A bit of a challenge to get the creative juices flowing. Finding contrary words to the list provided was indeed a task of some proportion. All of our poets who ventured there have been rewarded with works of worthy worded wonder.


This challenging prompt stimulated quality poeming.  I thoroughly enjoyed the faith-based pieces – all of them penned beautifully – as well as the creative humor, and story-telling qualities of some.  What a wide variety of inventive responses!  My Bloom this week goes to Sara McNulty for “Entangled.”  Her unsettling account and plea is clear and unforced,  in a flawless read that was written with comfortable rhyme and natural flow.  Well done, Sara.

Entangled  by Sara McNulty

She prayed for a solution. Let some
brave, solid soul come stepping
softly along, help improve
her life of strife, suffering blows
from a drunken, devil of a man,
an immoral lout with a pig’s snout,
who bullies night after night, threatening
her. If she tries to run away, he says
she’ll pay, but one day the truth
will come out, and the mighty
become the weak.


Our  In-Form Poet Wednesday guidelines state “… we may choose to highlight one of your in-form poems on occasion.”  Today is one such rare occasion.  This week’s Epulaeryu form inspired delectable creations that made my mouth water.  They conjured scents, tastes, and even warm memories.  Salvatore Buttaci, however, chose to take his piece in a unique direction that I don’t believe any of us envisioned.  Sal, I offer you a second Bloom for your innovative and inspiring Epulaeryu.      

FOOD FOR ALL by Salvatore Buttaci

“Bring me your famished, bellies
bloated, growling from
deep empty pits: ‘Please feed us!’
Bring them! I am wheat,
rice, corn in the fields.
food for



Of late I have searched for brevity in finding expression in the fewest words. One poet excels in this process and I am awed by her proclivity for such skill. And emotions drip from each brief word, speaking volumes. The search for self sometimes takes detours, but brings us back to square one. Restarting cleansed, we can advance confidently. My bloom goes to Paula Wanken for the following poem:

TENDER MERCY  by Paula Wanken

Confidence shaken,
I spiral
in corrupt ambiguity,
yielding to self-
indulgent ways
of the enemy.

He speaks to me.
Asking for honesty,
offering a solution:
a chance to be


Congratulations to Sara, Paula, and Sal for well-deserved honors!