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DON’T MISS OUR BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! It is May 1, and we have officially completed our second “blooming season” here at Poetic Bloomings. Do you know what that means?  Time to compile our second book of poetry by our fabulous Poetic Bloomings poets!  We have just begun the long and arduous (but fun) process of readying for this second publication.  Information (including what we need from you) may be found here:  http://poeticbloomings.com/2013/05/01/announcement-poetic-bloomings-the-second-year/.


Now, on to our new form of the week:

The Trois-par-Huit was created by Lorraine M. Kanter.

Trois-par-Huit (Three-by-Eight or Octa-Tri for short), is a short form containing three stanzas of 3, 3 and 2 lines OR 3, 2 and 3 lines for a total of 8 lines.  The syllable count is 3, 6, 9, 12, 12, 9, 6, 3. The rhyming pattern is AAB BBC CC,  where the last line is the title of the poem and summarizes the meaning of the poem.

FOR MORE INFO : Trois-par-Huit


COME WITH ME (3,3,2 pattern)

Though I fought,
In the end, I was caught.
Ensnared by your captivating line,
Infatuated, and wanting you to be mine.
Yet, this I know: Although this land for you is fine,
I prefer my breath beneath the sea.
A mermaid must be free.
Come with me.

Copyright © Marie Elena Good, 2013


I BELIEVE (3,3,2 Pattern)

In the end,
we have become good friends,
counting on the other for support.

Communication was far from a last resort;
finding a common ground; a person of import
to our lives and what we can achieve.

And to them, we will cleave…
I believe.

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

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  1. Wow – both splendid examples. I don’t know if the energy after the stress of napowrimo, but I’ll maybe have a try at this.

  2. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Yes, Loved both… it’s so very interesting to see where our imaginations can take us…

  3. His Grace Grows

    Feeling blue?
    You don’t know what to do.
    Has God, like Elvis, left the building?

    Loads, pressures, misfortunes you’re wielding.
    God patiently awaits your yielding.

    Change your focus from worries and woes
    to God is good and knows.
    His grace grows.

  4. flashpoetguy on said:


    Gas prices
    Put us in a crisis.
    My Toyota sits in the driveway.

    All plans to visit Dollywood went that-away
    And right at home is where we’ll spend our holidays.
    Everyday a gallon costs us more.

    I’m sure it will pass four
    And then soar.


  5. DebiSwim on said:

    Dreams Redeemed

    you’ve lost so much you knew
    live in an eerie world of visitors

    who ask you incessant questions – inquisitors
    who order you get up, eat, sit, sleep – dictators
    But your thoughts softly drift on the stream

    of memory and dream
    dreams redeemed.

  6. Get A Life

    Life is hard
    An adventure in fear
    Fear of what lies up around the bend

    I feel for those that run through life with their eyes closed
    So much is missed with no second chance to go back

    So open your eyes and move ahead
    Live for the adventure
    Get a life

  7. ejparsons on said:

    Time To Dance

    Life is tough
    The adventure is rough
    What lies ahead is a mystery

    I feel for those that run through life hesitantly
    Much is missed when life is lived with uncertainty

    It’s our life: we only get one chance
    Life should be like romance
    Time to dance

  8. Marjory MT on said:

    I FIND SPRING (Trois-par-Huit)

    Now, who’s at my door mat?

    The sun has just come over the hill
    Surly it’s not the postman bringing me a bill.
    Please wait, I must first get my coffee cup to fill.

    Fling wide the door, see what day will bring.
    Sun is up, the birds sing.
    I find Spring.

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  10. My poem depends on a rather spectacular picture, so please can you look here: http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/space-patrol/

  11. claudsy on said:

    Tricky little bugger, isn’t it? Still a challenge to be met. Thanks Walt and Marie for making sure we don’t forget that April just ended.

    Darkness Waits

    Lives take time,
    No reason and no rhyme,
    A series of photos mind-captured,

    Telling of life’s venues, taken as we mature;
    Some color, others not, held for review’s future,
    Marking time in mind’s drawers with dates,

    Slowing with aging’s states,
    Darkness waits.

