St. Patricks Day had us seeing green… and writing about it. Whether writing about the color green, feeling “green” (jealousy, nausea), being in the green (coming into money) or anything else green, we were inspired to grow our BLOOMINGS  here! The BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS for this week’s prompt share a common bond. They are:


Sometimes one simply MUST go with make-me-grin, simple FUN.  Add in rhyme and a toe-tapping cadence, and you’ve captured my heart.  From RJ Clarken’s fertile mind came opposing opinions – perhaps a bit jaded, but olive it fun!  I have to share both, as they go together like peas and carrots.  Thank you, RJ!  You rock my poetic world!

 Green Veggies (by RJ Clarken)

“I won’t eat anything green.” ~Kurt Cobain

I won’t eat anything that’s green.
No broccoli, spinach, tiny peas.
Not even sauced or baked with cheese.
I am the anti-veggie Queen.

I will not eat a French-cut bean.
Kale? Chard? Collards? Nope, none of these!
No broccoli, spinach, tiny peas.
I won’t eat anything that’s green.

Romaine and cabbage ain’t my scene
and Brussels sprouts? Forget it. Geez!
Asparagus? No way. Oh please!
And nix the celery. I mean,
I won’t eat anything that’s green.

Rebuttal Re Green Veggies  (by RJ Clarken)

Oh gosh! I dissed green? (Oh, the shame.)
I’m not a veg-bigot, I swear.
To show that I really do care
I’ll eat a big salad. I’m game.

You’ll see then. I would not defame
that leafy green stuff. (Are we square?)
I’m not a veg-bigot, I swear.
Oh gosh! I dissed green? (Oh, the shame.)

My taste buds are really to blame.
I hope you’ll forgive me. This err
won’t happen again. Now aware,
I’ll be kind when making a claim.
Oh gosh! I dissed green? (Oh, the shame.)


As we’ve seen, green is all around us. Shade and hue comes through, but as far as we can tell, every scene offers some green. And in a strange twist of fate that Marie’s selection would appreciate, the poet/poem that I selected for the BLOOM is ANOTHER Randy, Randy Bell with “Viridescent”

Viridescent (by Randy Bell)

I see this color often
collected from sea glass
like viridescent carpets
comprised of soft lush grass
I often find bland color
of rip-roaring sea foam
in curtains, clothes, and vases
scattered about the home
It’s the color of go
when traffic light has changed
that flush of jealousy
when your slightly deranged
It’s the color of kiwi’s,
avocados young shoots
It’s the sheen on Grinch’s face
when he hollers and hoots
It’s leprechauns colors,
shades of moon-colored cheese
It’s the color of stains
when kids crawl on their knees
It’s the color of money, envy, & greed
found in peace pipes, it’s called crazy weed
distilled into color
Absinthe and Chartreuse
but I’d much rather have mint,
with fresh wheatgrass juice
It’s the color of fire
with copper sulfate
It’s license plate color
of Green Mountain State
It’s the color of pride
for the Irish they say
It’s the color of beer
on Saint Patrick’s Day

© ~ Randy Bell ~ 2013

Congratulations to Randi Clarken and Randy Bell for your BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS!