We are over the hump and that means over half way to completion of our memoir project. Twenty weeks of prompting has given us a good basis for this event. Going back to week 1, our mission has been to celebrate each poet’s life as being an important piece in this poetic mosaic we’ve created, and each story is as equally worth telling.

As we steamroll towards week 20, our objective is becoming clearer. After the last prompt (which will be around the second week of December), you will be asked to choose fifteen (15) of your poems to tell your story. In an attachment to an email to poeticbloomings@yahoo.com, include your titled “memoir”, including Table of Contents.  Starting sometime in January, we will feature a new collection from our poets on Monday of each week (Memoir Monday). They will be chosen in the order they are received in our mailbox. 

The prompts do not close, so if you need to catch up, you may do so if you wish.

Start thinking of a title for your memoir and we look forward to reading each work as they are highlighted.

This has been a great experience. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as Marie and I are!


Don’t forget to check out the BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS for Prompt #76 -Road Trip.


  1. Sounds like a very cool project for sure! One quick question…for those of us who’d like to get a head start on putting our memoir together, do you have a preferred file type for the attachment so we can use the appropriate program?

  2. Wow…excellent idea…I’m looking forward to seeing these featured. Thank you both so much, Marie and Walt and to all the amazing writers who have been journeying in this project together. Warm smiles to all! 🙂

  3. One great thing about sending only fifteen is if I neglect to write a poem about obsession or Mother country, I can still be a part of this. Maybe it is time to check my poems as to which font and size I have written them in.

  4. Hi Marie and Walt,

    This is not regarding the Memoir Project but another project – whatever happened to your book idea? Last I heard revisions had to be in by the beginning of July. Is the book still in the works?

    Thanks, Michelle Hed

    • Hi Michelle! Yes, it is most definitely still in the works. Just painstakingly slow. 😉 We’ll have news soon.

      Marie Elena

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