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The Memoir Project has moved into the editing stage and we will be revisiting your compilations through the course of 2013. If you wish to complete the challenge, we encourage you to do so. The prompts will be accessible throughout. Thank you to all who have participated and shared their thoughts. Thank you also to those who for whatever reason refrained from the project all together. We respect your honesty and commitment as well.


But now, we celebrate. ‘Tis the season for all such things and with a song (or song title, or lyric) in our hearts we will exclaim all that there is to celebrate. Be it Christmas, or Chanukah, Kwanzaa or Festivus (the holiday for the rest of us!), celebrate! Heck, even if you just want to celebrate your new “gig kit,” we will join in your elation by way of celebration! We ask that you take a piece of one of the songs of the season to inspire your muse. Use the title or line from the song as your title and craft a new poem. We wish you a merry muse and refuse to let the joy languish!



As cattle low and donkeys bray,
A worried man begins to pray.
“She’s weary, Lord, and birth pains loom,
We need an Inn, but none have room.”
A stable with a bed of hay
Affords them with a place to stay.
She lies amongst the bleating sheep –
Where there she finds no peace for sleep.
The hour of our Savior’s birth
Sweet angel voices sing His worth,
While Satan howls – himself, enraged
In knowing that a war’s been waged
A war the Babe Himself will win –
To free us from our senseless sin.
Beneath the sacred star-lit night,
How silent was that holy night?



We are all someone’s child.
But young children are a special breed.
Their needs and wants are simple.
They need to learn and have fun.
They want to grow in a world
where they are loved and cared for.
They want and need their families around them
and they wish the same for their friends.
They shouldn’t be huddled in a locked closet
amidst gunfire and chaos only wanting one thing.
“I just want Christmas. That’s all. I want Christmas!”

** A heart-wrenching revelation about a young boy in the middle of the senseless massacre of his classmates. His one wish was making it to Christmas. Hug your children often.

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127 thoughts on “CELEBRATIONS IN SONG – PROMPT # 86

  1. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Both poems timely… Thank you, Walt and Meg.

  2. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    “Twelve Days of Christmas” *

    Moving quietly
    through my days,
    I can’t figure out
    if you’re near
    or far away…

    (* Thank you, John Denver and the Muppets ~ ❤ ~ ) 🙂

  3. Auld Lang Syne

    As these days go by
    and we celebrate
    let us remember
    that every day we live
    is worth celebrating,
    for each is a special gift
    that we can never open again.


    Those who remained behind
    Gathered about the throne of God
    Glorifying His gift
    to the world of humanity
    While angels sang praises
    On Earth to the newborn infant,
    His Son, the Word made flesh
    To dwell among us for a time

    Angels from the realms of glory,
    All the saints who had died
    Loving and living God’s commands,
    Watched from heavenly heights
    A child wrapped in swaddling clothes,
    His mother sweet Mary,
    His foster father good Joseph,
    The donkeys braying.

    A promise God had vowed
    Long before time and space began
    He kept at Bethlehem
    In a stable, beneath a star
    He sent twinkling above
    The shepherds, the wise men, the world
    That was changed forever
    When the Infant drew his first breath


  5. I challenged myself two years ago to rewrite the lyrics to a famous piece of music. I have decided today to share with the Poetic Bloomings family the results of that challenge. As a musician and songwriter, I claim the copyright and all rights associated as author of the following lyrics:


    The door to love is forever open
    Was created by angels that come from within
    It’s only the path that may seem hard to find
    To find the great treasure enshrined

    Meet me under the arch
    That is where I’ll be awaiting you
    Greet me with a warm embrace
    The aura of love beckons you

    Over land and sea to each other we’ve come
    Now’s not the time to be quarrelsome
    For some are blind and some are shown
    Let us carve out our love on moonstone

    Take me with you won’t you please
    We will sail on grace’s softest breeze
    For if all is as it was before
    The path has been laid to love’s door

