Carpe Diem is the Latin expression that means ‘seize the day.’ Carpe Diem poems have a theme of living for today. It is a form in intent only; it is solely based on a theme.



The next 1440 minutes
Will vanish
In a New York minute.

Copyright © Marie Elena Good – 2012



We live with what this day will  give us
for that is all we’re assured.
So there’s no need to make a big  fuss
we live with what this day will give us.
There’s so much of life that’s a plus,
to look past today is all blurred.
We live with what this day will give us
for that is all we’re assured.

Copyright © Walter J. Wojtanik – 2012


Over at POETIC ASIDES with ROBERT LEE BREWER, Robert writes:

“For this week’s poetry prompt, I want you to take one of the following lines and make it the first line of your poem. All these lines are taken from my personal notebooks, so they’re not especially wonderful–just some random places to start. Feel free to take liberties with these openings (the important part is the poeming)”.

  • She’s been thinking about things that don’t need thinking
  • I’m not sure who I am or what I want
  • The world, a helicopter seed spinning
  • Burn the want out of every moment
  • My bed is a planet
  • Trees hide the better views


  1. QUOTE:
    “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:28 KJ

  2. Why Worry About the Future?

    I’m living in the present,
    Devoting myself to this time.
    Because why should I worry about the future?
    Why should I fret about what’s to come?
    I cannot, by any amount of worry,
    Add one inch to my height, lose one pound of weight.
    See how my God has clothed the lilies
    In beautiful snowy splendor?
    And see how He feeds the birds,
    Who neither grow their own food
    Or gather it for the winter?
    See how He has done all this for them,
    And ask yourself, why should I worry?
    And why should I live in the past,
    Those haunting vaults of memory that only cause me pain?
    So I will live in the present;
    I’ll devote myself to this time,
    Serving my neighbors, family and friends.
    What greater joy is there?


    I know it’s still dark before I open my eyes,
    my limbs witness to the loom of winter.
    Keeping eyes shut, joints creaking, I test for pain.
    The day’s success depends on feeling less than yesterday.

    With thoughts autumnal, words tumble in my head,
    demand their freedom to sweeten the day with poetry
    before the mundane demands of toiletry are met.
    The whirling stops, my thoughts unfurl. A good day ahead.

  4. Just For Today

    There are days, like today,
    when I’m hanging out limp, wet
    bed sheets on the line, and the air
    is more soggy with fog

    than the sheets are damp,
    that I think that Dada woman,
    Baroness Elsa von Freytag Loringhoven,
    might’ve had the right idea.

    Just go a bit wild and be a bit
    over-the-top and be everything
    that we shouldn’t be. At least
    ….. just for today.

    Inspired by a post written by JLynn Sheridan of Writing on the Sun

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  6. Moment

    A moment is
    the when
    between the now
    and then.

    It was born in the now
    but somehow
    you weren’t aware
    you didn’t know it
    until when
    it could be framed
    by other moments
    and made a when.

    It was in the
    camera’s flash,
    and as the pupils
    of your eyes
    returned to normal
    the moment fled.
    Gone from now,
    it was then,
    it became a when.

    You cannot grasp it.
    It is gone.
    It is a butterfly
    that’s flown out of
    your childhood’s laughing
    leaping reach.

    You can only frame it
    with the now
    and the other many nows that
    have fluttered around you,
    flashes in your days.

    You can grasp it
    but only in your mind.
    You can seize it
    but only with the heart.
    A moment is only
    lovely colors in the air.

  7. My poem at POETIC ASIDES plays into our Bloomin’ Prompt, and I wanted to share it here as well:


    She’s been thinking about things that don’t need thinking;
    thinking about years I had spent drinking that were wasted
    on swill often tasted with ill effects. It reflects on my will

    and still, she’s been thinking about things.
    Things don’t need thinking when that sinking feeling sets in
    and she grins to hide her pain that again, I am afflicted.

    Inebriate with the trappings of this fleeting life. And my wife,
    has been thinking our time has been too short, time spent
    cavorting with my mistress muse, words are like women

    always just out of reach, but teaching lessons best served
    to strengthen a resolve once solvent but very repetitious of late.
    But words when needed, never let you down and I’ve found

    that she’s been thinking about things that don’t need thinking.
    Why does life need to change when once estranged souls reignite,
    only to put you in the fight for your life? And I’ve been thinking

    the best thing I could be thinking. The gift of this life that has given
    two extraordinary daughters and an outstanding wife, is cherished
    more as it slips from grip, wanting to reclaim its embrace.

    It is in the face of mortality that our vision clears, and one hears things
    such as “Live for today”, “One Day at a Time” and “Seize the Day!”.
    It’s not to say that we ignore these in the goodness of times,

    but, she’s been thinking about things that don’t need thinking,
    and she has me thinking she’s right. I might not live forever,
    but whatever time we have is best spent in pursuits that touch

    as many hearts as we can. And touch each other. I’ve been thinking
    how much I love my life. My Daughters. My wife, even though
    she’s been thinking about things that don’t need thinking.

    Visit POETIC ASIDES for more, and please post your own poem as well!


  8. (mine goes along with Robert’s prompt, too)


    Burn the want out of every moment,
    every second turn into gratitude;
    an inside out mental perception
    douses desirous attitudes.

  9. Quick Limerick

    We worry and scurry and hurry
    until all that we do becomes blurry..
    We must take time to see
    what a real life can be
    when we quit living in such a flurry.

