the Bride & Groom and their families. Enjoy the day!


    By David De Jong

    May your love, mingle like the scent of lilacs and rain;
    Its promise visible; in beauty, fragrance, unseen growth,
    Each small bud completing clusters of exuberance,
    As winds pass, faces turn to take in its delicate bouquet.

    May your joy, glow as candles in the night for all to see;
    Its light giving path to patience, peace and prosperity.
    Guard it well when it flickers or bends in the storms of life;
    Let its warm glow lead you, guide you, always back to your home.

    May your faith be certain as the eagle waltzing up high;
    Soaring, lifting with ease as restless winds embrace his face,
    Invigorating others as they stand in awe of graceful flight,
    Never tiring, carrying its weight, channeling life’s wind.

    May you always find hope abundant, ample as rays of sun;
    Illuminating each day, giving it purpose and life.
    Though hidden by clouds and shaded from view, still it shines,
    Warming your soul, kindling your love, renewing your faith.

    May this day be remembered as spring of your seasons in life;
    Forever cherished, eternally reminisced, infinitely blessed.

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