    As dolphins laugh over crested waves
    Round the world on a shimmering stage
    Cotton clouds soft as fleeting rain
    Invite you to love once again

    © Copyright ~ Randy M Bell ~ 2012
    The Door To Love – © Copyright ~ Randy M Bell ~ 2010

  6. Lovely lyrics, Randy. Your ambitions are wonderfully fulfilled!

  7. O Come All Ye Faithful

    O come let us adore Him in the manger bed
    From his glorious home to a stable shed
    Humbly among animals, laying in the hay
    Shepherds, kings, virgin and carpenter say
    O come let us adore Him

    There He is teaching, declaring what God said
    There He’s on the cross, hanging till He’s dead
    Then rising from the tomb, showing us the way
    O come let us adore Him

    As He leaves, His promise, of what lies ahead
    Make sure the poor are clothed and the hungry fed
    You worship me in how you obey
    I’ll be right beside you as you pray
    Love others in the way I have led
    O come let us adore Him

  8. “The Gift”

    My snowy visitors have brought to me
    a bright and beautiful December day
    I offer them my Chinaberry tree;
    they perch, but briefly, then are on their way.

    First pause and groom each other for awhile;
    their talk is sharing; cooing , cheek to cheek.
    They look at me and, sure I see a smile
    upon the face of one who then does speak:

    “Coo-coo, you are the human heart we seek;
    His sacrificial love was made by choice.
    The splendid gift God gave us, leaves us meek.
    Since you are poet, we will be your voice.”

    On wings of care, Nativity, it rings;
    His birth’s a gift forever echoing.

    MEG, I tried to use a line from a famous song, but my birds would not allow it. I could have used, on line 13 “Said the Shepherd boy to the mighty king” but the birdies said no.

    (on 11 December I looked (am on a 3rd floor apartment in Florida, ) at my Chinaberry tree (a forty footer+) and there sat 2 doves/pigeons huddled together as mates and staring at me! Couldn’t believe my eyes so ran for my camera. If you want to see the photo (it looks like a Christmas card!) go to my WordPress site. I consider it
    the nicest Christmas present I have ever received in my 78 years!

  9. Sorry, the picture still not on WordPress site. try
    Thanks. Jackie

  10. Sorry! can’t seem to figure out how to get bird photo onto my WordPress.com site.

  11. claudsy on said:

    As you all know, I tend to get carried away sometimes. Today was no exception to that rule. I found myself creating a cento. I don’t do these often and I modified the rules a bit to allow me to add original lines, but somehow it seemed appropriate for this one. I hope you enjoy it. Here goes:

    A Christmas Song

    Someday soon, when we least expect it,
    We all will be together, if the fates allow;
    Season’s secrets will find release from
    Cages of time wrapped ‘round them.
    We’ll see the stars brightly shining,
    We’ll have chestnuts roasting on an open fire,
    And a turkey and some mistletoe.

    All the stockings will be hung by the chimney with care;
    Each of us will begin with “All I want for Christmas,”

    Frosty the Snowman will tip his hat to us
    As we go a caroling, spreading cheer to all,

    Frosted window panes, candles gleaming inside
    Silver bells and sleighs everywhere.
    Just hear those sleigh bells jingling.
    Let them ring, let them ring!
    Although it’s been said many times many ways,
    Wish a wish or two and I promise you
    Christmas wishes do come true.

    Titles or lyrics taken from:
    “Christmas Time”
    “Take Me Home for Christmas”
    “Sleigh Ride”
    “The Christmas Waltz”
    “The Christmas Song”
    “’Twas the Night Before Christmas”
    “Oh Holy Night”
    “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Now”

  12. claudsy on said:

    This was a great chance to expand and think differently, Marie and Walt.

    You both gave us great example to work from, as well.

  13. Like Marie, my poem is about the birth of Christ. I used one if my favorite carols, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.

