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Monorhyme is a rhyme scheme in which each line has an identical rhyme. The poetic term “Mono-rhyme” pertains to the utilization of one (Mono) type of repetitious sound (rhyme). The end of the lines of a monorhyme poem all end with similar sounds. Throughout the poem, the last words of the line utilize the same sounds that correspond with one another. This is common in Arabic, Latin, and Welsh works, such as The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, e.g. Qasida and its derivative Kafi.


See Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monorhyme



Thou my God, my soul’s lifeline
Pray my heart thou wilt refine.
May thy light upon me shine –
Make of me a fruitful vine.

Lord of all, my heart doth pine
For thy love, and only thine.
May thy light upon me shine –
Make of me a fruitful vine.

Thou who made of water, wine
Fully man; wholly Divine
May thy light upon me shine –
Make of me a fruitful vine.

I am thine, and thou art mine
Let my will with yours align.
May thy light upon me shine –
Make of me a fruitful vine.

Make of me a fruitful vine.
The pleasure, mine – the glory, thine.

© Marie Elena Good – 2012


I’ve lived enough without words – a mime
in the ways of prose and rhyme.
For I found that in all the time
it took me to reach my prime,
it was a felonious inexcusable crime
that I had not come to rhyme
much sooner. Too much lost on my dime,
and moments squandered; moments in time.
Since early man stepped out of the slime,
he’s had this fascination with rhyme,
making him more,  a poet ahead of his time!
© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2012

FOLKS:  It’s possible that Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides weekly prompt will be MIA today.  He is sick, complete with fever.  Poor guy. If anyone would be so inspired to write a get well monorhyme for Robert and post it here, we’ll happily provide him with the link to your well wishes. Perhaps there will be an official post at Poetic Asides, and we can post them there as well.  UPDATE:   A new Poetic Asides prompt has indeed been posted:  http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/wednesday-poetry-prompts-189#comments

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  1. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Wow… you are both so good with rhyme!

  2. Inspirational start Marie, and quite lovely. And Walt, I love not only the rhyme but the theme. Tough to do Mono without sounding loco but you both did it and I will give it a ahot!

  3. This silly ditty is the result of a gap in my sleep. I do hope to get back to sleep later, but here is my silly stuff:

    My nightly sleep
    is not so deep
    to keep my body in a heap
    so in the morning I can leap
    quickly out of bed and reap
    the rest instead of weep
    from the many gaps in that sleep.


    My Mother was my lifelong guide.
    unfailing, she stood by my side.
    She caught me every time I lied.
    When I failed, she still showed pride
    and told me she was glad I tried.
    But, when years ago she died,
    it took a while before I cried.
    Now, though she’s gone she doesn’t hide,
    for in my heart she does reside.

  5. For Robert

    Get well
    dear Robert and do not dwell
    on work left undone as you sit in feverish hell
    just rest a spell
    just rest each and every cell
    all will be well
    everything will be just swell.

  6. Dreams Beware

    I was floating in the air
    with nary a care
    when I realized something wasn’t there.
    I was beginning to give myself a scare
    and people below where starting to stare.
    In fact each woman was giving me a glare,
    while the men gave me winks with flare;
    I began to swear
    while hovering in midair,
    I was only wearing my hair,
    yes, I was completely bare.
    Oh lord, prayer.

  7. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    (Mine was inspired by “thatmissr” ‘s “Hair Today” :D! )

    Tangled Wreck

    A jar of fresh air
    to blow thru my hair
    People will stare
    at the wreck of my hair
    But I do not care
    ’cause I cannot bear
    To sit in the chair
    to wait for her care…
    Maybe she’ll just… tie back my hair!

    • Aww, thanks! I’m honored. 🙂 Cute poem.

      • Henrietta Choplin on said:

        Ha, ha, ha… I was having a bummer day once upon a time, and Shania Twain’s video for her delightful song “UP” came to me… I have never forgotten how, when things were just going sooo Wrong for her, she opend up a Jar of fresh air and just let it blow thru her… I LOVED THAT IMAGE, and I thought of it when I read your poem (ck out the YouTube video of UP; her hair is a WRECK — but it is tied back! LOL! 😀 !

