Everything around us has an affect on how we live our lives. People, places and things have been explored in one detail or another. Even events have their influence. World events were touched upon, but now is the time to relay a personal event.


Part 17: The Most Important Day of My Life – We addressed how a world event had made an impact on your life. Now, this one is self-explanatory. What was your personal happenstance that made an impact?


RESTORED (for my Keith [Naani form])

the moment your eyes verbalized
authentic love
and my heart learned to be fluent
in trust



Two in white, right where
we thought we would be.
Down the runway on a sunny day
in April full of promise and hope.
Before family and friends to send
us into the future, a bit unsure
but willing to find our way.
All on that sunny April day.


  1. Little Angel

    Just when I decided I hated this life,
    Just when I thought I’d never pull through,
    Torn by grief and pain, anguish immeasurable;
    Suddenly you came along, like an answer to a prayer.
    A precious angel sent from heaven.
    You brought a reassurance that God is good,
    That his people are never truly forsaken.
    You lit up my life with your sweet baby face,
    Causing my anger and doubts to vanish with the night.

    To my little sister, who bears my dead brother’s name after her own(Joan Cameron), who came along only a year after his death, and who I am extremely grateful and thank God for.

  2. I cannot pick just one…
    The three most affecting personal events in my live, even above marriage and the birth of my sons was: leaving my beloved island, having my mother’s belief that “Art was just a hobby” dispelled, and the knowledge that my son had not survived Spinal Meningitis scot-free.

    A child of nine years,
    facing change mid fears,
    seeks a quiet place alone
    to share thoughts of unknown.
    Kneels in holy place,
    raises heart and face,
    “Please, God, will you come along?”

    Drafting class project,
    friend shared planned drafting career.
    “What? Get paid to draw?”

    Son, two years, sees Doc.
    who runs some tests, and says,
    “You son is Deaf!”

  3. I had my idea of world events confused last week and wrote of my babies …that really fits for this weeks prompt…
    Two tiny people

    showed me the true depth of love,

    woven of my womb.

    But I also wanted to write of another sort of birth that happened within me at some point-when I first began to love nature.

    Greeting the A.M.

    I’m sure,
    almost positive
    that the moment
    I first witnessed
    the soft pink kiss
    of morning rising
    on the blushing sky
    was the instance,
    the very occasion
    that I realized
    how vast,
    just how beautiful
    and amazing
    this natural-world really is.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2012

    I guess for the world event I would have written about when I was about seven and the AIDS epidemic was fresh on the news-this is when I started to think about death for the first time and was terrified of loosing my mother. No she didn’t have AIDS…someone might infer that…there wasn’t anything physically wrong with her-well any way…it probably would have been this. I’ll probably write it and swap my poems…maybe.

    Wow…verbose aren’t I…coffee’s talking. 😉

    Smiles to each of your poetic souls!

  4. When I Said ‘I do’

    When I said ‘I do’
    Blissfully unaware
    Of life’s conniving stare
    Or its concrete walls and hurdles
    Because my eyes were fixed on you

    When I said ‘I do’
    Certain that love
    Would be enough
    Come hell or higher water
    To carry us through

    When I said ‘I do’
    Hell and high water
    Seethed; primed for slaughter
    But I guess they forgot
    You said, ‘I do’ too

    Lord, when I said ‘I do’ to You
    My lesser yet equally cherished vows
    Are possible to keep, though life blows
    It vilest gale from unknown’s deep
    Love will be enough to see us through

    © Janet Martin

  5. nothing like the blues

    pill after pill
    after pill after
    pill after day after day
    day day day
    then one day, halfway through morning
    (like two dozen dozen mornings before,
    it was as if sitting at the computer
    I nodded off for a split second, suddenly waking
    and noticing, oh,
    I’m alive.

  6. My Most Important Day

    The most important day in my life
    Was not when I became a wife.
    Or though this may sound odd
    When I became a child of God.
    Or when I had my daughter or son
    Though I passionately love each one.
    Not when I took up writing
    Though this made my life exciting.
    Or when I moved out west,
    Yes, Colorado’s the best.
    But it was October twenty fifth early in the morn.
    I would not have had any great days if I wasn’t born.


    Busy day,
    long shopping line,
    what’s the hold up?
    Old people,
    short of cash,
    too many groceries.
    How much?
    Just put it on my credit card.
    Thank you so much.
    We will pay you back.
    No need.
    Pay it forward,
    it will come back to me.
    At dinner later at Big Boy,
    The waitress is embarrassed.
    It was an accident.
    Our bill combined with others.
    Someone else paid it.
    Please don’t report it,
    she would get in trouble.
    How much?
    A little over $26.
    There are no words.
    Lesson learned.

