The Rondelet is a French poetry form meaning “round.” It is one seven-line stanza with a 3-peat refrain, using only two rhymes. Each line has 8 syllables, and each refrain has 4 syllables with a pattern of 4/8/4/8/8/8/4. The refrain lines may be varied with punctuation use, but must use the exact same words. The rhyme scheme (with refrain) is A/b/A/a/b/b/A.



I spoiled the curve.
Exactly like wrecking a bell,
I spoiled the curve.
Sneaking a sweet or hors d’oeuvre,
Expanding either side (oh swell)
Building fat cell after fat cell,
I spoiled the curve.

Β© Copyright – Marie Elena Good – 2012



The joy of life
fills our hearts with love and much more.
The joy of life;
the love of my daughters and wife.
Their beauty opens every door
and new adventures are in store.
The joy of life.

Β© Copyright – Walter J. Wojtanik 2012


  1. Your Smile Has an Effect on Me

    I start to play,
    My heart pounding, my hands shaking,
    I start to play.
    I just know I’ll mess up today.
    Then I look at you; you’re smiling.
    You can do it, your eyes saying;
    I start to play.

  2. Marie and Walt – You both hit “So True” situations in your poems. :0 πŸ™‚

    PS I like the snow at the top of the page.

  3. I was trying to ‘Fix’ a Triolet that had gone amuck -This works better. πŸ™‚

    WHEN HE IS GONE Rondelet

    When he is gone
    my thoughts of him will linger still.
    When he is gone
    I’ll watch the clock mark off the day.
    remembering how time stood still
    and he my life just seemed to fill.
    When he is gone

    • A lovely poem, Rinkly. I’ve known a few of those days and times in my life and was taken back immediately for another view through your words. Thank you.

  4. The Longest Journey

    In a manger
    Crowded streets yet still alone lay
    In a manger
    Wide eyed babe mom shields from danger
    Almighty God enrobed in hay
    Angels and a sabered star say
    In a manger.

  5. In the Company of God

    In His presence
    The upside-down becomes upright
    In His presence
    Belief so small becomes immense
    And darkness flees inviting light
    Boldness appears instead of fright
    In His presence

  6. Room with a View

    Through the window,
    chaos is quiet on the street.
    Through the window,
    I watch, I think, I see, I know
    lawlessness, the brink of defeat
    for freedom, for peace. I retreat
    through the window.

  7. I have to admit that I haven’t done one of these that I can remember; but then there are so many I’ve not done before. This was a great little exercise, Walt and Marie. For whatever reason, I had to play with it and have fun, too. Hope you enjoy.


    Upon a hook
    Rode a brown trout, massive in size
    Upon a hook;
    Coming from such a lowly brook,
    It should have been no great surprise,
    To have my ego fantasize
    Upon a hook.

  8. She Throws Him Out Like an Old Candy Wrapper

    Needing a hug,
    hunger fights for its rightful place.
    Needing a hug,
    no therapeutic masking drug,
    nor melting caramel tongue embrace,
    fills her longing, desolate space
    needing a hug.

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  10. Treasure Hunt
    ( A Rondelet )

    seeking treasure
    kindness spent is never unsound
    seeking treasure
    failure known will cause displeasure
    till we must and furrow the ground
    till what we seek is what is found
    seeking treasure

    Β© ~ Randy Bell ~ 2012


    Inside my mind
    creative fights with not today
    Inside my mind
    live dragons who are most unkind
    and dark insists it will hold sway,
    won’t count the beasts that I might slay
    Inside my mind


    We stayed the course
    through sad, bad and, goodness – who knows
    We stayed the course
    not sure ours was a winning horse
    We stayed the course
    we held on tight through to’s and fro’s
    and bumpy times, unsteady roads
    We stayed the course.

  12. Traditions

    When voices sing,
    somehow the world seems right at last;
    when voices sing,
    we send our love out wandering
    under the sun, in snowy blast.
    Christmas lights both present and past,
    when voices sing.

  13. After the Recital

    Just take a bow.
    You’re done, so just get over it.
    Just take a bow.
    I realize you feel stupid now,
    But get it done so you can sit,
    And then go home and have a fit.
    Just take a bow.

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  15. It’s a gray old afternoon.

    Within Sight

    A cedar tree:
    I see it from this winter slope,
    a cedar tree,
    green as mistletoe or holly
    against the gray maples and oaks
    like a promise. Or love. Or hope.
    A cedar tree.

  16. Acceptance

    Try to clench my jaw and accept
    the new person she has become.
    Try to clench my jaw and accept
    words she utters, and not reject
    those things she thinks are real, that hum
    in her head, because she’s still Mom.
    Try to clench my jaw and accept.

  17. This is a mighty fun form. Thanks for posting, Marie and Walt!

    Releasing the Kracken

    I let ’em go.
    The ways I weighed her words inside.
    I let ’em go.
    Knee-jerk responses: “Sure.” “I know.”
    I let ’em go, did not ask why
    I let her move me so; just sighed;
    I let ’em go.

  18. Why I Can’t Clean the Den

    Cat in a box.
    She knows she is giving me fits.
    Cat in a box.
    I try to move her, and she locks
    eyes with me. She knows where she sits
    is in my way. The little twit.
    Cat in a box.

  19. Sorry to be so tardy; I am still recovering from November PAD, and couldn’t manage two prompts in one day. Thanks for hosting, Walt & Marie!

  20. Where Music Lives

    Where music lives.
    There must be a place inside me
    Where music lives,
    Where music dwells and grows and thrives.
    It’s a part of me, I really
    Think there is a place, there must be,
    Where music lives.

  21. “Warning”

    Hear the train!
    On the edge he teeters and falls…
    Hear the train!
    A mournful cry and then refrain
    But all stare frozen; logic stalls…
    Just seconds left before death calls:
    Hear the train!

    (a photographer took a picture of the poor soul this am as he was trying to climb up and off the tracks after being pushed and not one person among a group of people standing there went to his aid! He died instantly)

    • “…he was trying to climb up and off…”
      I did not hear that part!
      The people there ….Why couldn’t someone help?
      Afraid for their own lives?

    • That’s appalling – both that it happened in the first place and then that no-one went to his aid … I’ll bet there will be a lot of folks suffering from nightmares over this (I would hope so, in any case) – I always feel sorry for the engineers of trains in these events, no hope of stopping and they’re usually hugely affected from what I understand …

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