A funny thing happened on the way to our Prompt #107…

We stopped to present our Beautiful Blooms!


What a fun time I had perusing these!  Even those of you who claim no funny bone came up with some fun reads.  Now, I must admit that Walt and I came thiiiiiiiiis close to choosing the same Bloom once again, as we have done only twice before.  However, my top two choices were completely hand-in-hand – each for different reasons – so I decided to offer this week’s Bloom to Connie Peters for her entertaining limerick.  This one has it all…

Rhyme: fun.

Humor: quirky.

Meter:  flawless.

Thanks for the chuckles, Connie!


Untitled Limerick by Connie Peters

There once was a man from Shanghai
Who married a witch on the fly.
When he wanted to munch,
he said, “Make me a lunch.”
Now he’s bologna on rye.



The whole concept of using the punchline for inspiration was that my wife and I have started “speaking our own language,” using these truncated phrases as points of conversation. Quite simply, PUNCH LINE by Nancy Posey tells that exact story. We find our connections where we can and revel in the joy we communicate. Nancy earns my Bloom.

Punch Line (by Nancy Posey)

One benefit of long marriage:
our economy of words.
We’ve shared so many laughs
together that now
we need only speak
the punch lines
to explode into laughter:

That dog’ll bite you!
McGregor the wall builder. . .
Why do you ask, two dogs. . . ?
Ricky hold his own hand.
That your boots? Thatcher boots?

We speak in our own code,
consider ourselves hilarious.
The secret of long love lies
between the ears,
laughter as libido.