  8. Ailing, and failing to see the sail he was setting,
    he called all his pals on their cells. Y’all (he yelled
    to the Babel-babble) Here’s the deal: I fell ill.
    A wail rose from the telephone, a unison cello
    of woe. Oh, no, said the frail one, don’t toll
    the death knell. Quell all your mourning I just
    had to tell you a vile cold will keep me from
    toiling at spelling and hearing your tales. I took a pill
    with a frothy ale and alphabet soup and soon
    or sooner I’ll be whole, but if you want to see me
    sooner, if you love me just a bit, don’t shell
    a mil for flowers, bring me jello. Just not yellow.
    Red would sell, or orange, even lime would fill
    the bill, no bull. But purple, a whale of a bowl
    of grape jello, would chase my pallor to hell and away.
    Hurray! they all chimed from hill and dell, from hall
    and mall, from well and mill, from sill and soil,
    and kindle and nook. You’ll have your plum
    wiggle, you bet, no sweat. For you’re a jolly fellow
    and we would have you hale. Get well.

  9. “The aging mind”

    He’s praying for some peace of mind
    since most days he is confined
    to assisting her unbind
    the pieces of their life left behind.

    She’s praying for some peace of mind
    from what she thinks are unkind
    plans from a mastermind
    who has planned and designed
    her demise—paid for and signed.

    On Sunday he’ll again remind
    her to dress her best and help her find
    her testament and bag, all timed
    so they do not fall behind.

    The next day will be lived in rewind.
    But, he inclined to live blind.
    and she inclined to live uncombined.

  10. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Shania Twain’s YouTube video: “Up” has her opening up a jar of fresh air — soo hilarious!

  11. Remember Robert’s ten line ten syllable challenge? Mine was also a monorhyme. It got an honorable mention in NCPoetry Council contest for humorous poems last year. I’m polishing on something new.


    While walking on the beach, he sucks it in
    and flexes chest and shoulders with a grin
    designed to make bikini-wearers spin
    their heads around to look at him again,
    for surely he sees them—from knees to chin.

    Rising ghost-like from his beer can, a jinn
    could not have made him more a man of men
    than now he feels, imagining a den
    of wanton lovelies helping him to sin.
    His wife beside him slowly counts to ten.

  12. Remember Life Is Not a Purchase Item, You Are Just Renting

    On this dying planet I love, it seems those who wage war
    are unready to cease
    And the value of life in some places is treated lightly
    as if nothing, with caprice
    I have protested, marched, sat in, even smuggled doves
    over borders to release
    All for naught, it seems – I might just as well have set loose
    a skein of geese
    For all the good the token gestures did, almost everywhere
    the fighting continues to increase
    And daily my frustration multiplies in such a gross manner,
    it actually makes me feel obese
    I fear – no – I believe – things won’t change no matter how much
    I beg “desist and cease”
    Perhaps it’s time to cry “uncle” – lay down my banner – give up
    life’s long and oh-so-overdue lease

  13. Sorry to hear Robert is ill. Here is some foolishness to help him recover. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, W&M.

    To Robert, Home and Healing

    Sorry that you’re home and sick,
    feeling ragged, worn, and yick,
    poems circling, but no Bic,
    dreams outrageous, coming thick
    in your overheated brain; pick
    one if you dare, and make it stick

    to your memory to dazzle some critic
    who is not sick today but spic
    and span, fit as fiddle, solid as brick—
    the healthy devil, while poor you are sick
    of being sick already and ready to trick
    sickness with speedy recovery, slick

    tomorrow as a new puppy quick
    to take on a new leash, new day, tick
    off a to-do list, become a poeming maverick
    (sorry, the word’s no longer politic),
    dancing your dance, kicking your kick.

  14. janeshlensky on said:

    Some of my rhymes are slant, but this form is good exercise. If I’d been metrically consistent I’d have lost 5 pounds on something like this.

