Another case of a picture being worth a thousand words … or a couple thousand words. And if our perception is our reality, then our poets are as real as can be. We have been impressed once again and it never gets old. Applause and kudos to all writers of verse in this garden of love. BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS are presented to:


Sometimes there is an abundant message and complete story spoken in few words, and their attending silence.  Of all the intriguing, charming, and poignant poems this week, none spoke more effectively than Paula Wanken’s tiny Picu, “Broken.”  Outstanding.

BROKEN  (by Paula Wanken)
(a piku)

All that’s left
an empty shell.


We thrive for the opportunity to break out of our shells and step into the world for which we have prepared. And any benefit we glean from our opportunity is all a matter of being at the right place; right time. No better expression of this than what has been proffered by the flashpoetguy (everyone’s mentor, Salvatore Buttaci).  And when the time is right, we’ll know it!

WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT  (by flashpoetguy)

when the egg is broken
determines what you will find
breakfast yolk or gold chick

all of life is in the timing
those distractedly deaf
to the opportune knock

cannot go back in time
and kindly request
a second hearing

in that moment
when you can show kindness
do so without hesitation


Congratulations to Paula and Sal, and thanks to Barbara Young for the photo that inspired all of us this week!