  10. Pep Talk

    Apprehend the opportunity.
    Behold the moment.
    Grasp the chance.
    Absorb the experience.
    Snatch the minute.
    Capture the time.
    Seize the day!

    © KED 2012

  11. I had to write about my pet peeve:


    It seems that when your cell phone
    is in your ear or even in your hand,
    you cannot see your daughter jumping rope,
    that your sister is sitting beside you,
    that your car is veering off course.
    You cannot participate in real life
    because your are in a virtual one.
    Put the cell phone down.
    Turn the damn thing off.
    It will still be there later when I am not,
    when others are not, when life is not.
    Use your ears, eyes, nose, and hands
    to experience what life is giving you,
    not to mess with the cell phone.
    When your cell phone is on
    you don’t even notice that you have a life.
    If one died, which would you miss?

  12. My poem for Poetic Asides also feels quite ‘immediate’ so I’ll post it here, too.

    Spin Me One More Time

    My world
    is a helicopter seed spinning
    and caught in a double twirl,
    a ribbonous helixed curl
    of my inherent imperfections.
    I can but only hope
    that the seed after next
    takes hold and sets anchor
    to my feet, but not quite yet
    as my heart is set
    to spin a bit more.

  13. Carpe Diem

    Yesterday is sealed in the archives
    Tomorrow is nothing more
    Than the hope of something we cannot see
    Today is worth living for

    Today is the cup we are holding
    Touch it to your lips; draw it in
    Be imbibed with His goodness and mercy
    Dripping recklessly from your grin

    Seize the moment before you
    Wring out every wonder of it
    Let not one measure be wasted
    Today is a beautiful gift

  14. More

    Today I will not be content
    Today I want more, more, more
    More awareness of His love for me
    That too often I blindly ignore

    Today I will not be satisfied
    Today I desire to know
    More, more fully His plan for me
    And where He would choose me to go

    Today I want more, more hunger
    For things not of flesh, but of Him
    More gentle loving kindness
    Before this day-moment grows dim

    Today I refuse to be content
    But I will not lust after things
    I want more of what earth can’t afford
    But knowing Him more fully brings

    Today Lord, give me holy hunger
    Oh my God, I beg and implore
    For more compassion for my fellow-man
    Oh God, give me more, more, more

  15. Swift Slipping Time

    Seize the day,
    leaf slips from limb to ground,
    loosened by cold drops of rain
    weighed down by water,
    foliage falls from branch to soil;
    seize the day.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2012

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  17. I had a couple of takes on this one, so here goes:


    I like how the edges of night
    curl away from the day
    like leaves turning before rain,
    how deer and early birds
    nibble at the corners of day,
    foraging light into being,
    how they nuzzle for acorns
    in the dew or peck seeds open
    against tree limbs,
    how sunlight rouses
    the drowsy world into
    reaching and taking hold
    of time as if it is a staff
    to mark our walking here.

    Carpe Diem

    If I don’t tell you
    I love you now this minute
    There’s no tomorrow

  18. A sedentary woman watches the leaves shake

    After the first hard frost
    the bright wind has blown the mosquitos away.
    Waving off the arms of their vegetable homes today,
    this is the day the leaves begin to become birds.
    A sedentary woman could
    wheel with the starlings, too, and sing.
    Open your arms, woman, open your mouth,
    wave off your vegetable status and fly.

  19. Set Yourself Afire

    Burn the want out of every moment
    We’re all only allotted so many …
    Nobody knows just when they’ll run out
    No-one wants to reach the end, still wishing,
    Still wistful for things left undone – instead
    Of fire in the belly – you’re left with ashes
    On the tongue…

    (my Poetic Asides poem worked here as well… good thing too as I’m singularly uninspired today)

  20. Mysterious Life

    My bed is a planet
    in a distant galaxy
    where a mysterious life
    is lived so vividly
    behind the rapid
    eye movements while
    semi conscious logic
    cannot discern which is
    better or when the other
    will continue or end.

    By Michael Grove

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  22. Blazing New Day

    Hand me those tongs,
    Because there’s no way
    I’m seizing this day
    It’s livid, wild,
    And on fire
    If you only stop
    To notice.
    We may get burned,
    But hand me those tongs
    We’re going to seize
    This red-hot ember
    Of a day.

  23. I’ve not done one of these before. Here goes.


    Tomorrow waits for no man
    Since such has no existence.

    All that is or could be
    Exists within this breath,
    Filling lungs with this moment’s
    Air; air that did not exist in
    A past already dead to now,
    Nor to a future which can
    Only be when it’s forced
    Into a new moment by life’s
    Passage through this exhalation.

    All that we are or can be
    Is defined in this one moment.

  24. Burn the Want

    Burn the want out of every moment
    ‘till nothing is left but the need.
    Wash each hand of covetousness
    until there’s no more greed.

    By Michael Grove

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  26. Little Things

    How shall I seize this day,
    When I’m tied to tedium?
    Seems like there’s no highs or lows.
    Life’s set on medium.

    So I’m like a metronome
    Plodding out my time,
    Setting about the dailies
    Far from the sublime.

    But wait, God is near
    Sublime to the max.
    Don’t need a telephone,
    Computer or fax.

    Just a whispered prayer
    Directed up above.
    And he responds personally
    In His eternal love.

    His Spirit assures me
    And my heart sings,
    Till I see adventure
    In even the little things.

  27. BURN the WANT…… (Nonet

    Burn the want out of every moment
    as you step within its set frame.
    Fill it with what is good,
    what is helpful to heart
    and can give some joy.
    Or unaware
    you will find
    that it’s

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