POETIC BLOOMINGS is a Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild site established in May 2011 to nurture and inspire the creative spirit.


We have explored many great poetic forms over this past year. Some were challenging. Some were familiar and fun. So for today, pick one of the forms that we have covered (IN-FORM POET WEDNESDAY) and write in that style. We’ve had a great year of poeming and with the release of our book, POETIC BLOOMINGS: the first year, things look even more promising for 2013.



Seize the Joy (A Carpe Diem)

As we leave the season behind

may we find no reason to discard the joy

the baby boy beneath the star

brought to our lives –

belief survives.

© Copyright – Marie Elena Good – 2012




I am never at a loss for reminders
for within them, I hold you near.
The warmth of your smile still lingers,
the warmth of your smile keeps you here.

For within it, I hold you near.
You are emblazoned on my heart.
The warmth of your smile keeps you here,
deeply where we made our start.

You are emblazoned on my heart,
a love tattoo that looks like you.
Deeply where we made our start,
the origin of love so true.

A love tattoo that looks like you,
and through its power I hold you near.
The origin of love so true
that within this heart I hold so dear.

And through its power I hold you near,
the warmth of your smile still lingers,
within this heart I hold so dear.
I am never at a loss for reminders.

© Copyright – Walter J. Wojtanik 2012

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41 thoughts on “IN-FORM POET – YEAR IN REVIEW

  1. claudsy on said:

    Amen, Marie. This is a wonderful form for you.

  2. I chose the Fibonacci as my form. I had a lot of fun when we learned about it.

    My heart
    With his voice,
    His smile, his face;
    He looked at me, and that was it,
    My heart’s not my own
    He stole

  3. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Sweet poem, Meg… I am moved to write a Cascade poem…~<3~…

  4. Each Day We Celebrate

    until next
    time we celebrate
    his birth. Nativities and plays
    angels on high who sing halleluiah, peace and hope,
    and we shall carry his love and our devotion all
    the year long. Christmas celebrates
    his birth but we shall
    his life

    Double Fibonacci 1-13

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  6. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Christmas Wish

    The snow is beginning to fall
    Cascading down in soft, quiet
    Sweetness…tufts of powdered purity

    Blanketing my heart
    in comforting warmth…
    The snow is beginning to fall

    Softening the day, and
    muffling the sounds, of ordinary reality
    Cascading down in soft quiet…

    Untouched, as of yet
    by warm hands’ lingering…
    Sweetness…tufts…of powdered purity.

  7. wow – great pieces, both, Marie & Walt ❤

  8. janeshlensky on said:

    Ditto of Paula. Loved both of them, M&W. I picked a tanka form for today, its 57577 syllable count reminding me of measuring ingredients before baking and all the smidgens of things I add “just to see”–learned from my mother, a wonderful cook. Happy New Year to you all!

    Baking Lesson

    Her old hands measure
    flour, sugar, milk, cracking eggs
    one by one, a pinch
    of this or that in the bowl.
    Smell this,she says, handing me
    nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice,

    storying each spice—
    its use and healing power—
    her palm cradling
    and balancing all good things,
    teaching me to bake by heart.

  9. “Christmas at Grandma’s”

    I sing of cakes and grandma baking now;
    aromas wafting through the swinging door.
    She is the boss; and later takes a bow.
    She’s chef and is the captain of this floor.

    Around the bowl the chocolate, it flows
    and overtakes the crunchy macaroon
    as she becomes the beater of the dough
    for eclair and the eggy custard soon.

    Her kitchen fills with banging pans and tunes
    but most important task one must perform
    is use the tongue to lick the wooden spoons
    before she finds me mid her kitchen storm.

    Pineapple upside-down a taste divine; remembering her kitchen so sublime.

    (still working on my Shakespearean sonnet form.) Click to see the Pineapple Upside Down cake I baked yesterday for friends. Had a slight accident, but the cake was wonderful, anyway.

  10. Marian Veverka on said:


    Right above our heads
    A cloud has burst open
    Spilling tiny white grains

    All over everything
    On this brown old earth

    And now everything wears
    A brand new outfit
    Of shining bright white.

