Imagism is the name given to a movement in poetry aimed at clarity of expression through the use of precise visual images. The early period often written in French form was Imagisme.Use the language of common speech, but employ exact words, not the nearly exact, nor the merely decorative word.

An example: Autumn by T.E. Hulme

A touch of cold in the Autumn night –
I walked abroad,
and saw the ruddy moon lean over a hedge
like a red-faced farmer.
I did not stop to speak, but nodded,
and round about were the wistful stars
with white faces like town children.

Try your hand at connecting with the Imagism spirit. Be descriptive and paint the visual picture. Good luck.


A Little Girl’s Dream

She dreamed of grace through ballet –
Tulle layered to below her calf
Satan ribbon crisscrossing at her ankle
Waltzing on toe.
Ballet was offered only paired with tap,
For which she had no desire.
No desire until she acquired a taste
For black patent leather shoes.
Became enthralled with
Brush step, patter tap
Clicking rhythm
On hard surface beneath her feet.
Decades later, as she sees herself
In elderly women who
She once again dreams of grace.

 © Copyright Marie Elena Good – 2013



Mists hang low, clutching the grass
with moist fingers. Lingering
for the feel of the warmth of
sunrise’s first heated breath,
knowing the rising sun spells
its demise. It would be wise
for the mist to remain prone.
If left alone it will remain.

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2011