I am always heartened by this prompt and that is why we resurrect it as often as possible. The concept goes way beyond choosing a line from a poem. It becomes a collaboration of a sort, taking a thought and carrying it off in a new, but connected direction. And it shines a light on the work of the inspiring poet and designates them as worthy to be feted in such a way. In that, we honor both poets for their devotion to this craft of ours and help to promote more of their works. We celebrate all poets who offer their words to touch the hearts of all. These are the BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS:


Will there ever be a week when choosing just one poem to highlight is an easy task, and is not chosen at the expense of other equally-deserving poems?  I’m afraid not.  But some weeks (like this one) are even harder for me than usual.  There were several incredibly well-penned, powerful pieces this week.  Still, a few stood out as exceptional among the excellent.  “Word as Breath” by Jane Shlensky was one of those, for me.  Jane, if only every young person could be taught poetry in your classroom, surely they would become as enthralled as we here at Poetic Bloomings.  I’ve read Word as Breath so many times that I lost count, and its beauty never dims.

Word as Breath (by Jane Shlensky)

Forced to define poetry
to yawning students,
she hesitates to mention
feeling, like a breath
held too long
in aching lungs,
an urgency to cup
the beating heart
of words in her hands
like bouquets of butterflies,
captured on the wing,
to make a single breath
take on life of its own.

Should she say moments nag
to be made whole, that
a breeze across your fingers
as you open a door
can break your heart
with loss and longing?

Will they understand
there is a poem riding
every pulse of breath,
each moment a petal
falling, a glint of light,
a subtle tint you know
for gift, that you will
grow old loving it,
that insignificant
as it may seem,
it has made you better
than you were,
all such moments
cascading over you,
washing you until
you stand worn
but clean
before God?

Will they embrace it
when they feel it?
Will they believe
that poetry is prayer?

After Damon, SevenAcreSky’s “Moment”: “A moment is/the when/between the now/and then.”  (EXCELLENT CHOICE, JANE.)


Marie makes reference to Jane Shlensky’s work as being something every young person can learn from and be drawn. This is very telling in that the work of POETIC BLOOMINGS own “young person” stands out in its brilliance week after week. And she could not pick any better poet from which to draw her inspiration. Today I celebrate Erin Kay Hope with her work taken from Iain Douglas Kemp’s spark.

THE NEW DAWN (by Erin Kay Hope)

My heart lay
On the shores of desolation,
Beached and breathless;
My mind, numbed,
Unable to comprehend it,
Aching, longing,
Praying for
Comfort, for strength to endure, as
Bitter tears fall.
And God, in
His everlasting mercy sent
The comfort I
Had asked for:
A baby
Girl, brand new sister, filling the
Gap in my heart;
Not replacing,
But relieving the sense of
And I looked out my window at
The golden sun:
Freedom and life reborn,
The new dawn,
Fresh opportunities beckon,
A time to start again.

© Copyright Erin Kay Hope – 2013

“On the shores of desolation/beached and breathless…” and “Freedom and life reborn/the new dawn/fresh opportunities beckon/a time to start again” from Iain Douglas Kemp’s poem, “Phoenix Rising”: Gone to the Birds prompt #92

Congratulations Jane and Damon, Erin and Iain. We share in your honor!