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“Visions of sugarplums” is just a nice way of bringing your muse out to play, on Christmas Eve or the crest of a new fallen snow. Our poets offered worded wonder of a wistful nature to express just that!


These sugar plum offerings were a joy to read!  Couldn’t we repeat this prompt week-after-week-after-week?   I would like nothing more than to offer each and every one of you my single Beautiful Bloom this week, but I must behave.  😉  Claudette Young, I offer my Bloom to you for “Small Things.”  Your words capture the spirit of joyful giving, and humble expectations.  What sweeter dreams could befall us?  Your last stanza says it all.  Beautifully lived; beautifully penned.

Small Things (by Claudette Young)

We all gathered,
Diverse women in hall,
Sewing chatting defining
Ourselves by hand and
Purpose for that season.

Scraps of fabric we cut
In boot style, big enough
For goodies and trimmed
With spare lace or ribbon,
And jingles bells on cuffs.

Amid laughter and learning
We placed our care into
Myriad small person futures
To carry their hopes forward,
To know someone else cared.

When those bright stockings
Overflowed with pencils and
Prizes, alongside fruits and nuts.
They traveled horseback to
Hillsides, caves, and home sites

Where children of sparse fortune
Celebrated with less expectation,
Knowing life gave them small
Things to appreciate and
Possibilities for surprising cheer.


A wispy midnight vision wrapped in a flannel and giving inspiration to the muse of these works of sheer art. Our “sugarplums” dance on the out reaches of our thoughts and none more ethereal than this piece by JANET MARTIN.  There is lilting quality to this poem and the rhyme ties it all together!

A SUGAR PLUM… by Janet Ruth Martin

Silent night
A froth of white
Sifts from the lower cloud
It wraps the earth
In sparkling mirth
Redemption’s spotless shroud

Heavenly peace
Mankind’s release
From worldly weariness
Where all is calm
Held in the Palm
Of Perfect Love’s caress

Whisper of prayer
Wings through the air
Past midnight’s star-kissed seas
Where God imparts
To love-worn hearts
Life’s tender memories

© Janet Martin


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11 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT #87

  1. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Both…so Beautiful… Congratulations, Clauds and Janet!!

  2. Claudette’s Little House on the Prairie poem touched this quilter’s heart, and Janet’s Silent Night is eminently singable.

  3. I’m in agreement with Viv and Marie about your poem, Clauds…they said it well…excellent work my friend!!!

    Janet, Walt’s right…lilting and ethereal…just gorgeous, beautiful writing!

    Congratulations to you both!! 🙂

  4. Well-deserved congratulations to Janet and Claudette!

  5. Yes! Congratulations! And thank you for the poems.

  6. Well done, Janet, and yeahssss to Claudsy!

  7. claudsy on said:

    Oh, my. Thank you, Marie, for this honor unexpected. Such recognition will carry me into the new year with delight. And Janet, I must tell you that your poem read so well and was quiet lovely. Congratulations on your selection.

    Thank you all for your lovely thoughts and well wishes.

  8. Congratulations Claudsy and Janet, great poems both!

  9. WOW! Thank-you so much, Walt, Marie and all of you dear bloomers:) I just got in from a day with my 9 siblings and their families as well as my parents. this is such a sweet surprise to close out a wonderful day!

    Claudsy, your poem evokes such sweet sugarplums. Congratulations, friend.

    I wish you all a blessed New Year.

  10. Congratulations to Claudsy & Janet, I enjoyed both poems !!
    Happy New Year’s to all !!!

  11. Congratulations to Claudsy and Janet wonderful visions in both poems! And Janet’s was definitely lilting. Thank you for the smiles!! 🙂

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