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Questionku is a new short form by Richard Lamoureux. By definition it consists of three lines:

Line one:  4 syllables.

Line 2:  5 syllables.

Line 3:  A 6-syllable question.




color and flavor –
Why else but for God’s love?
© Copyright – Marie Elena Good – 2013
A new year starts,
with it, life renews.
Will you begin anew?
© Copyright – Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

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  1. Only Comfort:

    A heart broken,
    A soul torn apart,
    Why not let His love in?

    My Practical (Lazy) Side:

    Alarm goes off,
    Hurray! Time for school!
    Wait, what time does it say?!?!?


    Winter wonder,
    Snow in sparkling heaps,
    How could you not love it?

  2. Ellen Knight on said:

    Snow Day
    (a Questionku)

    The storm has passed.
    Wind has stayed to play.
    Do you have some snowballs?

    Ellen Knight 1.2.13

  3. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    :)!! Quirky name, short and sweet!

  4. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    New Year’s Day

    Time marches on,
    My heart doesn’t move,
    I wonder…where are you?

  5. Short and sweet…how to say the most with the least! You guys have given us a great start!

  6. God holds the earth
    He saves our souls
    Why do we yet doubt Him?


    God speaks; it IS
    None can thwart His will
    Is there any greater?


    God loves us so
    Beyond human grasp
    Will we ignore His grace?

  7. Questionku

    Why do I laugh
    at an old story
    that I’ve already heard?

  8. We must have peace,
    it can bloom with us,
    if not ourselves, then who?

  9. Blue skies turn gray,
    Clouds are pouring rain,
    Why do you not rejoice?

  10. Hesitation;
    Living in the Now…
    Why would you question this?

  11. 2013
    (a Questionku)

    Always so gloomy.
    So why am I joyful?

  12. Two commandments
    Love God, love people
    So how hard can it be?

  13. claudsy on said:

    I have three of these little treats-to-write. As soon as I saw the prompt, my mind went into metaphysical thought mode. Think of these as small kung-fu poems for the inquisitive thinker. Okay, that might be going a bit far, but a fun thought, nonetheless. I hope you enjoy them.


    Time rolls forward
    Taking life with it.
    Does time deem life good?


    Spring blossoms fade
    Into fruits galore.
    Does fortune smile on fruits?


    Without love’s kindness,
    Life would shrivel–gone.
    Does kindness keep one alive?

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  15. A Questionku

    Gnawing on flesh
    around fingernails,
    disgusting. Why do it?

  16. Subzero

    Fingers turn blue
    my nose a bright red –
    Will Spring ever return?

  17. Make a Difference

    Every good deed
    started with just one
    person. So why not you?

  18. If compassion
    Moved us in our lives,
    Would we fear loneliness?

    © 2013 Salvatore Buttaci

  19. Craziness

    Mother with son —
    each gesture noted.
    Will envy ever leave?

    It’s not true then…
    home is a haven
    Will the searching end now?

    New Year begins.
    It’s still not over.
    Will he always be dead?

  20. Once again I come,
    Pen and paper wait,
    Will I hear my thought?

    Jane Penland Hoover 1 3 2013

  21. Blue-black dragonfly
    patrols lake edges.
    What captures her eye?

  22. Early Morning

    Hawk pair silent,
    before wings give lift.
    What if I could follow?

    Blue birds scurry,
    duck between thick leaves.
    Have they escaped again?

    My lens opens
    swift enough to catch.
    Will others gain their prey?

  23. Pretty blossom
    overlooking snow –
    how, then, can one not smile?

  24. Marjory M Thompson (MMT) on said:

    The silent world
    lies under gray sky,
    Will it snow in the night?

    White cover of
    winter wonder land.
    Should I go out to play?

    Feel of chrisp air,
    softness of the snow.
    Where will my snowman grow?

  25. Marjory M Thompson (MMT) on said:

    Holiday’s done,
    return of schedule.
    Can I get back on track?

  26. Jane Penland Hoover, it is so good to have you and words gracing our site once again!

    Marie Elena

  27. I am honored you have posted and talked about my Questionku form. Both are excellent examples of the form.

  28. pen to paper
    letters written down
    will they be understood?

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