  11. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Such a sweet poem, Walt!

  12. I played around with the rhyme a little, but it’s supposed to be a quatern

    The Fright

    I am not afraid of the night.
    Darkness doesn’t swallow the sun
    like a big yellow jelly bean;
    twenty monsters hidden from sight
    are still twenty monsters at noon.

    I am not afraid of the night
    or noises without names, that might
    be werewolves, owls, or aliens
    with a taste for marrow and brain.

    Even if that were to be right,
    I am not afraid of the night
    –or death–what we really mean
    with all our noise about the light.

    What I do fear, what turns my bones
    gray, is one day you will be gone:
    I am not afraid of the night.

  13. Undercover (Nove Otto)

    Sometimes, burrowing `neath covers
    like my dappled dachshund’s druthers,
    I warm, I wish, my thoughts free spin.
    Fish swim, tails swish cobalt, carmine.
    Birds of Paradise dance–sublime.
    My sulky lips decide to grin.
    No thoughts or sights have I to share
    with anyone; they do not dare
    invade all that I am within.

  14. Anticipation
    (Tanka Form)

    Christmas is over.
    I consider what comes next
    while I still bask in
    joy, warmth, and love today
    of precious family times.
    I look forward — a new year.

  15. Almost Another Year Gone…a sonnet

    Almost I feel you like it used to be
    Perched on the brink of both future and past
    Watching the twilight sweep over the lea
    Shadows beginning to lower their masts
    Almost I hear the murmur of the waves
    Rushing, receding, holding, letting go
    Pushing life’s moments to aerial graves
    Without depleting their subaqueous flow
    Almost I taste your whisper on my lips
    Trembling as when I welcomed your first touch
    Almost I reach with wanton fingertips
    Into the sky for things hands cannot clutch
    Almost I feel what once surely had been
    Save for the miles and the years in between

    Striving for self is grossest vanity
    Time is insistent, thus I must turn loose
    The wants God never intended for me
    Lest they become an invisible noose
    Here on the edge of morrow’s yesterday
    I dare not covet what no longer is
    The heart is both hunter and tenuous prey
    I do not plead for one last farewell kiss
    Yet, no one will suffer for me, your good-bye
    Or weep wrenching tears of beautiful love
    And now as twilight devours the sky
    You slip from me like a hand from a glove
    Forgive me, dear Lord, I am surely a fool
    Beggar and king must adhere to Time’s rule

    Darling, almost I feel the warmth of your sigh
    Soft on my skin where time renders its mark
    Somewhere the sea, like a lover’s lullaby
    Croons its endearments to us through the dark
    Parting is beautiful sorrow, they say
    I’d choose a humbler delight in your arms
    Almost I cannot relinquish this day
    Though I have danced, reveling in its charms
    It simply expands the missing of you
    As history claims its vulnerable gasp
    Almost, I cannot bear this shade of blue
    Prying your silver swan-song from my grasp
    Almost I hear you cajoling its sheen
    Save for the ocean of moments between

  16. I cheated on this one. I wrote it a while ago.

    Creation Sings (a Rondelet)

    Creation sings
    Praises to your name, O Lord God,
    Creation sings.
    All people, plants, beasts, and all things;
    Creation lifts its voice to laud
    You O Lord, the most holy God.
    Creation sings.

    © Copyright – Erin Kay Hope 2012

  17. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Puppy Sweetness (A Carpe Diem)

    So, there they
    spunkily splaying
    Melting all over
    me. ❤

  18. Cat and Mouse (Minnesang)

    He lusts, his body burns afire
    Her beauty fills his heart with pain
    Her smile sends shock waves to his brain
    He thinks one touch is all he needs
    The problem is how to inspire
    He spends days coming up with ways to earn her desire

    He clearly desires to meet her
    His pain shows plainly on his face
    He hangs for days about her place
    He bugs her like persistent fly
    He leers as if he would eat her
    She runs for fear he would undoubtedly defeat her

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