The Constanza, created by Connie Marcum Wong, consists of five or more 3-line stanzas. Each line has a set meter of eight syllables. The first lines of all the stanzas can be read successively as an independent poem, with the rest of the poem weaved in to express a deeper meaning. The first lines convey a theme written in monorhyme, while the second and third lines of each stanza rhyme together.

Rhyme scheme: a/b/b, a/c/c, a/d/d, a/e/e, a/f/f………etc.

(Thanks to Shadow Poetry:


There, but for the grace of God …

 I’m told I should pray for this one.
And yet, I don’t know if I can.
For how does one pray for a man
Who’s done what this evil one’s done?
His victims?  Will they pray for him,
Through losses of life, and of limb?
My God, did You send Your own Son
To die for this wicked man’s soul?
To kill, maim and mar was his goal.
I’m drawn not to pray, but to shun.
Forgive me, I’m lacking in grace –
My prayers are dishonest and base.
My God, yes, You gave up Your Son
Who willingly donned human skin,
Then died for my own dreadful sin.
Please give me Your heart for this one,
And all who, like him, are misled.
Without You we’re (all of us) dead.
© Copyright Marie Elena Good – 2013



I’ve lived without my words – a mime
keeping each one all to myself
like lost thoughts sitting on the shelf.

In the ways of my prose and rhyme
I have arrived to hit my stride
expressing all these thoughts inside.

For I found that in all that time
my words were squandered and wasted,
their sweetness was never tasted.

It was a felonious crime.
Punishment? Echoing silence,
for a man of words it’s violence.

Since early man stepped out of slime,
he wanted to communicate
but sounds that rhymed still had to wait.

He was fascinated with rhyme,
and now he writes them twice as fast,
evoking emotions at last,

a poet ahead of his time!
A trendsetter in thoughts and words;
writing the sweetest rhymes you’ve heard!

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

**The secret of this CONSTANZA: I went to the Monorhyme link in our IN-FORM POET WEDNESDAY directory and used my example I posted there, editing it to seven lines. I used this to complete the CONSTANZA (mindful of the eight-syllable restriction).


  1. Oh, Goodness… complex form, but I will work hard on it (also, a new puppy to foster, beginning today 😀 !!)

    Meg, yours was very powerful; Walt, your talent never ceases to amaze me!

  2. Marie, I am immensely touched by your poem. Thank-you for reminding us who we are! BUT BY THE GRACE OF GOD WE GO!

    Walt, you picked a difficult ‘a’ rhyme word. I am impressed with all the ‘ime’ words you used:) I too can relate to the message. LOVED it!

    Since the whole landscape is being washed…again!…here is my attempt at this form. It was fun.

    Rain Refrain

    She falls, silver; a sweeping sigh
    From founts of low-flung pewter cloud
    Drenching the winter-weary shroud

    She sings; a melody where I
    Am seized with a sweet-surging hurt
    To bathe my hands in garden dirt

    She sparkles; sequin-studded sky
    Embellishing each blade of grass
    With nature’s froth of liquid glass

    She murmurs, ‘farmer, do not cry
    God holds spring’s phial in His will
    Unclenching frost-bound ridge and rill’

    She laughs; a sassy, splashy high
    For in euphoric aftermath
    Wild blooms ensconce the muddy path

    She croons; a soulful lullaby
    Beyond the porch her passion streams
    As rain-song rivers kiss our dreams

  3. Here’s another go…


    My love; will you still love me true?

    When youth and middle-age fall prey

    To ticking clocks and locks of gray?

    And will you murmur ‘I love you’

    As if we were still seventeen

    Without a clue what ‘love’ will mean

    When I am old, bent by love’s due

    Will you still kindly take my hand

    And whisper oh, babe, ain’t love grand?

    Will we gaze down past’s avenue

    With hearts humble and meekly awed

    That we remain, by grace of God?

    When we are old, will love imbue

    Each day with sweet and sacred truth

    Renewing vows made in our youth?

    Each step; will we be one or two

    When we are old and frail and weak?

    Will you still kiss my wrinkled cheek?

    And will we whisper ‘I love you’

    When we are old; will we be mean

    Or will we still be seventeen?


  4. All You Need

    Please, don’t take this personally
    I don’t mean to be intrusive
    And I ask, don’t be elusive

    I ask you this respectfully
    Have you thought about forever
    Are you ready for whatever

    Do you control your destiny
    Do you know what the future holds
    Do you believe what you’ve been told

    Or is it all a mystery
    An adventure lying ahead
    Just surprises until you’re dead

    Is there a possibility
    This life is just the beginning
    It’s a game we must try winning

    There is a higher entity
    And He gave His life for us all
    Listen close; you can hear Him call

    And there is an eternity
    All you need to do is believe
    He waits now, your soul to receive

  5. Marie, Walt, this is an amazing challenge for the day. A costanza constanza? You mean there’s another, more difficult one out there. Love it. I’ll be back later with something. Thank you both.


