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Now, on to today’s agenda…

The Harrisham Rhyme was created by Harrisham Minhas, of Punjab, India. It consists of one six-line rhyming stanza.  In this form, the last letter of the first word of each line becomes the first letter of the first word of the next line.

Rhyme scheme : ababab.



Whatever heroes come my way,
Rescuing me from self-chagrin
Gently persuade my heart to weigh
Youth’s suppleness against thick skin
Supplied by dose of day-to-day
Deliverance of what has been.

(Also inspired by Paula Wanken’s “Heroes or Villains” prompt at Poetic Asides.)

© Copyright – Marie Elena Good – 2012



Winter sends her tell-tale signs of an early showing,
reaching the ground in large aerated flakes
glistening. I stand listening to it silently blowing
ground covered in little time, that’s all it takes.
Drifts stretching across the yard; it’s still snowing,
such a lovely picture print it makes.

© Copyright – Walter J. Wojtanik 2012


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  1. Sorry, couldn’t resist this. He fills my thoughts.

    Your Eyes Meet Mine

    Our eyes meet; mine quickly dart away.
    Ripples of excitement tingle down my spine:
    Shivers of delight as you start to say
    Something to me, and my eyes shine.
    Gradually you’ve come to be the day,
    The night, the world to me. Your eyes meet mine.

  2. This goes with the PA prompt

  3. connielpeters on said:

    Hats and Shoes (a harrisham)

    Invisible hats line up in my house
    Each hat representing a job I do
    Homemaker, caregiver, writer, mom, spouse
    Responsibilities quickly accrue
    Sometimes I feel like a rebellious louse
    Simply to relax and kick off each shoe

  4. In adoration we watch the sun rise,
    Nevertheless, the ethereal hue
    So briskly fades before our very eyes,
    Oh, way too soon the blinding light collects its due.
    Humbled, we accept the blessing in disguise,
    Dawning of the everlasting true.

  5. o-o-o-o! So many great poems already!

    God loved me so much, when He gave me you
    Darling, you put a smile on my face
    Grant it; of love’s struggles, we’ve had a few
    Testing love’s tender embrace
    Grace and forgiveness are heaven-spilled glue
    Essential to keep a marriage in place

    © Janet Martin

    This is fun…I’ll try another

    Duty may lecture and tasks may compile
    Yet Muse keeps wheedling her bait
    Taunting and teasing, words beg and beguile
    Goading my love and my hate
    …gentle persuasion and poetry smile
    Everything else can wait…

    © Janet Martin

    …but only for so long! I’m fall-cleaning the living-room today. That must be done before we may set up the tree.

  6. Tis the Season

    Basketball season has begun,
    love spending time at the court.
    Everyone will have such fun,
    even if they don’t play the sport.
    Now after I watch my daughter and son,
    will you mind if I give you a full report?

    © Kelly E. Donadio – November 2012

  7. This form is most definitely harder than it looks! It’s going to take some practice to write a harrisham that doesn’t sound like stilted vomit, but you all have provided me with some great examples to aspire to! 🙂

    To Be a Hero

    So you want to be a hero, eh?
    Or do you just want the credit?
    Remember that when you say
    Readily “I’m a hero,” you’ve said it.
    You can’t just take it back halfway.
    Understand if you do you’ll regret it.

  8. Talk It Out

    I guess it matters enough.
    It matters enough for me to unleash these difficult words,
    To actually start getting tough.
    Oh, you and I both know we would rather these words not be heard.
    Hear me out. I know it’s rough.
    Realize this discussion is the only way for us to be cured.

  9. Maleficent (Harrisham Rhyme Poem)
    She was a witch!
    Elegant it’s true,
    takes a bit of style to be that cold but switch
    spots with me and see her with my eyes, I knew
    she would find away, she’s dark as pitch
    especially with the prince, did you see it when she flew?

  10. My Hero(Harrisham Rhyme Poem)

    The man who helps ladies with car trouble,
    entertains small children and have them learn
    something at the same time, now that’s doing double!
    Giving his time, money, whatever good turn
    greatly needed at the moment, that man with the stubble,
    yep, right there, he’s mine, bye-bye, don’t return.

  11. janeshlensky on said:


    Old cyclops sun was up early today,
    dragging himself from hills into the sky,
    gargantuan and red-eyed, he should stay
    nodding and drowsing, letting dawn stand by.
    Groggy with restless dreaming, his display
    yawns and fades before my sleepy eyes.

  12. Not His Line

    He was not mechanically inclined,
    except that the faucet continued to drip.
    To Dad, it seemed a benign
    operation, no need for the super’s firm grip.
    Next came loud banging; he broke the pipeline.
    Total cost of damages made Mom flip.

  13. Enjoyed reading the contributions here.


    In quiet and stillness, You come to me;
    Not the God I expected.
    This isn’t the thunder I’ve known to be
    Scripted for the god I erected.
    Do You arrive and go so suddenly?
    Or is my hearing selective?

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  15. Iris D on said:

    I enjoyed this form. Thanks Walt and Marie.

    Autumn Scene

    Trudging through mass of fallen leaves,
    Geese eat berries the cedars have shed.
    Eagles floating on evening breeze,
    Obscured the daylight overhead.
    Dusk descends as lone deer flees,
    Kiss of sun on horizon turns red.


    Our friendship suffered many a day;
    reflected in my changing seasons.
    Damned to suffer in some way;
    Devoid, at times, of honest reason.
    Debtor I am; my heart must pay:
    Real friends are not so eas`ly won.

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