  8. This is hard… b/c I have more than one… but will come up with something, it just might be a little later. Thanks!

  9. This topic was hard to write about. I believe that the most important day of my life was when I realized that it is possible to be loved for being myself and that I would no longer need to “don the masks” and play the roles that other people expected me to in order to gain their acceptance.

    IMPORTANT! My contribution to this prompt is a reverse poem, which means that it can be read not only from top to bottom, but also from bottom to top (last verse first – first verse last).

    Hero’s Journey

    as a little girl
    upon the cumbersome platform shoes of my generation,
    i delusively deemed myself tall enough to regard the world
    akin to a cracked negative of my intimate mosaic,
    what i had thought to be the most important day of my life was when
    i discovered that
    i would daily scrape the bottom of my hope with my fingers,
    unless i donned the masks my people were handing out,
    i speciously trusted that
    i was merely exhaling my loneliness when, hungry for praise,
    probing through the gutters of numberless faces,
    my lips were parched for want of love –
    and it reformed at my feet exactly when
    i let go of my thistly crown of lies – the world slipped through my grasp,
    flipped my convictions upside-down like a pancake and then,
    when the most important day of my life truly came,
    my feet of clay got spun off by a cascade of love

    © Andra-Teodora Negroiu, 2012

  10. I apologize – another epic; I seem unable to write anything succinct lately…

    Most Important?

    Day of my birth? Or when the adoption (mine) was finalized?
    Wedding day? Daughters’ births? Death days, Dad, brother, God?
    Let’s not forget the good doctor’s … his leaving assumed
    Herculean proportions, still does –
    So many “importants”
    What about finding out the baby had such a rare thyroid condition
    At six weeks old, it was the only known case in the world!
    That was a banner day – not necessarily something you want to
    Hear about your infant; luckily her paediatrician’s second speciality was endocrinology
    Not only was he eager to write a paper about her, he knew how to treat her
    Or – the day we found out that same child, over two years old had such extreme strabismus
    Commonly known as “lazy eye” – she was almost legally blind
    n that eye
    How was it, we – her parents – had missed it? Oh, the guilt…
    We had moved away from the original paediatrician, so he was
    off the hook
    We’re not sure about the new guy – just horrendously sad – correction necessitated patching
    Her “good eye” – in effect causing her to become totally blind
    for weeks on end
    Until her poor affected eye began to recover sight… and don’t even talk to me about bullying
    Oh my – listen to me, stacking up all the important days
    Trying, I suppose, to avoid the one I know very well
    is the most important.

    I’ve written ad nauseam about the year I betrayed my family…
    In a fit of mania I mistook for extreme well-being, I abandoned them all
    Moved out on my own (more or less – the less said about that
    the better)
    Suffice to say, I lived in an outrageous manner, all the while believing
    I was doing what was best for all, when all the time I was coming close
    To destroying all I held dear -a marriage almost forty years long
    My relationship with our two daughters – almost grown, but not quite
    For many months this went on, bringing my husband and I
    to the precipice
    Of an amicable divorce – something he was just sick about –
    but I was leaving
    Him little or no choice about – he was funding my “adventure”
    and needed
    To sell our house – you can imagine how desperate the situation
    was becoming
    Plus, I guess I was pretty convincing about my “happiness” and
    As he puts it, he was at a point where he was going to have to accept it

    Then, around Christmas – I began to spiral down; at first, I thought –
    It was the season – my girls weren’t speaking to me – Christmas
    had often
    Been a low time for me and so on, but I just kept getting lower
    and started
    Feeling physically ill – usually a red flag warning for me that my
    mental health
    Might be deteriorating but I didn’t see it this time until about ten days
    After New Years, I woke up – not only violently ill, but so
    profoundly suicidal
    I didn’t know what to do first – throw up or kill myself – I did nothing

    Right then, the phone rang – my husband, who had been checking on me regularly
    Throughout our separation but hadn’t called since Christmas, was calling on a “hunch”
    He knew as soon as he heard my voice that I was in a bad place
    Hardly able to speak, all I said to him was, “I’m so sorry.”
    Immediately he replied, “There’s nothing been done that can’t
    be undone.”
    At first I thought I hadn’t heard him correctly and I guess he got that because he said it again
    Then he said, he was going to have a mutual friend come and get me to go to the hospital
    He would meet us there and they would do whatever needed doing to get me admitted

    That was the most important day in my life, at least in recent history – and it was just the start
    Of a long, slow working back toward our lives, rebuilding trust
    and relationships
    I was in the hospital for a long time, then there was months of therapy – both couples and alone
    Our daughters, ultra-protective of their father (and good on them for that; I hurt him terribly)
    Were angry with me for a very long time and it took a months of time and talking before they were able
    To forgive me; at times I despaired of them ever getting past
    my betrayal –
    But, there’s no two ways about it – being forgiven so unconditionally by a man who never really gave up
    On me, on us – “there’s nothing been done that can’t be undone” – definitely the most important day ever.

