Lives can change in a moment’s notice. These are the personal moments that have had lasting effect on our lives. These are the BLOOMS of our lives (in a manner of speaking)


What an impressive array of experiences and conveyance thereof. Lovely, poignant, fun, intriguing, heartrending – my goodness, folks!  Though I am naturally drawn to simply (but creatively) penned, succinct pieces, the ability to write a poem that may be read in reverse as well as forward completely blows me away, and simply MUST be honored with a “Bloom.”  Hero’s Journey by Andra-Teodora Negroiu is nothing short of amazing.  I recommend reading it slowly — soaking in the artistic phrasing and significance of each thought expressed.  This is a staggeringly clever, emotive piece.  Andra, I’m in awe.

Hero’s Journey by Andra-Teodora Negroiu

as a little girl
upon the cumbersome platform shoes of my generation,
i delusively deemed myself tall enough to regard the world
akin to a cracked negative of my intimate mosaic,
what i had thought to be the most important day of my life was when
i discovered that
i would daily scrape the bottom of my hope with my fingers,
unless i donned the masks my people were handing out,
i speciously trusted that
i was merely exhaling my loneliness when, hungry for praise,
probing through the gutters of numberless faces,
my lips were parched for want of love –
and it reformed at my feet exactly when
i let go of my thistly crown of lies – the world slipped through my grasp,
flipped my convictions upside-down like a pancake and then,
when the most important day of my life truly came,
my feet of clay got spun off by a cascade of love


Dark days do indeed bring an awakening with them and the lessons learned here are life transforming. But there are the light-hearted day that bring balance to our hearts and minds and this poem did just that. I will give a nod to Sharon Ingraham’s epic (you’re getting good at that) and Marian Veverka’s “Mexico” piece (which spans her lifetime). But for that one moment that evens the scales, I chose Michelle Hed’s NO MANUAL for this bloom.

No Manual by Michelle Hed

With fearful anticipation
we awaited your birth.
Marveling in the changes
you wrought from within.

Then you entered the world
and in a joyful panic
we realized the world
as we knew it, had ended.

We had no desire to give you back
but a manual would have been nice.
We had no clue
what to do with a mini you.

Ten toes, ten fingers
and the largest eyes I’ve ever seen,
and curly dark hair
a gift.

No manual needed for love.