Tempus Fugit! Time flees. And in the passing of time we find our wisdom. The choices we made have molded our lives, mostly in rewarding ways. The contrast between then and now are most striking. We learn from our accomplishments and our mistakes. Your poems all have painted vivid portraits. We are honored by your talent. Now, for our BLOOMS:


This poem hit close to home, having survived a similar fate. Jerry Walraven (Chev Shire) has express the angst and sadness so perfectly. Thank you friend for letting me know I wasn’t alone.

“The Road” by Jerry Walraven

The direction
was always away,
on that re-gifted Schwinn.
Though the roads
never went far enough
to escape
the smell of stale beer
and cigarettes
and the voice
that told me–
in some hearts
alcohol takes first place
(just ride the bike,
he’s not coming
home from the bar)
the wind would sing
and tell me tales of a time
the road would open up
and take me home.

Light years have passed
and the roads still call
and on a long ride
I can tell that boy
the lessons learned
from skinny tires on pavement
were learned
He knows where his heart is
and these roads
never leave home.

From Marie Elena:

This was a particularly heart-tugging prompt, Walt.  I enjoyed every response.  Most triggered memories of my own, while giving me a little glimpse of the penning poet’s life and heart.  Thanks to all of you for sharing so freely.

After choosing my Bloom,  and emotionally spilling the reasons for my choice, I came to the garden to discover Walt and I were in step.  Though this is not a particularly unusual occurrence,  one of us will normally post another choice.  There are, after all, so many beautiful blooms from which to choose, and he and I both struggle in selecting just one. There has been only one other poet who has received both Walt’s and my Bloom selection for a given prompt:  Michele Brenton (“Banana the Poet”) for her Viking Funeral.

Chev, your offering this week brought tears to my eyes with each reading.  You are a master at use of title, phrasing, reflection, and flow.  “The Road” aptly refers to both the physical road, and the experiences and lessons that have brought the writer to where he is today. “The direction was always away,” “that re-gifted Schwinn,” “the roads never went far enough to escape” – Wow.  Could there possibly be more illustration and sentiment packed into so few words?

Though I wrote more on the lure of this brilliant piece, nothing I can say does your own words any justice.  And so I will simply enthusiastically second Walt’s selection, and offer you my own Bloom.

Thank you for gracing our site with your gift.