We are very proud to have made it to 100 prompts at POETIC BLOOMINGS. This has been a labor of love that Marie Elena and I have enjoyed hosting. It is a love of poetry for sure. But it is also a love of all of you, the poets who have offered their muse and creative talents to make this the place for poetry to blossom and flourish. Your words touch hearts and nourish our souls.

In celebration, we have feted personal achievements, world events and this weekend especially, the glory of this season of Easter in all its connotations.

Weekly, we choose two poems to honor from our group  and this is always a difficult choice. And on occasion, we feel that every gifted poet deserves to be included in the celebration. So to honor you all, we offer the BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS to every poet who has honored us with their work. 

“You are the gardeners of our souls. You all bloom brilliantly for us.”

Congratulations to all POETIC BLOOMINGS poets.