Love.  A many splendored thing? A battlefield? Makes the world go ’round? Many songs have been written expounding the wonders of love and first love. It has been fodder for many poets through the ages. How do you view your first love? That was our prompt this week in our Memoir Project.


Yet another incredibly hard decision – how do I possibly choose one from the delicious array of first-love poetry on display this week?  In making my choice, I have to admit that there are half-a-dozen more that I feel I have done an injustice by leaving unmentioned.  But one it is, and so I offer my Bloom to our Happy Amateur for her CRASH COURSE in love.  Sasha’s poetic rendering of teen-heart first love and the “uncontrollable spin” that accompanied it holds so very much in only a dozen lines.  With Robert Lee Brewer speaking this week of favorite “opening lines,” I would have to say Sasha’s first and final thoughts are brilliantly well penned:  “When I turned fourteen, the Earth skidded on its axis,” and, “Instead I saw my life right next to me, waiting patiently to be lived.”  Absolutely inspired, both.  Congratulations, Sasha!

CRASH COURSE (by Alexandra “Sasha” Palmer, aka The Happy Amateur)

When I turned fourteen
The Earth skidded on its axis
Went into an uncontrollable spin
For eleven years that followed

When my world would end
It would be resuscitated
By a smile, a look, a hint of promise
Trivial nothings – everything

When the spinning stopped
I thought that I finally died
Instead I saw my life right next to me
Waiting patiently to be lived


I’ve always looked at love as a promise of everything good. Yes, a romantic, but never hopeless. But, it is always that promise that entices and keeps the focus on that one someday where love blossoms and grows. This poem caught my eye because of this. Many of the poems speak of first love from the perspective of our years. But there is nothing more hopeful than someone who had never experienced love, but had all these seeds of wonder of just how wonderful it could be. Naive? Maybe, but it is fresh and innocent. The kind of work a fifteen year old poet could pen and did! Erinkayhope15, congratulations and welcome to your first BLOOM.

UNTITLED by erinkayhope15

I’ve known you all my life,
Our families even longer;
We went to school together
(Well, you were four grades older)
Until you graduated.
I don’t know when I realized
That I loved you heart and soul,
But now I know for certain,
There’ll never be another guy for me.
We’re different in many ways:
You are tall, at least six feet,
Slim, althletic, while I am short, clumsy,
And, I have to admit, haven’t lost all my baby fat.
The only things we have in common
Are our deep brown eyes
And our love of playing the piano.
You play the piano for church,
And from my place in the choir,
I watch your fingers fly over the keys
And wish that I could play as well.
When I’m near you I feel nervous,
Shy and really stupid.
But you’re always very kind,
Helpful and obliging.
I wish that I could see the thoughts
That flash through that handsome head of yours;
But for now I can only wait,
Hoping that some day I’ll be more to you
Than just a little friend.

Congratulations to Alexandra and Erin, our Beautiful Blooms!