    Retirement Reminders

    Find a day in every week
    to look for what you do not seek
    on a regular basis: a muttering creek,
    a colored stone or minnow sleek
    and magnified in water so deep
    and cold, it numbs your fingers while you peek
    through swirls of cascading worlds antique
    on the earth—moreso than you—your cheek
    sun-warmed, as your cupping hands leak
    cold water down your chin, as your breath eeks
    electric in your refreshed throat, your physique
    stirred by something so simple, so meek,
    so taken-for-granted as water that seeps
    from springs, that swells and sweeps
    a path across the ground, majestic, seldom bleek.

    Just look at all the animals that slink
    past predators to bath and drink, weak
    with thirst, fear, anticipation of pleasure unique
    to all life—not just you, free after a lifetime of weeks
    measured by working, by family, by eyes weak
    from unseeing, heart stiff from years of unbeat,
    your soul’s voice little more resonant than a mouse’s squeak.

    Make time for feeling, for finding words that streak
    like stars across a clear night sky. Parse birds’ beaks,
    snails’ shells, trees’ leaves, clouds’ hues, all freaks
    of nature, kindred now that you have time to tweak
    your life-long questions to simplicity, to peek
    beyond the confines of your old self’s highest peak,
    to find strength in discovering what you do not seek,
    to find joy so crystalline that you shine, reek
    with happiness and humility, finally yourself, unique
    after all these years. Take heart, find voice, and Speak!

  15. Y’all are ROCKIN’ this form, but … oh my word … JANE!!! AMAZING!!

    Marie Elena

    • Thanks so much, fellow poets. I was in the zone, ha! Welcome to retirement, Susan. I’m back to teaching part-time because I can’t figure out how to quit. Everything is fun except the paper grading, grr.

  16. Posted also for Genre on Poetry Jam, here is my MONORHYME:


    Tall dark and handsome leaned toward her from his bar stool
    ”Hey, beautiful,” he drooled. “Are you college or preschool?”
    She turned away from him (hiding a laugh), her back a stronger virgule
    than ice between herself and this way too imposing fool.
    She was looking for a hero, or at least someone who might car-pool
    without accosting her twin girls or even exposing the cesspool
    language of sex first and friends later, a mockery of love, a cruel
    misrule. They were too young, and she was too old for the ritual
    of handkerchiefs and handcuffs. In high school, she had liked a cool
    trumpeter who sent a note asking “Are you mellow?” Like a fool
    she had asked best friends to translate. Well, her innocence was fuel
    to giggles, hand gestures and innuendos until finally they said, “You’ll
    know when you’re EXPERIENCED, Sexy!” She had needed a full pool
    of water to feel clean , to let the embarrassment die and to retool
    her vocabulary. She looked around the bar, swiveling on her stool
    to see. How to cast her fantasy? She would certainly dazzle
    as the heroine. The villain was right here. The hero? No Jekyll
    and Hyde, no unemployed would do . She could not trust sparkle.
    And, wow, it was quite near time for her Cinderella move, to hustle
    the babysitter home because tomorrow was school. What a jewel!
    She sighed. It might be years before she felt the urge to tackle
    this project again. She drained her cola with lime and slid off her stool.
    The ghoul was gone, and in his place sat a woman familiar from school—
    Another single mother here to refuel and to consult a modern sibyl
    or two who might help her to envision a strong and loving couple
    to . . . . “Stop! You’ve got to go,” she reminded herself, “No time to . . .”
    “Hey,” she asked out loud, “What time do you have to . . .” “Two.”
    “Oh, do you want to come by and . . . . “ “Sure.” Full circle
    she thought as they walked out together. “Score one for the local
    girl,” she laughed. Her friend replied, “You have twins in the carpool.”
    “Yes,” she replied, “Which are you—elementary or preschool?”

