SNAFUS AND HAIKUS (and a couple of LUNES thrown in!)

Pardon my faulty hands and decrepit laptop. The prompt for some Wednesday in November will feature the LUNE form. It takes a bit longer to compose and check the mechanics of these things lately and that one obviously got away from me. Continue to practice the LUNE and be ready with some fabulous work when it finally posts.

The FIBONACCI is this week’s form (and a fine job you’ve all done) .

Tomorrow will feature our BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS.

Sunday is prompt day for our next installment of the POETIC MEMOIR PROJECT.

With the newer poets joining us all the time, we ask that you check the DAISY CHAIN tab to be sure your personal blog is represented there. If it is not, please inform us at

As well, if you do not have a POETIC RECOLLECTIONS page and would like space to collect your POETIC BLOOMINGS work let us know that too!

Finally, we continue to celebrate your achievements. So, if you have a chapbook, collection or tome to promote, let us help. We are discussing plans for a POETIC BLOOMINGS “BOOK SALE” AND SWAP MEET to aid in some small way with your distribution. It is about the process and propagation of poetry. Without you poets, that’s a blank page!

Thanks. Walt and Marie