The Florette, created by Jan Turner, consists of two or more 4-line stanzas.

Syllable count: 8,8,8,12
Rhyme scheme: a,a,b,a
Fourth line requirement: internal (b) rhyme on syllable 8.

A great form for POETIC BLOOMINGS  since, like the outgrowing of a small flower, the fourth line of each stanza is longer, and enwraps the previous lines. Line #4 requires an internal rhyme that rhymes the eighth syllable with the end of line #3, and continues to add on four more syllables than the other lines so that the fourth line ends rhyming with lines #1 and #2.


The Joy of Writing

They say there’s something to be said
For having shelves of books you’ve read.
I’d rather they were books I wrote.
What ere it takes I will devote, and forge ahead.
What ere it takes?  I can’t immerse
Myself into this universe
Of dull research I must weed through. 
So to my heart I will be true — I’ll write light verse.
Copyright © – Marie Elena Good – 2013


Standing in the shadows of love,
with millions of stars up above,
hearts embrace to hold each other,
a chance to keep one another hidden in love.

But, love is the chance that we take,
fueled by emotion, yet we make
the best of the cards we’ve been dealt,
and if we have luck, hearts will melt, make no mistake.

Copyright © – Walt Wojtanik- 2013