    Hark! The herald angels sing,
    Tidings of good cheer,
    To all the world this Christmas night,
    Praises to the King.
    Christ has come to earth tonight,
    Embodied in a child,
    Wrapped in swaddling clothes he lies,
    In a manger bed.
    The star is shining o’er the place
    Where the baby lays,
    Guiding wise men, shepherds too,
    To kneel before their king.
    Hark! The herald angels sing,
    Tidings of good cheer.

  14. “O come, o come, Emmanuel…”

    O come and wake me from my sleep
    The night’s too long, the sorrow’s deep
    My heart is hard, my soul is dry
    Come wake me with the newborn’s cry

    Come help me see and hear once more
    Lift up my heart like years before
    Come take my hand and show the way
    Unleash my voice, so I can pray

    O come, for I’ve forgotten all
    Help me recall, help me recall
    O come release me from a spell
    O come, o come, Emmanuel

  15. Night Blots Out Day

    Silent night of stars,
    in winter
    sky, blink back tears of sorrow
    for those no longer

    here to wish upon
    them, with eyes
    tightly closed,
    hoping their dreams will come true.
    They were our children.

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  17. This is from Tennyson’s poem “Ring Out, Wild Bells”. There are 8 stanzas in his but…well suffice it to say, I’m not Tennyson. 🙂

    Ring out wild bells, to the wild sky,
    Ring out that Christ is born tonight!
    His birth has brought both hope and light,
    Ring out in joy for Christ is nigh!

    Ring out the Savior’s birth to all,
    The young, the old, the grown, the child!
    He’s come to save the meek and mild,
    Ring out, ring out in every hall!

    Ring out He’s come to banish grief,
    He’s come to bring forgiveness here,
    He’s come to drive off shame and fear,
    To save sinners of whom I’m chief!

  18. Thank you, all, for starting my morning with such beauty and grace!

    Marie Elena

  19. “Haste the day”

    After “All is well” by Wayne Kirkpatrick
    and “It is Well with My Soul” by Horatio Spafford

    Though evil storms innocence in crimson
    assail and darkness befalls the land,
    though fray morning cascades into
    mourning forlorn while sorrows like sea
    billows swell, though bitter invades with pungent
    bewails, grant us peace in the depths our souls.

    Oh, Lord haste the day—
    Blessed Rest of our souls,
    wilt thou whisper,
    peace to our souls,
    and arm us with courage to sing
    all is well, all is well, all is well,
    with our souls.

    Let there be peace on earth—
    That day dim of sight when we’re safe
    from all harm and evil’s raw blight,

    Oh, we yearn for the day when fears dissipate
    into dawns of love’s precious delight.

    When clouds be rolled back as a scroll,
    haste that day, Blessed Hope, haste the day,
    when all will be well with our souls,

    That hallowed day when mourning returns
    to noonday bright songs of heart.
    Haste the day we can sing, serene in our hearts,
    All is well, all is well with our souls,

    Haste the day when peace like a river attendeth
    our way and we sing in a breath nary tears,
    Haste the day when we’ll sing with one accord voice,
    all is well, all is well with our souls.

    Oh, Hark, that day looms, when earth rejoice bold,
    and All will be well with our soul.

    Blessed hope, blessed rest, blessed peace, we will sing,
    It is well, it is well, with our soul.

    • Henrietta Choplin on said:

      This is gorgeous… I used to work with a friend who was always singing: “… all is well… all is well…” Thank you for reminding me… <3!!

  20. Marian Veverka on said:

    I wonder as I wander out under the sky

    Yes, we have always wondered, we creatures
    Who walk on two legs, higher than the animals,
    Perhaps, but lower, by far, from the angels.
    Through the ages, we have come up with all
    Kinds of answers to the mystery of our
    Existence – we have cultivated the earth beneath
    Our feet, until it has burst open, generous gifts
    of all kinds of bounty. We have harvested,
    Rejoicing, carrying the sheaves of plenty .

    Too often we believed that the earth was here for
    Our pleasure alone and required no effort from
    Us to keep on producing. In years of famine and
    Pestilence we have cried to Heaven for mercy
    And neglected the overcrowding of our earth.
    When our hopes and desires changed into
    Entitlements, we assumed we were owed all of
    The earth’s treasures simply because we are Man.

