Be they hobbies, soul-soothers, or all out obsessions, we all have something that diverts us inwardly to bring peace to our frazzled psyches in this hectic world. It is these little escapes that we have chosen to be the basis of our work this week. The choices as always posed their problems, and Walt has addressed it a bit differently this week:


What a delightful prompt this is!  I have enjoyed hearing all about your loves – your passions – your obsessions. The resulting poems varied from elegant to stirring; amusing to thought-provoking.   The one that captured my heart is unadorned wonder:    Sara V’s “Above All Else.”  I love the way you think, and how you expressed it, Sara.

Above All Else (By Sara V)

Above me
I love the sky
Below me
I love the sea
Around me
I love my friends
On my face
I love a smile
In my belly
I love a laugh
In my ears
A Beatles tune
In my nose
Wafts of fresh baked (anything)
In my hand
A glass of wine
At my waist
My husband’s arm
Under my feet
A sandy beach
There’s too much in life
To enjoy and see
To love one thing exclusively


I’ve never been the “King of Cop-out”, but I find myself wrestling with the horns of a dilemma. These poems are so incredibly good and you always hear Marie and me lamenting the difficulty of choosing just one. Well today, I’m breaking away from that mold. My “obsession” was revealed as music. But that’s not the whole truth. I love books. I love this Great Lake that Marie and I share. I love hiking in nature. All four were very ably expressed in four poems and I am deciding to choose four poems to highlight. Here are my favorite excerpts of these which I am cloaking with my BEAUTIFUL BLOOM this week:

From Barbara Young’s MY LOVE AFFAIR(S)

“When I fell into fantasy–hobbits and space ships, dragons,
British cozies, shrouded moor romances–I didn’t only inhale them:
I bought
the books.”

From Jane Shlensky’s “HEALING SOUNDS” –

“I wanted the music in me
at once released and retained,
harbored in me until it was
ready for hearing, my hands
finding harmony even when
my heart had not.”

From Connie Peter’s “HIKING”

“Hiking down a pebbled creek
Ducking under bridges
Hiking around a clean blue lake
Admiring rough ridges”

and from Sara McNulty’s “MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE OCEAN”

“Maybe it is scents of sea
creatures, shrieks of swooping
gulls, or simply unwinding coiled
muscles, and slowing of my heart.”

And the truth is there are more (read, every poem posted) that could have been included. So if I have copped out, that’s my prerogative. You see, we are not just blowing smoke, it IS a difficult task. A good dilemma to have. Thank you all!