The Duo-rhyme, a poetic form created by Mary L. Ports, is a 10 or 12-line poem, with the first two and last two lines having the same rhyme scheme, and the center of the poem (lines #3 through #8 or #10) having their own separate monorhyme scheme.

Meter: 8 beats per line, written in iambic tetrameter (4 linear feet of iambic)

Rhyme Scheme: 10-line: a,a,b,b,b,b,b,b,a,a and 12-line: a,a,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,a,a

To view Mary L. Ports examples and for information on DUO-RHYME follow this link:



To look into another’s eyes
And truly see the soul that cries –
The fear and angst on which it feeds
The love that lost, the heart that bleeds
The expectation that misleads
The loveliness beneath the needs
The strength behind the smallest deeds
The blooms among the choking weeds.
This trampled soul with courage tries
Beyond what meets the eye implies.

© Copyright Marie Elena Good – 2013



We write our poems every day
in every form, in every way.
The kinds of words the people read,
each day in April, we succeed.
Not out of any dire need,
but rhyming words would plant the seed.
These worded pearls, this string of beads;
fantastic blooms amongst the weeds
All writers with poetic ways,
within this garden, their words play!

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013


  1. Lovely, lovely form! Thanks again, you two. 🙂

    Wanes The Moon

    I wandered in the woods at night,
    Surrounded by the pale moonlight
    That filtered silver from the sky
    Through leafy roof, and flew right by
    The great grey trunks, to softly lie
    In pools of white, clear crystal nigh
    Upon the earth; one feeble try,
    To dance again as I pass by,
    But with one breath, a little sigh,
    Cloud is blown across the moon; I
    Look around me: vanished moonlight,
    All is dark, as dark as midnight.

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

  2. Secret Notebook

    Bright paper lies in purity
    Awaits ink etching’s certainty
    Deep feelings stirred in soothing grace
    Awaken, rise, and fill the space
    Unknown as yet, the words that race
    across the page at their own pace.
    Please let them be of soft, sweet lace,
    the gentle purl of heart’s embrace
    For in the morning I will be
    Awakened by their gravity.

    (so many not posted) 🙂

    • And yet another gorgeous poem – I can see this set on a page (with Erin’s opposite) with a magical, swirling illustration.

      • My goodness… thank you RJ… it was so late last night when I wrote this that I wondered how it would look this morning…

        I Love the idea of your illustration!!

    • This happened to me the other night (if I’m reading your poem rightly) – such lovely thoughts it seemed then, but I was too sleepy to get up and write them down. They will never see the light of day now. You’d think I’d learn. “For in the morning I will be
      Awakened by their gravity.”
      Beautiful, Henrietta

      • Thank you, Debi, yes, most definitely those words would haunt me if I did not write them down…

    • Lovely, Han. I wish I did rhyme as well as you and so many of the others. It’s just not my thing. You do it so beautifully.

    • Loved this Henrietta, those last lines. I keep paper and pen beside the bed and still, the dream-state is so stingy with its words. They rarely get written.

      • Thank you, 7, yes, my paper and pen is always near, and if I forget my notebook downstairs, I have been know to grab a Kleenex and try to write the words without tearing it… 🙂 !

  3. This form reminds me of the kind of poem one reads on a greetings card! Erin or Henrietta, yours take it to another level, and I shall try and emulate you!

  4. Good morning folks! Marie and I have both been infected by life this week. Our examples will replace Ms. Ports wonderful representation of her form when we get to posting them. But by the looks so far, you don’t need us to be inspired! Carry on, and we’ll catch up later.

  5. Love Wins in the End

    When I was only seventeen
    this lovely world seemed sweet and green.
    My thoughts were filled with only you.
    Love seemed so simple then and true.
    How naïve I was with no clue,
    for you soon sopped the early dew
    of innocence and trust I knew
    or thought I knew. Like dust it blew,
    like powdered, choking dust it flew.
    But its lesson I’ll never rue,
    though young and suffering was keen
    I’ve lived to see what love can mean.

  6. Reminisce
    An ode to the Dr.

    I do not like to reminisce
    The past is gone; I do not miss
    I only think of what is now
    And what will come, and when, and how
    The past is past, and now is now
    We can’t go back there anyhow
    But if we could go back somehow
    I think I’d stay right here, right now
    ‘Cause it’s not me to reminisce
    The past is gone; I do not miss

    Copyright © Earl Parsons 2013

  7. Great form, and lots of fun. A little tricky, like Erin noted above.
    I was ‘being entertained’ as I wrote this by my granddaughter…and having followed the March Madness Poetry tournament for weeks I’m in the kid-mode poetry mindset. So, here’s my offering:


    In a nightgown pink and red
    an acrobat stands on my bed.
    “Watch me Poppi!” is her plea.
    She tumbles over on one knee.
    “Watch me Poppi, look and see!”
    Tumble number two and three.
    “Watch this now! Look at me!”
    She flips so fast and fearlessly.
    And then as I look on with dread
    she tumbles off and bumps her head.