    We have always been entranced by the stars. Made
    Legends and stories about them, gave them human
    Form and names. When we acquired the wisdom
    Of mechanics, we began to devise ways where we
    Could rocket ourselves out into space and claim the
    Stars as our own. We succeeded in planting our flag
    On the moon, and used many of our resources in that
    Effort. The conquest of space was a glory we on earth
    Dreamed of, but a people who believes that “conquer”
    Is a valid goal of any enterprise is not worthy of a
    Visit into the vast domains of unknown sky. Until
    We learn to live together sharing and fairly dividing
    The gifts of our earth, we will stay here, dreaming,

    (a shadorma)

    When darkness
    closes in, I look
    and I AM
    reminded of those whose lives
    add light to my life.

  22. janeshlensky on said:


    We shook our heads when she returned
    from walking woods, as often she did,
    each time carrying some treasure of burl
    or mistletoe, Indian Pipe or sassafras root.

    This time she dragged a young maple
    dry and stripped of leaves, killed
    in its spring, torn from the ground,
    its slender trunk splintered like bone.

    She stood it in the greenhouse, a skeleton
    surrounded by greening seedlings, its bark
    slowly curling away in ribbons from white
    smoothness beneath. At advent, she built

    for it a stand and hung from its naked limbs
    fluffs of Spanish moss. Each spray of twigs
    stretching like fingers of an empty hand
    outstretched, she filled with a bird’s nest,

    song birds of wood and clay perched
    among the branches, a single dove lighting
    on the highest limb, its wings lifted as if
    it carried in its claws the hope of the world.

    The holy family assembled at the foot of the tree
    around an empty manger, poised to adore the newborn,
    kneeling, bearing gifts, nudging the animals aside
    for a glimpse of his light. But where was he?

    The child, already in flight, nested aloft, hardly
    bigger than the blue eggs that surrounded him.
    He was risen among wild things that offered him
    the gift of themselves, their ode to joy a chorus

    of birdsong cradling his dreams. Each year
    we dreamed of receiving, of fir trees smelling
    of evergreen, our visions flightless. She saw
    the broken and dead and dreamed of resurrection.

    Her tree, no more than a memory now, returns to me
    each Christmas, each Easter, each walk through woods,
    each flutter and tweet of birds at my feeder, and
    I am brought to my knees in humility, in adoration.

  23. janeshlensky on said:

    Christmas Singalong

    The oldies roll their walkers in
    And sit to sing a song or two
    reminding them of where they’ve been
    and times they know—or knew.

    I play God Rest Ye Silent Night
    O Little Town Still Still O Come
    and as I play we listen for light
    drumming of rumpumpumpum.

    She bears it all with pleasant smile,
    the others happy caroling
    but she grows antsy in a while
    and calls for songs she wants to sing.

    Up on the Rooftop, now she shouts
    then Rudolf, Frosty, Chestnuts roast,
    then filled with joy, she looks about
    and Holly Jollies with a toast.

    At last she wearies, as do I,
    her last song buried far beneath
    in childhood, when she grins and sighs
    “All I want is my two front teeth”.

    After that she wipes her eyes
    and laughs, wrestling with ennui.
    “I lost my front teeth when I was five
    and now again, at eighty-three.”

    The old ones laugh at what they’ve lost
    recounting joys and loves and fears
    and I am blessed among them most
    to gain the wisdom of their years.

    We have ourselves a merry white
    Christmas and winter wonderland,
    sing I’ll be home O holy night
    There’s a song in the air to understand.

    • I love this, Jane. I work for an agency that serves the senior population — you’ve captured their spirit well. I love that closing line!

      (BTW, have you seen “The Piano Guys” rendition of The Charlie Brown Christmas song on YouTube? It’s great — they play at a Senior Center of some sort.)

    • Henrietta Choplin on said:

      This is tenderly Beautiful, Jane…!!