  11. I apologize, in addition for the lengthy”tome”, for the odd spacing – this is not how it looks in “Word” – so I’m not sure why sometimes, the “paste” goes all kerflooey …

  12. The Day I Met Jesus

    As the cup and the matza were passed
    I expected to receive some
    but Granddaddy said no.
    We would talk when we got home.

    I felt sorry for myself, not because
    I understood its meaning,
    but simply that my eight-year old
    self hated to miss anything.

    Later he explained that Jesus
    had died to forgive me of my sins.
    I needed to know Him as my Savior
    if I wanted to join Him in Heaven one day.

    Communion became a sermon to me.
    Granddaddy said the broken unleavened
    bread represented His broken body
    and the grape juice His blood.

    That day I placed my faith in Jesus.
    Who would not love and obey the One
    Who loved me enough to be the sinless
    sacrifice for my sins?

    Nothing that has ever happened
    to me is as significant as what
    happened the day I truly met Jesus.
    Later I could take communion.

    Sheryl Kay Oder

  13. It Could Happen To You

    Death entered the house…
    illusions of a charmed life shattered
    as tragedy unfolded slowly.
    Death walked the halls
    just waiting…
    and when he departed
    we were relieved, in grief
    our love and laughter shown brightest
    as we welcomed the release
    for him and for us
    from the pain.
    Life was irretrievably altered
    with the realization that anything
    can happen …
    even to you.

    {This poem is in reference to the death of my father. He was diagnosed with a terminal cancer and given three to five years. He lived eleven months and after all the chemo and radiation treatments turned him into a little old man at age thirty-nine, it was with a guilty relief that we said goodbye. I don’t think you can truly understand the relief and the guilt at feeling the relief, unless you have witnessed a love one suffer before dying. Also, at sixteen this is one of my earliest life changing events and one of the most vivid. It’s quite a shock to realize you are not invincible and that bad things can happen even to you.}

  14. There are perhaps too many life altering changes to pick from but I’m feeling the need to balance the dark with the light…

    No Manual

    With fearful anticipation
    we awaited your birth.
    Marveling in the changes
    you wrought from within.

    Then you entered the world
    and in a joyful panic
    we realized the world
    as we knew it, had ended.

    We had no desire to give you back
    but a manual would have been nice.
    We had no clue
    what to do with a mini you.

    Ten toes, ten fingers
    and the largest eyes I’ve ever seen,
    and curly dark hair
    a gift.

    No manual need for love.

    {She just happens to be 15 today. :)}

  15. My Most Important Day (x3)

    Uncovered pregnancy
    Excitement, uncertainty
    Sleepiness, growing girth
    Anticipating coming birth
    Cravings, heartburn
    Movement as the baby turns
    Discomfort, contractions
    Scheduled c-sections
    A mother’s love
    ∞ (infinity)

    *Had to have c-sections after my first was breech

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  17. Personal Sculpture

    What an odd touch
    of luck, to have a missing
    puzzle piece snap
    into place in an otherwise
    hostile environment. Yet,
    there I was, miserable
    in my job, needing
    an outlet, desperate
    to feel good about myself.
    I had not written in years,
    when an idea popped
    into my head for a short story.
    I began scribbling notes,
    shaping words, and soon
    had several small pieces.
    Persuaded by my lifesaver
    friend–a fountain pen
    among slick Bics–I allowed
    him to read my work.
    By praising me over and over,
    he whittled away at this block
    of raw wood, until one day
    I enrolled in a writing class.
    My outlet surged
    into electric life.

  18. Okay, now before I go further, I have to admit that I got a bit carried away. This incident took place when I was 12 and set me up for responses in many later events. It is a story in its own right.

    Running Dive

    Trailing behind by thirty feet,
    Watching footing among stream’s
    Stones and fishes, reveling in
    Summer’s afternoon’s delight,
    Listening to Mom’s laughter,
    Without cares or worries.

    Brother runs ahead by fifty
    Feet, against Mom’s orders,
    Leaving all else for freedom’s
    Sake of exploration,
    Until one yelp, one splash
    Draws lines of panic for all.

