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The MEMENTO, created by Emily Romano, is a poem about a holiday or an anniversary of some sort. It consists of two six-line stanzas as follows:

Line 1: 8 syllables

Line 2: 6 syllables

Line 3: 2 syllables

Line 4: 8 syllables

Line 5: 6 syllables

Line 6: 2 syllables

Repeat the above pattern for the second stanza.

The rhyme scheme is: a/b/c/a/b/c for each of the two stanzas.

More Information/Examples: Memento Poetry at Shadow Poetry


“Do This in Remembrance of Me”

 As oft I take the wine and bread
 Recall the cross for me
 He bore
 Rejoicing He’s no longer dead,
 The risen Christ that we
How wicked is the human race
 How deep the hollow of
 Man’s fall.
 The Author of redeeming grace
 Bestows His utmost love
 For all.

 © Copyright Marie Elena Good – 2013



Some days, you are full of fire,
ready for what life brings.
You stand
fanning the flames of that pyre
until those embers sing!
And then

some days you just get a raw deal,
too much life to handle;
to give.
You’re only as old as you feel.
So blow out the candles
and live!

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

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  1. Marie, that’s the first thing I thought of! You’ve done a terrific job! You too, Walt!

  2. I’ll Never Forget

    Five years since, I remember still,
    That day, and I still cry

    Day you’re not here, because I will
    Not forget, though I’ll try

  3. claudsy on said:

    Marvelous examples, Marie and Walt. This might take me a few tries to get it right. Thank the powers that be, there are no meters for me.

  4. Memento
    Posted on January 30, 2013 by vivinfrance

    The day that I was seventy-five
    was not a happy one

    at all

    I was still glad to be alive
    although I had no fun

    at all.

    Confined to bed in hospital
    is after all no place

    for fun

    but I was philosophical
    put on a happy face

    for fun.

  5. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Oh, Loved both, for different reasons!

  6. Our dear, dearest Walt and Marie,
    You have both gently shown
    The way
    To living our moments fully
    In spite of life’s unknown
    Each day

    Redeeming love and saving grace
    Acceptance in the will
    Of Now
    Will teach us daily to embrace
    The tides of good or ill
    That blow

  7. 2013

    Valentine written completely,
    reservations all made,
    for loving and doting sweetly,
    to feel the gaze of my

    There’s no better time for a poem
    than Valentine’s Day, we
    are sure.
    There’s no other place than our home,
    no better place to be,
    so pure.

  8. I guess I’m still stuck on the topic of birds.


    Fat pigeons dot the shaded park.
    They search for seed and grain,
    And feed.
    Often besieged by a dog’s bark,
    They snub it in the main,
    From greed.

    We humans can be stubborn, too,
    Lasting through resistance
    Of foes.
    It’s what necessity can do,
    Inspiring persistence
    Which grows.

  9. Conception of Misconception

    In lack of honest, uttered word
    Or the ineptness of
    Their mien
    In truths too seldom breathed or heard
    Lost somewhere in self-love

    …the moment when I should have said
    Those words that I chose not
    To say
    Before assumptions in your head
    Consume your misled thought

  10. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    The 10th Day of Each Month~A Lesson in Life

    This date, it comes and goes with time
    Yet, I remain in awe
    of it

    I wonder, Will there come a time
    when I cannot recall
    of it?

    This does not mean that I’ll forget
    In life we never do,

    That of this thought, I don’t regret,
    …that sweet mirage of you…


    Warm laughter shared in joy that day
    I saved in memory,
    Of my past. Never far away,
    You made us feel carefree.
    What bliss!

    Our parents sent us out to play,
    Then decorate the tree.
    I miss
    Us at table. Heads bowed, we prayed.
    Christmas, to you from me:
    A kiss!


    (C) 2008 Salvatore Buttaci

  12. janeshlensky on said:

    First Bloom

    Bright stars burst through the slush and snow,
    their petals stretch like rays
    of light;
    a sweet surprise unfurls. We know
    new warmth on coldest days,

    In every frozen heart there lies
    a flower in the bud
    for us;
    we wear faith shining from our eyes
    to find beauty in mud—

  13. POET’S DAY (Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday)

    Fridays are made for poets who
    put their notebooks aside
    and hit
    the open mic wooing, pursu-
    -ing glory nationwide.

    creatures of the night vying for
    your attention; women
    and girls.
    Men, leaving it all on the floor.
    Us, leaving our mark on
    the world.

  14. Ellen Knight on said:

    Ode to ‘In-Form Wednesdays’

    New forms give me quite the challenge,
    the syllables today
    are king.
    Adding to the counter-challenge,
    rhymes still needed to say
    the thing.

