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We looked to the stars for this week’s prompt to get an indication of what effects astrology has on our lives and personalities. Not that we are pigeon-holed, for we make our own way, developing our personal taste and senses of style. “What’s you sign?” becomes the question of self-examination. And so…



What’s not to love about a poem written by a book-loving poet of true worth, about her inborn love of books.  Nancy Posey’s Libra is simply a delight to read – I can even hear her skipping down the marble steps, and see the satisfied gleam in her eye, anticipating devouring her goods.  Nancy, I appreciate the way you create with your words – from scenes and emotions to something as concrete as how you make your line breaks work for you.  I enthusiastically offer you this week’s Bloom.

LIBRA (by Nancy Posey)

I was weighed
in the balances
and found wanting—

wanting books
and more books

little wonder
my rites of passage
not with
a driver’s license
but with
a library card

turned loose
on Saturday afternoons,
left alone
to prowl the stacks,

I agonized over
the right

checking them out
then walking
down the marble steps
out front,
books balanced
in my arms

knowing what lay
in my stars—
other people’s stories
becoming my own


Born under a bad sign or not, you display certain traits that point to the stars. And sometimes it is so telling, it is laughable. Our poet has shined her starlight on a glimpse of one such scene. As stereotypical as it sound, the blatant truth of it is spot on. I had a brother who was far too horny and full of B.S. They are real people; predators. The slimy end of the gene pool beckons to DIVE RIGHT IN. Amy Barlow Liberatore, here is your BEAUTIFUL BLOOM.

DIVE RIGHT IN (from the mini-series, “Amy: The Lost Years) by Amy Barlow Liberatore

I know it’s a dive but
I dive right in anyway
Thigh-high boots first and
black silk bustiered boobs
not far behind

A drink; I start to shine; a
dim bulb sidles over, his
best pick-up line the
cobwebby question
of the truly unhip:

“What sign are you?”
After all these years,
you’d think it would
no longer be laughable
to answer, “Virgo”

But sorry-ass dudes
who think they can
get you with a ‘lude*
also seem to think it’s
hilarious to say “virgin”

Now he’s making fun
of my birth sign
“Hold on, Jack,” I snark,
“who’s the one with the
fake tan and a wink

that tells me you watch
WAY too much old
Magnum, PIs? Let me
illuminate you, buddy
I may have been born Virgo,

but I’ve a Gemini eye:
I can see Taurus rising
in your attitude, cuz
you’re way past horny
and full of B.S.”

© 2013 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil


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10 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT #94

  1. Laurie Kolp on said:

    Fantastic choices… congrats Nancy and Amy!

  2. Yes, great choices, both of them! Congratulations, Nancy and Amy. Well written.

  3. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Ahh… Fun choices, Congratulations Nancy and Amy!!

  4. janeshlensky on said:

    Two great picks, Walt and Marie. Congrats, Nancy and Amy!

  5. Yes, I second, Jane’s thoughts!! Awesome job!!

  6. Ahhh, yes! Both excellent in their own unique way! Nice work poets! 🙂 AND judges! (I still don’t envy you the job of choosing every week.) :-]

  7. Congratulations, Nancy and Amy! Great poems!

  8. Excellent choices both – congrats Nancy and Amy … I have to tell you Ames, I fell off my seat laughing when I read yours so am particularly happy to see that Walt gave you his bloom and Nancy, as always, your scales are quality ones … again, kudos.

  9. Wonderful work Nancy and Amy. I never really thought I would care about the answer to that irritating question, “What’s your sign?”, until I read your poems and the other wonderful poems for the prompt this week! Congratulations.

  10. Perfect picks! Congrats to Nancy and Amy.

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