  8. This is also for the PAD prompt: tentative


    How did I get me into this?
    I have to think of ways to miss.
    Oh, must I face this lions’ den?
    Yes, there are better ways to spend
    my time, on this I can depend.
    I feel I will soon meet my end.
    This promise I must soon amend.
    I’m scared to death, I can’t pretend.
    I said I’d do it for a friend.
    I volunteered to speak again.
    I made it fine the last abyss
    I’m sure I’ll be victorious.

  9. A Saturday

    A Saturday, I do recall
    She slept as I went to the mall
    Time to initiate my plan
    Time for me to become her man
    I’d put a rock upon her hand
    And ask her if, with me she’d stand
    Follow up with a wedding band
    Forever with me, hand in hand
    With her, I’d be a happy man
    A Saturday, I do recall
    When she said yes, she’d be my all

    Copyright © Earl Parsons 2013

  10. Arriving Naked

    A pony comes out fully dressed,
    most mammals seem to be so blessed.
    So why do humans arrive bare?
    They arrive screaming at the air,
    not a single wisp of chest hair,
    only head hair, does not compare.
    Are they wanting something to wear?
    Where are their clothes? Seems unfair.
    It must be cold, they must be stressed,
    to come out bare, to come undressed.

  11. Shameless Sins
    (not about any particular party or administration because they’ve all got problems, no matter what level of government they are in)

    They stand behind their podiums
    Blaming others for their own sins
    Sins committed while seeking rule
    Just one more political tool
    Designed to trick the voting pool
    With promises that sound real cool
    A real cool tool designed to fool
    And fool it did; they retained rule
    Four more years of shameless sins
    Presented from their podiums

    Copyright © Earl Parsons 2013

  12. Well, I finally finished morning errands and got to writing poetry. Here’s my rhyming effort for today. You all know how I just love to rhyme. Not!

    Upon a Water’s Day

    Malachite green shows jumbled
    Mountain bones long tumbled
    From hillsides into rushing streams,
    where liquid emerald water teems
    with life, large or small, and gleams
    In splendor’s magnified daydreams,
    For those whom fortune humbled
    Even as their hurried steps stumbled.

  13. The Poetic Asides PAD prompt was to write a tentative poem, and the Poetic Bloomings In-Form Wednesday form was Duo-Rhyme. The attempt below is clumsy at best, but at least I gave it a shot.

    A Two-for-One

    I want to write a two-for-one,
    but can I get this project done?
    So tentatively I now will start
    and meaning to my words impart.
    Will rhyme and rhythm give it heart,
    or simply substitute for art?
    So many thoughts through my mind dart
    to catch them all I’d need a chart.
    I want to write a two-for-one.
    So tentatively, I got it done.

  14. Eggshells

    Curbing caring takes its toll
    on feelings that are never whole,
    when love is squeezed into a ball
    that hardens, cracks in any fall,
    when joy and welcome’s warmest call
    is answered with nothing at all,
    when passive anger can forestall
    glad cheer echoing down the hall,
    his broken promises a wall
    that blocks our hopes, our futures stall.
    I trim the edges from my soul.
    Yes, curbing caring takes its toll.

  15. Puppy Love

    O kiss me once, then twice. Again.
    Let’s snuggle close. I’ll tell you ‘when.’
    I love the way you look at me.
    You make me feel all fluttery.
    In love, there is no I – just we –
    and that is how it’s s’posed to be.
    We are each other’s cup of tea:
    It’s me for you and you for me.
    You think that belly-rubs are Zen.
    My puppy Boo – O woof! Amen.


  16. Dandelion Blossom

    A dandelion blossom blown,
    Like wishes to the four winds thrown;
    Soft downy hopes and dreams of mine,
    Tossed up to tumble, intertwine
    With dreams of others there align,
    Always moving, changing sometime,
    And always drifting out of line,
    Till they return, different, still mine;
    Little wishes lightly tossed, thrown:
    A dandelion blossom blown.

    © Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013


    We wait so long to welcome spring,
    Unload the brunt of icy stings.
    Each day we’re faced with winter chill.
    Maria claims she’s had her fill
    And Johnnie says their brother Bill
    For winter colds must take a pill,
    The curse of white is with us still.
    Oh, spring will come. It will! It will!
    Eventually the birds will sing
    And carry sunshine on their wings.


  18. It’s an honor to be part of this wonderful group of poets. Thanks to Marie and Walt for their efforts and offerings, kind words and encouragement, and God given talents.

    To all that provide me with feedback, I really appreciate everything that is said. I just wish I had more time to read and respond, but my life is still busy (and although that’s a blessing, I’d really rather be retired).

    Write on, everyone.

  19. Working on one for today’s Poetic Asides’ PAD, Day 5 prompt, but it refuses to be confined to this form’s proper meter!! 😦 !

  20. Marie, beautiful poem and so true…if only we’d take the time. I think poets so often reveal their soul with their words without even intending to. Again, really beautiful poem.

    Walt, nicely done. I like the idea that our words “play.” That word makes me think of music, children, theatre, melodic, frivolous, serious, and the whimsy and power of our words.

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