    This Sunday prayer I say for you.
    I know the heartache that you feel
    has made this life for you unreal.

    While kneeling in my church house pew
    I ask that God will give you hope,
    let graces be your saving rope.

    I ask the Lord to see you through
    the joyless days, the darkest nights,
    that soon new love will bring delight.

    The happy friend that I once knew
    again will shine like noonday sun
    and melt away the harm that’s done.

    I pray his grace dispel the blues,
    for he alone can offer peace
    to those who ask that heartaches cease.


  7. The Oath

    I took an oath to do or die
    Left home and life in the rear view
    Flew away into the “Wild Blue”

    I made a pledge full knowing why
    ‘Twas more than an obligation
    ‘Twas my duty to this nation

    To keep Old Glory flying high
    Her stars and stripes shine bold and bright
    Beaming liberty’s freedom light

    Follow orders and not ask why
    Willing to go where they need me
    Doing my best to keep us free

    On land, on sea, or in the sky
    I’m equipped to do what it takes
    I’ll fight for America’s sake

    Defending freedom ‘till I die
    Even when I’m a veteran
    Love for my country never ends

  8. all of mine seems forced, but I did choose some difficult words to rhyme!

    Constanza, the wife of Mozart
    played second fiddle to music.
    She also was virtuosic.

    He wrote often for his sweetheart
    to play on her pianoforte,
    or, as it was named yesterday

    on fortepiano, that upstart
    that supplanted the harpsichord
    twangy sister of clavichord

    then on tour he’d blithely depart
    Leaving Constanza the matriarch
    to look after a growing brood

    until he thought to play the part
    of loving patriarch once more –
    for Constanza, his belle amour

  9. Words for the Bringers of News

    “Never” – a word better not said
    those who are not sure what to say
    will wonder for sorrow or play?

    With words, we must carefully tread
    And for those who do not believe
    The power that words can achieve

    “Forever” is better off dead
    And if they won’t give up the fight
    Until the ending of the light-

    When “Never” and “Always” are read
    It’s better to leave them some space
    For those who need to save their face.

    Because hearts hear more than our heads.
    “Perhaps” is a word that may soothe
    those facing a raw, bitter truth.

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  11. Wow, what an interesting prompt!! I love your example, Marie. That thought has been going through my mind as well. And Walt, you are so smart to use your monorhyme! Maybe I’ll use mine.
    It’s only 7:52 AM here in Maui. We’re getting ready to go somewhere…I don’t know where yet. So I’ll try to make time for this prompt. We’ll see what I come up with. 😦

  12. Passing through on this hectic day. This is a tricky little devil, but I think I corralled it. You tell me.


    Nebulae coalesce, patterns
    Emerge to remind with beauty,
    Celestial creation’s movement.

    Only telescopes see across
    This plane of vacuum existence;
    A dark sea flowing gasses, rock.

    A void so vast that human minds
    Can see it only in numbers;
    Imagination rules the void.

    Raw comprehension cannot bridge
    Such distances or valuate
    Uniqueness; not even our own.

    We can never know if our place
    Among the stars and galaxies
    Appears as brightly shining blue,

    Resting inside this Milky Way
    As a bauble amid gas giants,
    Signaling the universe as

    Such a vibrantly patterned sight,
    That Earth bursts from obscurity
    To light space distant telescopes.

    • And there you go, penning brilliance while just “passing through.” 🙂 Only one thing … and I hate to bring it up … you did not adhere to the rhyme scheme. But this is such a cool poem that I think you should find it a home, and try a stab at the Constanza whenever you have the time and inclination.

      I just LOVE your mind, my friend.

      Marie Elena

    • Okay. Here’s the correct version. I still can’t believe I did that, but, hey, I discovered a new form as well. What can I say. Kismet came today. Hope this one meets the challenge.


      Nebulae coalesce, patterns
      Emerge to remind with beauty,
      Celestial creation’s duty.

      Only telescopes see across
      This plane of vaccum’s chilling shock;
      A dark sea flowing gasses, rock.

      A void so vast that human minds
      Can see it only in numbers;
      Imagination’s rule slumbers.

      Raw comprehension cannot bridge
      Such distances or valuate
      Uniqueness; nor our human trait.

      We can never know if our place
      Among galaxies’ overview
      Appears as brightly shining blue,

      Resting inside this Milky Way
      As a bauble less giant’s gas,
      Signaling the universe as

      Such a vibrantly patterned sight,
      Earth bursts from other horoscopes
      To light space distant telescopes.