  17. Writer’s Block

    It doesn’t matter if I sit and stew.
    It doesn’t matter if I think and chew
    On a grand idea or a tricky clue.
    It doesn’t matter what I do!
    Some days all that I can spew
    Is ridiculous, sickly, poetic goo.
    Maybe tomorrow something new
    Will be born of this crazy crew
    Of boisterous, bouncing brain cells few.
    It could happen. It could be true,
    But I wouldn’t bet on it, if I were you.

  18. Thank you for the nice words and thoughts! They’re a nice surprise.

  19. Heart

    If you offer your heart,
    save a small part
    for yourself, in case of dart
    plunging deep within, causing start
    of a wound that could rip you apart.

    (will comment as soon as I can)

  20. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    (Except for silly ditties, rhyming does not come easily for me, thus I have had to run, ride my bike, and sleep on this one–)

    Vulnerability vs. Courage

    When I saw you the other day, from a distance,
    I wondered at that moment, in what instance,
    Would I EVER have the courage to
    Finally say “Hello” to you.
    And though you did not look my way,
    I knew that there must come a day
    That I must tell you, for a start,
    of the warm impression you left on my heart.
    And how it seems you’re Everywhere,
    When the reality is, you’re not there.
    Yet, when the day came and you were near,
    A joyous “Hi” was all you would hear. 🙂 !

  21. Amen, So Be It, Yay!

    Lord, draw me nearer I pray.
    Yes, I want You to stay
    close by me and have Your way.
    In my life, I feel I just play.
    It thrills me when You say,
    You love me anyway.
    Keep the evil at bay
    and help me not to stray.
    May Your Holy Spirit sway
    my thoughts throughout the day.
    You’re the potter I’m the clay.
    Be my Sun when skies are gray.

  22. Escaping Bill

    I like the windows open wide
    It makes me feel free inside.
    But sometimes I forget to guide
    the AC button to off and chide
    myself for wasting energy. So hide
    the bill when it comes to reside
    on the pile getting tall and wide
    which bogs me down and makes me want to ride
    away through the window that is open wide…

    © KED 2012

  23. Other Plans

    You see I went to the pond with my boys,
    they had tired of our yard and their toys;
    so I packed up a lunch, (ignoring their noise),
    for the two were up to no good ploys,
    picking on each other and then acting coy.
    One-up-them, I have, you see I deploy
    my common sense I must employ.
    A new attitude, hip hip hooray, let’s hear it for joy!

    ©Hannah Gosselin 8/23/12

  24. I had a terrible time with this exercise, leading to this groanworthy poem:

    I tried, I failed, just yesterday
    to write a monorhyme, to play
    with rhyme, to sing, then say
    I go away
    to try again and may
    be lucky or go astray.
    Simple rhymes without cliché
    are hard to find, to my dismay.
    But hey –
    I’ve come this far with such poor clay
    I might as well stay
    in the blooming garden where they
    give us prompts like this today.

    • Henrietta Choplin on said:

      Hee, hee, very good Viv… at least you mono- rhymed — my words refused to follow proper prompt instructions ! :D!

  25. The Flower

    White petals dancing in the breeze
    hot summer sun, if you please,
    lend a gentle whisper as if to tease
    all of the buzzing bees
    that gather around flowers such as these
    with such efficient ease
    while I brush the soil from my knees
    close my eyes and wait to sneeze.

  26. Marian Veverka on said:

    The New Casino

    Winning is easy, or so they claim
    OK, I thought, I’ll try a game
    Sure enough, some winnings came
    Can’t stop now, I tried to explain.

    A winning streak can bring you fame
    everyone began to call my name
    Until I lost, oh what a shame!
    Maybe tomorrow I will try again!

  27. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    (Darn words… woke me up again! — Guess I need to run/bike longer today!)

    Undeniable Connection

    I still
    that blanket of warmth heal
    my heart—– and —– it feels
    And I want you to know… I MISS you still!

  28. I open a book, imagination set free;
    Caught up in the spell of another’s fantasy.
    Like some breathtaking scene, the words captivate me,
    Weaving thoughts and illusions of their own decree.
    Fantasy, fairytales, legends or mystery,
    Each in their own way gain hold over me,
    Til the end comes and it’s back to reality.

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