POETIC BLOOMINGS is a Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild site established in May 2011 to nurture and inspire the creative spirit.


We are very proud to have made it to 100 prompts at POETIC BLOOMINGS. This has been a labor of love that Marie Elena and I have enjoyed hosting. It is a love of poetry for sure. But it is also a love of all of you, the poets who have offered their muse and creative talents to make this the place for poetry to blossom and flourish. Your words touch hearts and nourish our souls.

In celebration, we have feted personal achievements, world events and this weekend especially, the glory of this season of Easter in all its connotations.

Weekly, we choose two poems to honor from our group  and this is always a difficult choice. And on occasion, we feel that every gifted poet deserves to be included in the celebration. So to honor you all, we offer the BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS to every poet who has honored us with their work. 

“You are the gardeners of our souls. You all bloom brilliantly for us.”

Congratulations to all POETIC BLOOMINGS poets.

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  1. I commend you both for providing a home for some of our poems! Sharon and I wish you and all the poets whose poems appear here a Happy and Holy Easter.

  2. How lovely. Thank you for providing my muse with a voice.

    And happy Easter, Walt and Marie.

  3. What a wonderful gesture! Congratulations to you both, Walt & Marie Elena, on what you have achieved here. Congratulations also to all the magnificent poets who come to this rich garden. I am proud to be amongst such esteemed company.
    Happy Poeming!

  4. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Thank you so much, Walt and Meg; you have changed my life!! Congratulations to everyone!! 🙂 !!

  5. And all the days of your lives, sweet things.

  6. RJ Clarken on said:

    How perfect – and how perfectly lovely. Thank you both so much! ❤

  7. claudsy on said:

    How fun! Thank you both so much for giving us all even more reason to celebrate this week. I can’t surpass what’s already been said in gratitude. Walt and Marie, you’ve created something fine here, which I hope will continue for the next decade at the very least.

    Happy blooms everyone and have a lovely Easter.

  8. Walt and Marie, this has become one of my favorite places to sit, read, write, and visit with people of like mind–all orchestrated by both of you. Imagine what bouquets you inspire every week and fill the vases of your lives with them. Thanks and Congrats!

  9. DebiSwim on said:

    Thank you both for all the work you put into this site. You have been an encouragement and a teacher with the forms. I am so happy and proud to be allowed to have a part in all this. Congrats on reaching 100 (prompts – that is).

  10. Thanks you two! Congratulations! The sentiments already given above say it all. Enjoy the sight, the challenges and the friends I’ve never met. Here’s to the next 100!

  11. Congratulations to you two, Walt and Marie, and to all the other poets who’ve made this place so special for me! I can’t think of any better place to read and share my poems. Thank you again, Walt and Marie, you perfect gardeners!

  12. What a lovely choice! Thank you both for creating this garden, and for being its dedicated caretakers… and please accept two extravagant bouquets of beautiful blooms, from us to you.

  13. I echo every sentiment here. I love Poetic Bloomings and all of the poets with whichI have had an opportunity to interact. Walt and Marie, you have provided such fertile ground in which we can bloom and grow. Thank you so much for all of the work and dedication that you provide every week so that we can participate in this wonderful adventure.

  14. The congratulations are due to you two, Walt and Marie. We merely follow where you lead us.

  15. Walt and Marie,
    your tilling, your tending, your nurture of my heart is always a welcome comfort, a needed nudge, a loving dig. I picture you on your knees, your prompts as spades and trowels in your hands, as you stir the words planted in me. Thank you deeply.

  16. Hi Walt and Marie!! Happy Easter and thank you for your lovely garden where we can come and delight in poetry, while planting a few of our own seedlings 🙂

  17. So sorry to be tardy to this party (as someone wise once said) but wanted to throw my thank-you bouquet into the group’s as well …It’s no small thing – one hundred of anything – and I hope you’re as properly proud of yourselves as you rightfully should be. Gardeners extraordinaire and poets profound – thank you for all you do for us, and for me personally – I love you both very much and don’t tell either of you nearly often enough. You brighten so many lives in ways of which I’ll bet you aren’t even aware … here’s to another 100, at least!

  18. Iris D on said:

    Flower gardening is one of my favorite pastimes, next to writing and reading poetry, and I am honored to be a flower in your garden. Thank you. You not only both bloom, but you are excellent gardeners as you tend this site. I salute you Marie and Walt.

  19. Graciously accepted!! Wow, I feel so honored to be blooming within the same garden as all of these amazing poets!!!

    Thank you so much Marie and Walt for ALL of the love and labor that you put into the soil of this poetic haven!!

    Warm smiles and congratulations to everyone!!

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