    Introducing new dance tempos
    often make me stumble
    and fall.
    I’d much rather be writing prose
    so as not to bumble
    it all.

    Ellen Knight 1.30.13

  15. Don’t Blow Out the Candles

    Forever’s exactly how long
    you want the cake to last.
    on the cake is not your swan song.
    Stop looking to the past.

    things up with a dash vanilla,
    nutmeg or ginger can
    you you’re The Most Happy Fella
    or maybe Peter Pan,
    long since.


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  17. Such beautiful examples here!! Excellent form…thank you! 🙂

  18. claudsy on said:

    This was a tricky one for me, though I’m not sure why. I hope I’ve done it correctly. I’ll be back to comment on all poems from Sunday through today.

    Down by the Seashore

    Beaches washed with soft blue waters,
    Skies screeching with sea birds;
    Never a comber who falters,
    Even at sea’s foam curds,
    Surf line.

    Toes separated by warm sand
    Squirm, feeling Earth’s wet breast
    Wondering if ever my hand
    could make a green wave-pressed
    sea wreath.

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  20. janeshlensky on said:

    So often I forget to tell you, Marie and Walt, what fine poems you write to be an example to us. You’re both just the bees’ knees, the cats’ whiskers, writers of wondrous things. This one I posted today at PA, using your memento form.

    Almost Forever

    Science spoils poetry, you say,
    stars sequinning the night.
    forever frightens facts away—
    stars die and lose their light
    bright glance.

    Lie back and watch the heavens sift
    stars, gaze into the face
    Eons reflected feel like gift,
    already gone, no trace,
    but love.

  21. janeshlensky on said:

    One more. These are almost as addictive as shadorma.

    The Beast Within

    “That kind of pain feels like forever.” Mary Craver

    Deep suffering helps us to know
    pain has its own body
    fierce beast
    its claws and gnaws relentless, slow
    its power sharp, godly
    fear’s feast

    Sometimes when it sleeps, we are free
    to tiptoe through our mind
    light breath
    and whisper through our teeth that we
    have hope to leave behind
    grim death

  22. Six tries on this one, and I’m not liking it!

    Christmas And Uncle Bill

    One Christmas day remains ingrained,
    driving home, L.IE.
    in snow.
    Poor Dad at wheel did not complain.
    Far as the eyes could see,

    Uncle Bill in passenger seat,
    grabs his stomach in pain,
    and groans.
    Four hours passed, the trip complete.
    The ER nurse exclaimed,
    gall stones.

  23. I’d never heard of this form. Thanks!

  24. Boo

    When I first met you, well, I thought,
    he’s kinda cute. Wonder
    if he
    might like me. Or, uh, perhaps not.

    Scared I’d make a blunder
    (or flee)

    I forced myself to reach, to touch…
    it was destiny not
    to fail.
    Fear would no longer be a crutch.
    Response? You wagged (a lot!)
    your tail.


    (BooBoo is my 8 1/2 month old puppy. ♥)

  25. “The Day that you were Born”

    Up the hospital steps he flies!
    the day that you were born:
    cleats burst!
    Beneath his baseball cap, he sighs…
    sees you breathe on your own;
    feet first!

    Clanging down hospital hallway
    chew tobacco spitting
    grins your father from his ball-play,
    ear-to-ear; my fist would

  26. Today is my son, Clint Casey’s birthday and the above is a true story.

  27. Mementos

    Within a chest there is a box
    with love letters folded
    and tied.
    They represent the building blocks
    of how our loved molded
    this ride.

    We celebrate on any day
    the love that quickly grew
    Unfolding like a spring bouquet
    even as the years flew,
    we glide.

    • Henrietta Choplin on said:

      • Marjory M thompson on said:

        HOO – HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO POST OR COMMENT – So this is a surprise to me that the machine is cooperating. Computers can flog the brain. Hopefully (SOON) my computer and I will get back in sink. ‘Till then, I just read and enjoy. Great poeming in the garden.

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  29. Better late than never! Here’s my offering — for Valentine’s Day! 😉

    Valentine’s Day (a memento)

    It’s time again to celebrate:
    kisses, hugs, hearts, roses,
    Get on board before it’s too late,
    (unless you suppose it’s
    But, if you have an open mind,
    (and you don’t mind some flack),
    my friend:
    send love out to the world. Be kind.
    You’ll find it coming back

    ~ ~ ~
    And a link to my blog — where my Valentine’s mini-cards (inspired by 14 Words for Valentine’s Day) can also be found:


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