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The English word quinzaine comes from the French word qunize, meaning fifteen. A quinzaine is an unrhymed verse of fifteen syllables.

These syllables are usually distributed among three lines:  seven syllables in the first line, five in the second line, and three in the third line (7/5/3). The first line makes a statement. The next two lines ask a question relating to that statement.

With thanks to Shadow Poetryhttp://www.shadowpoetry.com/resources/wip/quinzaine.html


All’s all and that’s all all is.
Are y’all still with me?

© Copyright Marie Elena Good – 2013



Love speaks in hushed tones.
Hear its whisper?
Will it seduce your heart?

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

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  1. Love it, Marie!! Walt, yours is gorgeous!

  2. Light is vanishing all round;
    Who will you let in?
    God or dark?

    Dark’s enveloping this world;
    Can’t you come to Him
    To find peace?

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  3. Marie, this me’all is with you! Walt you old romantic you.

    Did you know that in France the word for a fortnight is a quinzaine: obviously a week has 7½ days here, but I must always be asleep on the extra half!

    Fifteen days are not two weeks
    France has got it wrong –
    strange mistake.

    I am drowning in Napo prompts. When I come up for air I shall visit more of you lovely poeming friends.

  4. DebiSwim on said:

    Reality bites oft times.
    But what else is there?
    Bubble baths?

  5. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Meg: 🙂 ; Walt: SO DARN BEAUTIFUL!!


    Stubborn, I stick to my guns.
    Can you say as much?
    Challenge ME?



    Father Time, you tick me off.
    Must you always tock?
    Can’t you rest?


  8. Erin, Viv, Debi, and Sal: Great offerings this morning!

    Thanks for the comments. I can’t take the credit for the funny first line of mine. Whenever quoting Romans “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” (or other ALL-inclusive verses), Pastor Terry at our church would say, “All means all and that’s all all means.” Love that, and it’s great for kids. They get it and remember it. 😉

    Marie Elena

    • 🙂 LOVE it, oh and Walt…I’ve sort of come to expect you to tug on them thar ole’ heart-strings. So beautiful.

    • He must be such a neat guy! My pastor is also the principal of our small school (he has such a funny sense of humor!) so I get to see him nearly everyday. He has little things like that that he says sometimes. 😉

  9. Henrietta Choplin on said:


    Into the ethers of Life…
    What is mystery?
    And, reality?

  10. It’s the tenth day of April.
    How will we spend it?
    Taste or waste?

  11. No doubt, life is a challenge.
    How does one respond?
    Truth or dare?

  12. I think an edit is in order, and I’ll give it (them) a title:

    Koan I

    No doubt, life is suffering..
    How does one respond?
    Truth or dare?

    Koan II

    No doubt, life is a challenge.
    How does one respond?
    Play or hide?

  13. Chocolate, I hear your call.
    Why so insistent?
    Can’t you wait?

  14. DebiSwim on said:

    Orange cat, crouching on the post.
    Are your thoughts benign?
    Or deadly?

  15. Little girls dressed as women.
    What are you wearing?
    And make-up?

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  17. the pollen wars continue. i’ve been miserable for a week, but misery can make good poeming, i reckon.

    Spring has sprung with fangs and claws.
    Sniffing the flowers?
    Tempting fate?

    Prednisone cannot alone
    cure me of spring. Will
    you speak love?

  18. I walk alone among you.
    Do you see me here?
    Do you care?

    (Okay that was totally depressing and totally fictional in case you were wondering. Going to go try a happier one.)

  19. Winter will not leave my side.
    Oh where, where is Spring?
    Where are you?

    (We are suppose to get 8-12 inches of snow tonight and into tomorrow. I’m so done with winter.)

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  21. Please eat chocolate every day.
    Who says this to you?
    Wait. Say what?

    Holding the phone to my ear,
    they appear. Mom? Mom?
    Can I have…?

    (There. I finally found a bit of humor.)

  22. claudsy on said:

    First of all, let me say that I’ve not had so much fun this early in the morning with poetry in a long time. I love this form. Second, I took my cue from Marie and did a couple before doing a more serious one. Both tones worked for me, which is a great little thing to know. So here goes. Enjoy.

    Hair Loss

    Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.
    He wasn’t fuzzy,
    though, was he?


    Suzie saw sea shells in sand.
    Did she sift said sand
    For sea shells?

    Writing Home

    My letters contain my life.
    Can you read between
    Lines of hope?

  23. Sun-colored mare greets the storm.
    To clash with the sky?
    Or submit?

    (c) Amanda Turek Ryan 2013

  24. Never more shall I stand down
    It’s not in my blood
    Nor my will

  25. ejparsons on said:

    Universal or Disney
    So much fun awaits
    We’ll see both

  26. ejparsons on said:

    You cannot straddle the fence
    What if your feet slip
    That’ll hurt

  27. Ivy climbs the shadowed walls.
    Is she curious
    or just bored?

  28. A light danced from the attic.
    Was it a party?
    Of fairies?

  29. Coffee spilled on the counter.
    Are overturned cups
    really drained?

  30. Spring was here just last Monday
    But where did it Go?
    More snow, ice?

    It was seventy degrees
    Where’s my winter coat?
    Where’s my gloves?

    Good excuse to stay in bed.
    What time is breakfast?
    Hot coffee?

  31. Autism

    He would not let them touch him.
    Why won’t he come near?
    Why, the fear?

  32. I know I’m probably breaking like every rule here, but I strung a bunch of these together to create one longer poem. Only the very last two lines are in question form.

    Sea’s Silent Call

    With a quiet sigh
    Another wave rolls over
    The grey sand;

    With unvarying
    Regularity, the sea
    Pounds the surf:

    A wondrous song of
    Sea and sand, stirring longing
    In my heart,

    Tugging earnestly
    At my soul; can’t you hear sea’s
    Silent call?

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  33. I place my trust in the Lord.
    Of whom shall I fear?
    Where is yours?

  34. Light of Love

    Sun’s rays lighting a dark room;
    What is this magic?
    Liquid gold?

    I can’t touch, but I feel it;
    How’s this possible?
    Why the warmth?

    Light is stronger than mere dark;
    Cannot you feel His
    Love in it?

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

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