  12. janeshlensky on said:

    Wow, you guys made it look simple today. Loved the examples. What a tricky little form.


    Rain’s patter
    soothes and dulls gray matter;
    wall-watching’s friend, depression, sends me
    down dark alley-ways of thought unsought. Rain bends me
    like green tendrils holding fast as joy attends me.
    I must cling to remembered sunlight,
    let mind’s sky blaze bright,

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  14. No Longer Mortal

    “We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.” ~Eduardo Galeano

    All it takes
    to let loose on life’s breaks
    is a first kiss or a glass of wine.

    Then we leave behind the real and see the divine.
    Ah, the first blush of love. Ah, the fruit of the vine.
    Heady, immortal feelings fill us.

    We know why. It is thus:
    wine and buss.


  15. Breath Slows Down (3,3,2 pattern)

    She waited
    for the sea to sedate
    her, calm a racing heart filled with fear

    She grinds her toes into mud, sees them disappear
    Closes her eyes against salt spray of sea, so near
    Cannot see herself, but hears the sounds

    Waves roll in with white crowns
    Breath slows down

  16. I’m Awake

    What a rush
    My old world has been crushed
    Crushed by the boot of reality

    No longer am I controlled by conformity
    Fooled by what others define as normality

    My eyes are open; make no mistake
    No longer am I fake
    I’m awake

  17. Amazon
    Auction Fun! Juicer Won!
    They shipped two , (what a break), by mistake.

    My bank account charged in arrears has belly-ache:
    The perfect storm as checks bounce in behind the ‘break’.
    Juiced a carrot that could kill a horse
    My stomach can endorse

    (This is a true story, lol. I really did buy the juicer and they made mistake and shipped and billed me for two at same time which destroyed my checking account. The carrot was 12 inches long and 3 inches in diameter, lol.

  18. Blooming

    One tiny
    fold peaks out all shiny
    and new, slowly unfurling her dress

    just for you. What will she be? Can you make a guess?
    Iris? Lily? A rose, waiting for your caress.
    I can’t wait to see her finished bloom,

    she’ll open winter’s tomb –
    goodbye gloom.

  19. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Walk, Run, Bike

    If all you
    allow yourself to do
    these endless, beautiful days of Spring

    Is to stay active, That is a wonderful thing!
    It will melt away any sadness lingering
    for the time being. Go for a hike,

    Take puppy; he just might
    Walk, run, bike.

    {My words are not coming easily… 😦 }

  20. Sherbet Hues (3,2,3 pattern)

    Dawn sun’s rays
    Stain the sky, a bright blaze
    Of colors ranging from pink to gold;

    She sends her colors before her as day gains hold,
    Night vanishes before her mighty onslaught bold;

    And still the sky is changing its hues,
    Orange and pink and blue:
    Sherbet hues.

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  21. This is lovely, Erin. Night vanishing… nice choice of words.

  22. DebiSwim on said:

    Love “Sherbet hues” – very nice – I can see it.

  23. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Bike Ride

    A carpet
    of blossoms covers it
    delicately papering a path

    through a breezy, springtime sailing, an aftermath
    of which you’d never guess, that was a windy wrath
    of snowy, fragrant, treetop frosting

    down on earth, whispering
    “Come, let’s sing.”

  24. I Love You

    I love you
    I love you; only you
    I love you unconditionally

    I love you regardless of your feelings for me
    I love you for now and for all eternity

    I love you as God commands me to
    I love you, yes, I do
    I love you

  25. ejparsons on said:

    Such Is Life

    It’s a fact
    Once past, there’s no way back
    Second chances are a fantasy

    Apologies often become realities
    Mistakes and misdeeds are part of our history

    The truth admitted can relieve strife
    Some things cut like a knife
    Such is life

  26. Respect Stones

    Don’t collect
    rocks from the path. Reject
    the urge to trap beauty for yourself.

    Beauty’s never born to be trophied on a shelf
    or ogred in a pocket full of stolen wealth
    deafened by the click of orphans’ bones.

    This Earth cannot be owned.
    Respect stones.

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