      • Thanks, Erin. I’m going to keep both versions; the good and the not correct. I’ll find a use for them both, I’m sure. I’m glad you liked it so much, Erin.

  13. Relics

    The auto that the old man drives
    A 1950 Cadillac
    Red interior, satin black

    Most people gawk when it arrives
    It floats like a luxury ship
    From rounded nose to taillight tip

    It looks as sharp as diamond knives
    With large tailfins and shiny chrome
    And crowned with classy rounded dome

    It has outlived almost three wives
    Inspired by war time aircraft
    So smartly engineered to last

    It must have had at least nine lives
    To make it through these many years
    It has outlasted most its peers

    He tinkers, polishes and strives
    Just out when weather’s very mild
    And treasured like an only child

    So through his nurture it survives
    Who knows what future is in store
    As owner goes on ninety-four

  14. Oh, my goodness, this one is hard. I think it may be my first and last : )


    All alone this dismal morn you’ve spun
    going back and forth and round
    and round till tightly you have wound

    and produced a web that would stun
    by it’s complex and lovely span.
    All part of God’s creative plan.

    Any weaver under the sun
    would covet the skill of your ilk
    making magic with threads of silk.

    In the corner it hangs now, done
    glistening in the sun and eager
    for a meal, however meager,

    Just waiting for a fly, just one
    or maybe two, or three will do,
    So don’t even think ‘shoo, fly, shoo”.

  15. Marie, your poem was wonderful and Walt made this look deceptively easy. Getting those first lines to equate to a monometric poem was challenging. Don’t know if I succeeded at that, but it was a good form.


    The class discusses sacrifice.
    For what would you give up your life?
    Are martyrs always pushed by strife?

    For all you love, what is the price?
    You have to think your loves have done
    more with their lives than anyone.

    You make a trade, pass on a slice
    of time to someone, something true.
    The world is made better by you.

    One boy is moved by a device
    and swears by all the saints that are
    that he would die for his old car.

    The class makes him repeat it twice
    You know machines don’t live? they say.
    Foolishness gives your life away?

    Is volunteering for death a vice
    like blood thrown into howling winds,
    life made so cheap, we relish ends?

    Do martyrs get to live life twice?
    Reincarnation could change choice—
    throw ten away, let one rejoice.

    When we debate if fire or ice
    will end the world, we overlook
    stupidity and avarice, run amok.

  16. Vacations are great for ‘re-grouping’ – then you play catchup when you come home. Written at doctor’s office as I wait for friend’s appointment to end.

  17. Problem with cut and past again! Marie – that e-mail address I see listed is not right.


    It’s said, I am a garden buff.
    I’ll head out as the sun comes up,
    relax a-bit with coffee cup.
    I love seeing the planted stuff.
    I buy and plant what seems the best,
    plus something new to put to test.

    In my garden, no spot’s left rough,
    un-planted or un-flowered bits
    is where I’ll spread the cedar chips.

    I see a weed, we come to cuff,
    they just are not allowed to stay.
    For-sure, they will not last the day.

    Even in winter, I’ll drape muff
    to sit on deck where I can host
    a Tea Time with my garden’s ghost.

      • OOOPS -Sorry – Red faced…..The lower parts of my address are cut off making
        j look like i,
        the y looks like v
        g looks like a. 🙂

    • Marjorie, I enjoyed this! Here’s to gardeners! even if tonight my garden is white!…and I also have had tea on my deck in the winter staring at next year’s ‘perfect dream-garden’.

    • Lovely poem, M!! I really don’t like gardening right now, but my mom always says I’ll probably have a wonderful garden when I have my own house. Maybe she’s right. Your poem makes me want to have one. ❤

  18. The Fence

    A six-foot fence my back yard hides
    Inside my secret get-a-way
    Where family and friends can play

    It’s privacy that it provides
    No worries ‘bout activities
    No way the neighbors ever see

    Protecting all that are inside
    Nothing illegal happening
    Just fun and games and loud laughing

    My six-foot fence is my divide
    No worldly worries, woe or pain
    The place I love, come shine or rain

    My six-foot fence so much provides
    Another world in which to hide
    Where family and friends reside

  19. 🙂 Yep, fences can be a good thing … unless you are a cow-boy on a horse on the range.

  20. I found this form very difficult, and I’m not sure I’ve got it right even now. Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. 🙂 Here goes:

    Dreaming in Paradise

    Thund’ring tide rolls up to meet me,
    Above me palm trees softly sway;
    My mind is somewhere far away;

    It’s midnight in Paradise: here;
    My thoughts wander across the deep
    To where you lie, by now asleep,

    But I’m awake, softly sighing
    As I long for your presence here,
    Right at my side, so very near;

    And wishing you would come to me,
    And would clasp your arms round me tight
    As we wait softly for first light:

    For dawn to come for you and me,
    The whole world to be clothed in light;
    Our hands would meet, clasp, in sunlight.

