Marjory’s photo inspired many excellent poems in a variety of styles, topics, and moods.  Thank you for sharing your photo with us, Marjory!

For this week’s Bloom, I chose to highlight “Silent Screams,” by Hannah Gosselin.  Hannah has a golden talent for using imagery to simultaniously paint both a scene and a mood.  Silent Screams is a superb example of this gift she has.  This excerpt blows me away:

“Last year’s grass
yellowed –
crisp with remembering
cried out,
tried to remind him.”

Hannah, we are blessed to count you among our regular bloomers.  Thank you for sharing your outstanding talent with us.

Silent Screams (by Hannah Gosselin)

Silken-slinking and black,
it inks the pavement in secret;
it creeps in a slow sheet.
A street so familiar
becomes a stranger
while he sleeps.
He’s early rising
and in rush of morning
he forgets that winter
still kisses the earth,
he fails to recall
that frost still lingers.
A fast fling
from car to woods,
the sound of his body
as it hits the ground
resounds through nature.
Last year’s grass
yellowed –
crisp with remembering
cried out,
tried to remind him.
Slow down sojourner!
Take care early traveler!
Beware, the ice crawls here!

Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2013


Circumstance don’t allow me to write a big explanation today. But this poem by Marian Veverka struck my interest and gets my BLOOM.

THE CURVE (by Marian Veverka)

It was like the whole school
Students, teachers, janitors
Had to see for themselves
Though the wreckers had come early
And the cops made sure no souvenirs
Lingered for the morbidly inclined.

We came at dawn
When the traffic was slow
Before the flowers and the notes
The girls who suddenly discovered
He had been their secret heartthrob all along
The Junior. mechanics and engineers who explained
What he should have done and why it had happened.

The wreckers had finished and some insects
Were chirping in the grass like they always did
Later rain would fall and slowly the blood
Would sink down into the ground and the
Grass, like they used to say about battlefields
Would grow a bit greener, fresher…
A new sign would appear – maybe it would
Say 25 – 20 for all the good it did.

When some dumb kid with a new set of wheels
Had to see what they would do and where was there
A better place to find out than “Dead Man’s Curve?”

Outstanding work poets! Congratulations to Hannah and Marian!