  24. Christmas – a sevenling

    Tis the season for presents
    The one for-giving
    If you have the presence

    You will ask for the giving
    To be forgiven is a present
    For the season

    The reason for the season


  25. Joseph Did You Know?

    Joseph did you know that your son will one day walk on water?
    Joseph did you know that your son will save souls from slaughter?
    Did you know that he has come to make a world be born anew?
    This baby boy you’ve helped bring about will soon deliver you

    Joseph did you that your son will give sight to a blind man?
    Joseph did you know he will calm a storm with just his hand?
    Did you know this little boy has walked where angels walked?
    And sharing fatherhood with you, with God you will have talked

    The world will be saved from sin, the dead raised up again
    For your son, Joseph, will surely be a man among men

    Joseph did you know that your son is Lord of God’s grand design?
    Joseph did you know that you are just what God had in mind?
    For an earthly father to guide his son until he became a man?
    When he in turn will become God’s everything, the great I am.


    (based, of course on Mark Lowry’s wonderful “Mary Did You Know?” – I’ve always felt that Joseph kinda gets short-shrift in all the stories so thought I’d try and give him at least partial credit …)

  26. Winter’s here, winter’s here
    Winter’s here to stay;
    Hot cocoa and cookies too
    And scarves to wear all day. Hey!

    Winter’s here, winter’s here
    Winter’s here to stay;
    Snowball fights, and icicles,
    With friends outside to play!

    Dazzlingly light,
    The world is full of snow,
    Lacey, filmy flakes of white,
    She sure puts on a show! Oh!

    Winter’s here, winter’s here,
    Winter’s here to stay;
    Oh such fun and frolicking
    All through the winter day!

    And this is from, as of course you’ve realized, Jingle Bells.


    Ticking down, the sounds of the season beckon.
    Twelve days become nine; then seven.
    And the heavens newly infused with cherubim
    looking down. Amidst the sighs and cries
    we move toward the day when another Child
    held sway. It eases a broken soul to know
    that goodness has its own reward. Rest
    then brave ones in His glory and yours.
    You remain loved and remembered.
    The best gift so given on this day.

  28. In the Midst of Angel’s Tears

    In the midst of angel’s tears, God was heard to moan
    Heartsick for His children’s pain bonded to His own
    Blood was spilled and babes had fallen, blood and babes and woe
    In the midst of angel’s tears, God felt every blow

    His babe had known of bullies, had felt the judgement day
    But even He recoiled of death in this evil way
    In the midst of angel’s tears, happy ones back then
    The baby born was Jesus, born to be the Lamb

    In this holy season, God tries to make all well
    Tries to let the grieving know, the babes with Him now dwell
    In the midst of angel’s tears, He promises some peace
    Sends His love to wrap them tight, promises release


    (after “In the Bleak Midwinter” – words by Christina Rossetti/John Storey – music by Gustav Holst)

  29. Sharon, this is incredible. In keeping with the prompt and overwhelmed by the circumstances at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I have written a song (melody and lyrics) entitled “Angels Cried at Christmas” The lyrics are posted on my blog “Through the Eyes of a Poet’s Heart” and when I get the gumption and my voice back, I will try to record the audio for the song to be heard.


  30. Fall on your knees
    Oh hear the angels’ voices
    Cry for the dead
    But pray for those who lived

  31. We Three

    Bearing gifts we travel afar,
    Blankets, and coffee, and gifts in the car.
    A journey of joy on this winter day,
    A trip with snow playing
    on white swept highways.
    From morning ‘til night,
    we drive with songs spilling from smiles
    as on we travel, mile after mile.
    And there waiting at the front door,
    her apron tied tight at her waist, we
    run for her hugs and wish all
    a happy Christmas.

    From We Three Kings

  32. Mary Did You Know?
    (a double haiku)

    The future foretold
    By  the voice of an angel
    Fear followed by doubt

    Our future unfolds
    the best gift is revealed from
    manger to the cross.

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