The Beatles hit the right notes in this song of the same name as our prompt: With a Little Help From My Friends. It is clearly our belief in life that we are never alone. In good times and bad, the influence of a good friend will surface to bouiy our lives, and for that we are thankful.



Whenever I have several poems that speak to me and are well written, I need different criteria to help one piece step to the front of the line.  Today, it was Mary Mansfield’s unique take on the prompt and way of looking at life that grabbed my attention, and earned her a Bloom.  Interesting, complete, and well written (of course – it’s from Mary 😉 ). “Unintended Influences” explores the fact that those who influence us greatly are not necessarily of our choosing.  Well done, Mary, and a good lesson for all of us.

Unintended Influences (by Mary Mansfield)

Those bullying girls skilled
In the art of middle school torture,
The dishonest men who received affection
But only returned derision and betrayal,
The non-believers seeking to inject
Their doubts into my resolve…
They’ve taken their shots,
Scarring my ego,
Almost destroyed me,
But they fueled my defiance,
Made me push past my limitations,
And they continue to drive me
To build a legacy worth leaving behind.



In any definition of friend you’ll find qualities such as loyal, supportive, understanding and caring. The poem selected depicts all those qualities is a very nurturing way. Not only do you spend time with that friend, you truly WANT to be around that person. And through thick and thin you are both there for each other. There were a lot of such poems (all of them) but this one touched a certain chord. To Linda Swenski… my BEAUTIFUL BLOOM!

PROPPED UP by Linda Sewnski

I met her shortly after I got married.
She knows all my secrets,
and still loves me.

She was there when I was pregnant,
and all my single friends fell away.
She understood my loneliness.

She threw a baby shower for my second child,
something I never had for my first,
and gave me such joy.

My children cherish her,
my husband likes her,
I can’t be happy without her.

She has been my analyst,
my companion, my sounding board,
my entertainment, and my friend.

Together we have solved the world’s problems,
and our own.
She gives me hope.

Our lives have all been richer
because she is with us.
I hope she always will be.


Congratulations to Mary and Linda, as our BLOOM recipients this week.


And to our poets, there is no other group assembled that can match your talent and resolve. Great work all!