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

      • Nicely written – when you get back to the rain – you may wish you were back there!
        All first lines of each stanza rhymn with each other. ( like all rhymn with “me”) then each 2nd and 3rd line rhymns like you have them.
        I wrote my mono-rhymn first, then added the 2nd and 3rd line to each stanza.

        • Thanks, M!! I’m sure I will wish I was back. And it’s not that I wish I wasn’t here, this is just about wishing that a certain someone was here with me. 🙂

          Thanks for the tips. I think the thing that threw me mainly was the part about making all the first lines go together. I got the rhyme part (I guess I did more slant rhyme than I thought though). Thanks again! ❤

    • Lovely words, Erin… I find this form difficult also… everything I try to write seems forced, so I don’t yet have one… I think the first lines on each stanza are supposed to rhyme and also form a poem in themselves… I think…

  21. The Deserving

    A loving pet can save you years
    In nursing homes they spark a smile
    A dog is not endowed with guile

    Defending you he shows no fears
    If burglars lurk outside your door
    The dog won’t be the one who’s sore!

    He’ll lick your face when he sees tears
    Lie down with you and softly sigh
    In sympathy with sad brown eyes

    A strange sound will perk up his ears
    You look but you see nothing there
    Your dog will stay alert, aware

    Dogs never judge, unlike our peers
    How quickly friends say hurtful things
    Dogs love you, and such joy they bring

  22. Thank you, Maria and Walt, for providing this venue for us to come and share our poetry. And to all the poets whose poems appear here, I am proud to be counted among you!

  23. (PA Prompt; PB Form)

    A Cast of Words

    At what point do I cast aside
    the words that my heart keeps saying,
    the ones that seem to keep playing

    That same song which will override
    my usual (yes!) practical bent
    Untameable words running; sent

    Across the space of nondivide
    WHAT if his girl were to read them…
    …I do not want her to leave him…

    All alone, it is cold outside
    I’d better try to rein them in
    Give them a place that’s safe within

    Yes, inside there’s warmth… they can hide
    Quiet… notes filled with words secret
    Here in my heart, I will keep it.

  24. Or… last stanza:
    Yes, inside there’s warmth… they can hide
    A notebook filled…all words secret
    Here in my heart, I will keep it.

    (I will continue to work on this one…)

  25. Just a Dream?

    “Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame.”~William Butler Yeats

    And in the twinkling of an eye
    I found myself whisked straight away
    to magic lands where wee folk play.

    No chance to even say goodbye
    ‘ere I had disappeared within
    a place no human’d ever been.

    A soft voice whispered, by and by,
    “Ye wished for somethin’ – Now ye got
    your wish. Come see what ye have sought.”

    The bright fae took my hand, and high
    we flew until a rainbow arced.
    The fairy, well, she then remarked,

    “’Tis easy, dear, to touch the sky.
    Ye only have to have a dream:
    then trail the stars. Seek your moonbeam.”

    And suddenly (I can’t say why)
    I wakened in my bed, and viewed
    the shimm’ry thread which I pursued

    beyond a rainbow that was nigh:
    my counterpane with moonbeam theme.
    O tell me – was this just a dream?


    Hi – this is just a quick attempt at the form (thanks to Marie Elena & Walt!!!) I’m so sorry I’m not commenting much or being a part of the community, but I’m so busy with school right now (2 weeks to go til term end – and that includes finals.) I am trying to read everything ‘though, so I hope that counts for something. ♥

  26. A Cast of Words

    At what point do I cast aside
    the words that my heart keeps saying
    the ones that seem to keep playing

    Those same notes which will override
    my usual (yes!) practical bent
    Untameable words running; sent

    Across the space of nondivide
    WHAT if his girl were to read them…
    …I do not want her to leave him…

    All alone, it is cold outside
    I’d better try to rein them in
    Give them a place that’s safe within

    Yes…inside there’s warmth…they can hide
    A notebook filled…all words secret
    Here in my heart, I will keep it.


    The sunrise unfolds a new day
    as the night’s darkness slips away,
    it invites us, come out to play.

    Trailing others down a pathway,
    strolling in the fresh morning breeze
    the world and I, we are at ease.

    I love to venture to the Bay
    where salt waves flow up sandy beach
    bringing treasures within my reach.

    Watching children, busy at play
    digging channels to sand castle,
    playing ball, or with friends wrestle.

    On sun-warmed sand, I choose to lay
    watching waves, and float in a dream
    to far of lands by sail or steam.

    As I lap-up the charm of Bay,
    I’ll carry from the day at shore,
    it’s warmth ‘til I come back for more..

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