It seems every writing site is delving into the New Year’s resolution. We weren’t any different. But, I figured  if we got it out of the way early, we could dispense with it for another 51 weeks. I resolve to not post another resolution prompt until then. That’s one I plan on sticking to!!!


I’m such a sucker for good humor, and my friend Kate Wilson is, well, full of it. 😉  “When Resolution Meets Experience” is simply so very Kate – simple, honest, and fun. The cadence is perfect, making this even more of a fun read. Kate, I’m grinning ear-to-ear as I offer you this week’s “Beautiful Bloom.”

 When Resolution Meets Experience (by Kate Wilson)

Well, you know how it is: I can staunchly resolve,
But I’ll end up more restless than driven.
Still, I aim to be strong and I aim to be brave
And I aim to not waste what I’m given,
Whether friendships or time, scraps of talent or goods—
To encourage these things I have striven.
But when, frankly, it’s down to the push or the shove,
Hey… I mostly just plan to keep livin’.


The dreaded resolution does not necessarily mean a lifestyle change. It could simply be a determination to excel in one thing, to be better at one thing. Or try one thing. But we seek a fulfillment in that one spec of life and if it offers us inner peace, we have become better people or poets. It is well expressed in Michael Grove’s  A MATTER OF RHYME

A MATTER OF RHYME By Michael Grove

I might grab a piece of balsa wood
and learn me how to whittle,
or read the Times or Post
and try to solve the riddle.
I could be all out of sorts
and paint myself more skeptical,
but, I’d write of darkening days
then chuck it in the trash receptacle.

I could throw away my values,
become a black and white stool pigeon,
and concentrate my efforts
on politics and religion,
where there used to be a bolder line,
and once, no line at all.
Now, I stand in line for everything,
I stumble but don’t fall.

I might rise above the clatter
seeking answers from above.
But, then I’d only write of things
like forgiveness and love.
That soothes me much like music.
So peaceful and sublime,
Let me piece it all together.
It’s just a matter of rhyme.