    Orders ring out—
    “Claudie get him, he’ll drown.”
    No questions, no hesitation,
    Running for distance, footing
    Secure and sure, seeing one
    Hand raised above surface.

    No thoughts for glasses,
    No thoughts of failure,
    Only target, distance, time,
    And prayer for strength,
    To arrive in time, to catch a hand,
    To bring brother up to breathe.

    Third time hand rises, weak, pale,
    Giving me last chance to win
    This race for life’s renewal;
    Diving quickens pace, lucky grab
    Only to be held down by child’s
    Panicked strength before closure.

    Spin him, my feet to his back
    And kick, hard, toward shallow
    Waters where stone bottom meets
    Small feet, giving weary purchase
    For one spent by life struggle
    To gain hope, surface, air.

    Tears mingle with creek as
    Parental examination
    Seeks injury, relieving
    Mind but not temper at
    Disobedience and fright,
    While rescuer stands and pants.

    In retrospect, my later
    Personal role in rescuing
    Drowning people caused by
    Silly choices, helped me
    Perfect my technique in an
    Effective running dive.

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  20. When she ran off to go to school in Mexico

    A border is more than steel fences and barbed wire
    Uniformed guard patrolling back and forth and flags
    Waving defiantly proclaiming this is Here and that is There
    When I said goodbye to There I shed another skin and
    Welcomed myself into the realms of Here and Now, after
    So many years I could be alone (if that nagging in my
    Soul would just shut up and let my fancies roam)

    My invented life lead to all kinds of new discoveries
    Of who I was (and who I wasn’t) it was more than
    Flowers blooming in January and the trees that flamed
    Like an ember in my heart if I just gave it breath and space…
    The lies slipped past so easily, I could have been on stage
    My love for all things There was tempered by a longing
    For home (no, I never expected that I would miss that
    Land of cold and pride.)
    Why did I expect that happiness lay on the other side?

    I was happy I was in love I had friends whose language
    I could speak and understand – Each morning I awoke
    So eagerly I jumped into each day and stopped looking
    When the calendar showed a running out of time –
    An offer came an opportunity – I could have stayed
    and lived another life. I came to dread the
    Ringing of the phone – yet why was I still eager
    To hear the news of home?

    Back and forth I wavered, in my mind and in my heart
    I packed my bags reluctantly, tears were in my eyes.
    I cried all the way to the station where the bus took
    Me to the capitol where I dried my tears. Like a
    Certain general, I vowed I would return.

    Here I am a captive of illness and of age. My children
    Multiplied and thrived and in their care I stay. So
    Many years, that other life has slipped so far away.
    Yet I keep on reading Spanish and let the words
    Remain. When I am dead and buried, my heart
    Split right in two. Oh, my soul will fly from here
    To there and back again, who knows what it will do?

  21. Writing this on my son’s 16th birthday!


    You rushed in
    as you’ve done every day since
    pushing your way
    into this world with fierce determination

    I wasn’t there
    more than two pain-filled hours
    before you appeared
    blue and twisted and perfect

    The doctors rushed
    to unwind the twisted gray cord
    around your neck
    and hear your first full-lunged cries

    You turned pink
    before our blood-shot eyes and wailed
    I kissed your
    forehead and was forever changed

  22. Tardy Again! November is keeping me hopping. I love the poems you’ve all written. Haven’t had time to comment, but will come back. Cheers, all!

    Any Day I Wake Up

    I’ve said I do to one or two—
    important days, make no mistake;
    I’ve nursed my loves and watched them go,
    blessing and curse, for loving’s sake.

    I’ve seen some wonders of the world,
    strapped to a camera and pack;
    I’ve lived through cancer, every day
    saying a prayer it won’t come back.

    The mountain range that is my life,
    its peaks, valleys, and waterfalls,
    is built of such important days
    when I learned lessons, heard some calls.

    Such lovely people call me friend,
    such blessings, ordinary bliss,
    but asked which day’s the very best,
    I must say this one, this one, this.

  23. Grand Plans

    not one
    day that stands out more
    than others because every day
    is linked, conjoined, dependent on one another, one
    never to happen without the other occurring,
    tethered to significance which
    need timing to fit –
    grand plans

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  25. Shoe In (Shoes Out)

    The shuffle
    of wingtip shoes
    changed my life
    in the lobby
    for my interview,
    he came out
    to the copier,
    (three times).
    I got the job,
    he got the girl.
    I later left the job,
    but kept the guy.
    The wingtips
    are “History”.

    © Kelly E. Donadio – November 2012

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