The Memoir Project has moved into the editing stage and we will be revisiting your compilations through the course of 2013. If you wish to complete the challenge, we encourage you to do so. The prompts will be accessible throughout. Thank you to all who have participated and shared their thoughts. Thank you also to those who for whatever reason refrained from the project all together. We respect your honesty and commitment as well.


But now, we celebrate. ‘Tis the season for all such things and with a song (or song title, or lyric) in our hearts we will exclaim all that there is to celebrate. Be it Christmas, or Chanukah, Kwanzaa or Festivus (the holiday for the rest of us!), celebrate! Heck, even if you just want to celebrate your new “gig kit,” we will join in your elation by way of celebration! We ask that you take a piece of one of the songs of the season to inspire your muse. Use the title or line from the song as your title and craft a new poem. We wish you a merry muse and refuse to let the joy languish!



As cattle low and donkeys bray,
A worried man begins to pray.
“She’s weary, Lord, and birth pains loom,
We need an Inn, but none have room.”
A stable with a bed of hay
Affords them with a place to stay.
She lies amongst the bleating sheep –
Where there she finds no peace for sleep.
The hour of our Savior’s birth
Sweet angel voices sing His worth,
While Satan howls – himself, enraged
In knowing that a war’s been waged
A war the Babe Himself will win –
To free us from our senseless sin.
Beneath the sacred star-lit night,
How silent was that holy night?



We are all someone’s child.
But young children are a special breed.
Their needs and wants are simple.
They need to learn and have fun.
They want to grow in a world
where they are loved and cared for.
They want and need their families around them
and they wish the same for their friends.
They shouldn’t be huddled in a locked closet
amidst gunfire and chaos only wanting one thing.
“I just want Christmas. That’s all. I want Christmas!”

** A heart-wrenching revelation about a young boy in the middle of the senseless massacre of his classmates. His one wish was making it to Christmas. Hug your children often.